Spin the Bottle

Chapter Six

Magical Swords Make The Best Paddles

"Okay, Diana. Just close your eyes and I'll tell you a little secret and give you a little gift. You're gonna love this!" Ollie said it enthusiastically and with a disarming smile. His posture was completely nonthreatening and his face was that of a lamb.

Diana smiled back. Maybe Ollie wasn't so bad after all. Usually she felt nervous around him, but right now she felt somewhat at ease. After all, if he did try something that she did not approve of, she could always knock him down.

She was four years younger and much smaller, but quite a bit stronger than most of the other Junior Justice Leaguer's. In fact, she was pretty sure that she was already stronger than Arthur, she wasn't sure but she knew she was close if not already passed him and he was very strong. Clark, of course, had recently passed her and Arthur in strength and she thought that was very exciting.

She closed her eyes. She was still smiling and she wondered if Clark was having fun. She suddenly felt Ollie's breath on her face and just as her eyes snapped open she noticed four things happen. She more felt than heard a whoosh, she heard a very loud "Yuck!" from two male voices, she saw Clark standing between her and Ollie with his back to her and then there was a loud stinging smack, two simultaneous shouts of surprise and pain and both Clark and Ollie went tumbling, head over heels, into the trees.

Queen Hippolyta marched back towards the beach with Little Donna. The queen was moving at a quick pace and while Donna was very strong and fast, she was only six, so she had to run in little spurts to keep pace with her mother's stride. Once the children were in sight, the queen noticed the different pairs of boys and girls walking into the woods. She would have to deal with them all, but first she needed to know where Diana was and who she was with.

There she was, disappearing into the forest with the tall blonde boy in green. She knew that this one was bad news from the moment she had laid eyes on him. He seemed to expect every female that looked at him to be impressed and it was more than obvious to her that he was somehow in cahoots with the Artemis and the Bana girls.

The queen turned to Donna, "I want you to stay right here. Do not let the other children see you yet. I'm going to have a talk with Diana and I will be right back."

"Yes, Mother." Donna looked a bit disappointed. She had wanted to see what the kissing was all about but her mother would not tell her. So she waited patiently, out of sight of the other children and the two guards, for her mother to return.

Clark stood up from the ground. Apollonia was headed back to their little spot on the beach. She was walking with an odd strut. It was a cross between a march and a feminine sway. She was only fourteen and this was her first time flirting. When it came to physical fitness, she trained every day like all of the other Amazons. So the strange strut was understandable.

Clark focused all of his attention on seeing what was going on with Diana. As he focused his vision he saw Diana standing with her eyes closed and Ollie slowly stooping down with his lips puckered and parted, as he prepared to deliver a kiss. Without a thought, Clark blurred to Diana's rescue.

He stopped in front of Diana. His back was to her and he was facing Ollie. Too late, he realized he'd made a big mistake. Ollie planted the big, wet kiss he'd meant for Diana, on Clark.

Ollie realized instantly, but too late, that he was planting a wet one on Clark. Both of them let out a loud, disgusted and horrified, "Yuck!" but before either could react further, they both felt a powerful, loud, stinging smack and with an involuntary shout of pain both were sent tumbling, head over heels, to land in an unceremonious heap on the ground in the trees.

As the queen entered the woods she transformed into a skilled hunter. Stalking her prey silently she came upon the offending young man in green and her daughter. The bold boy was actually trying to take advantage of her daughter! Her daughter was standing there, like a fool, with her eyes closed. No doubt she felt she could trust her teammate! Good! Today she would learn that men were just as much pigs today as they had been when she was a young girl!

Soundlessly, Hippolyta stepped forward with her deadly swat blade drawn and ready. She swung the magical swatting blade with all of her might. The large boy in green would remember this day for the rest of his life, of that she would make sure. While her blade was in mid swat, she felt a sudden whoosh of air and suddenly young Clark was standing between her precious daughter and the offensive boy in green. The kiss meant to defile her daughter landed on a thoroughly surprised and disgusted Clark. Both boys gave out a loud, "Yuck!" and then, unable to check her swat, the blade connected, with great force, against both boys. They both gave out an involuntary shout of pain, although, the boy in green was much louder, and both went tumbling into the trees to land in a heap.

Hippolyta advanced on the fallen boys. Diana stood dumbstruck looking from the boys to her mother. As everything that had just happened finally registered she stepped forward with her mother to where the boys were. The queen was impressed that she did not speak in the green one's defense. There was no defense for his actions and the queen was furious.

Diana followed her furious mother quietly. She could see that there would be no reasoning with her this time. As they reached the tangled heap that was Clark and Ollie, and saw them trying to disentangle themselves from one another, Diana saw a strange transformation come over her mother's features. The fury seemed to drain away and a look of bemusement seemed to replace it. Both boys were vigorously rubbing their backsides with one hand and scrubbing their lips with the other while simultaneously spitting in disgust.

"Clark. I need a moment alone with the young Ollie. Would you be so kind as to run on to the palace with Diana? Donna is at the edge of the woods waiting for me. Take her with you as well. I will be along shortly. After I speak with the Ollie I need to have a few words with Artemis and some of the young Bana's as well." She said it all with a sweet smile on her face.

Clark sat in the dirt too terrified to move for a moment. He was certain that if he stood up she would simply swat him down again. The side of his right butt cheek felt numb. He looked over at Ollie. All of his anger was gone. Ollie had been swatted by Diana's mother. He couldn't have done anything worse to him. He looked like he was about to suck his thumb for comfort.

As the queen's words started to penetrate, Clark noticed an object on the ground next to Ollie. It was near his right pocket, it was in the shape of a cylinder and it was dark. It was exactly as he had suspected. He scooped it up and put it into his pocket so fast that no one present noticed what he had done. Then, still spitting, scrubbing his lips and tenderly rubbing his rear end, he stood up as the queen had instructed him.

He was pleasantly surprised when he was not again swatted down, "Go to the palace with Diana and Donna?" he asked meekly.

Hippolyta actually gave him a friendly smile, "Yes, young Clark. We will be along shortly."

"Okay, your Majesty. Come on, Diana. Let's go get Donna," he said to Diana. He still couldn't believe what was happening.

Ollie was looking at him with a,"don't leave me by myself" look.

Clark became suddenly cheerful. "See you in a little bit Ollie! Hasn't this just been great!"

He almost skipped away with Diana in tow. When they were out of sight he started to feel a little bad for Ollie. He did until he remembered how he'd almost kissed Diana and he felt the object in his pocket. He actually chuckled to himself.

"What is funny to you, Clark?" Diana asked him curiously.

Clark blurred over to where Artemis, Dinah, Mera and Zatanna were sitting and staring into the woods trying to figure out what they had just heard. He grabbed the dark bottle and blurred back to Diana. None of the girls noticed that the bottle was missing.

"This is how you ended up with Ollie and not with me or anybody else," Clark explained to Diana.

Diana stared at the bottle a bit perplexed. "What do you mean?" she asked.

Clark set the bottle down and gave it a spin. Placing his hand into his pocket he made the bottle stop pointing at Diana. "Okay. Now you spin it." He said excitedly.

Diana bent over and gave the bottle a spin. When it stopped, it was again pointing at her. "How are you doing that?" she asked him.

"Ollie must have been using magnets," Bruce muttered under his breath as he raced towards the spot where he thought he had heard the shout. Helene ran alongside him.

"What?" she asked. She couldn't quite make out what he was saying but she was dying to make out with him. Maybe he would give her some more blades! That, and she thought he was quite attractive and very funny. "You're going to get me killed!" he had said when she had jumped him and kissed him. He was hilarious! She giggled involuntarily. She had never gotten anyone killed before! Maybe he had seen someone get killed for kissing. She wondered if being killed for kissing was easier than getting killed in battle. She would have to ask.

They were joined by Arthur, Shayera, Helena carrying an unconscious Hal over her shoulder, Barry, Saphira, Kator and Belonidia. Not far behind the rest of the young girls, both JJL and Bana converged on the spot where they believed the shout had come from; all but Artemis.

Everyone stopped. It was quiet. They began to wonder if they had really heard a shout. And then they heard it again. It was definitely Ollie, but it had sounded disturbingly like a cross between a scream and a whimper. The scream died away but the whimpering got closer and closer. There was the sound of something moving through the underbrush and suddenly Ollie rolled into view. He came to a stop at Bruce's and Arthur's feet.

"You've gotta help me!" he begged staring up at them from the ground.

The JJL girls giggled at the sight of the big suave Ollie crying like a little girl and the Bana girls slowly melted into the forest.

"It was a magnet wasn't it?" Bruce asked, but in a voice that did not leave room for denial of the truth.

Ollie stared up at him. The normal self confidence and charm were absent. Instead there was a look of desperation and confusion. Ollie was not known for ever being at a loss for words, he loved to debate, to argue, to convince and to seduce. He was generally quite eloquent even if some individuals found some of his ideas to be stupid. Just now though, the eloquent Ollie seemed to have gone missing. As he stared up at Bruce and Arthur with a desperate and confused look, he answered Bruce's question with a dull, "Huh?"

At that moment the queen stepped from the forest. She was amused to see all of the JJL children gathered around the one called Ollie and no sign of any of the Bana girls.

Ollie noticed all eyes looking past him towards the woods and he let out an involuntary whimper. "She's gonna hit me again! Don't let her hit me again!"

Arthur and Bruce exchanged glances and a smirk.

"Where you planning on kissing Mera, Ollie?" Arthur asked him gently.

Ollie stopped whining for a second and looked up at Arthur with panic in his eyes. They were gonna throw him back to the crazy woman with the sword! Sure she was really hot, but she had beaten the crap out of him with her sword! And it didn't look like she was anywhere near done!

"What about Zatanna, Ollie? Did you plan on kissing her as well? She's only twelve you know. So are Dinah and Diana. Don't know that there is much we can do. Diana's mother looks really upset. I think she needs satisfaction as Alfred always says." Bruce added to Arthur's question. His voice was also uncharacteristically gentle. It was as if he were promising a prisoner that he would not be beaten anymore if would just confess to being a spy.

"No! Of course not! I would never dream of kissing someone else's girl! They're all twelve? They look so much older! My magnet?" Ollie was in full blown panic. He was desperate. He knew his friends would figure out some way to help him. It's what they did. "Why do you ask if I had a magnet?" He suddenly remembered being abandoned to his fate by kind and gentle Clark and sweet and innocent Diana. An involuntary sob escaped his lips. If those two had left him to his fate he could expect no better from the rest of the team.

"Hello, children, if you would give me a few moments alone with your Ollie friend, there are a couple of things I haven't finished discussing with him." The queen said with a diplomatic smile on her lovely face.

"Oh, absolutely, your Majesty." Arthur answered immediately.

"Come on gang! Let's give them a little privacy!" Barry hollered. Everyone began to move away back towards the beach.

While most of the JJL girls had a pretty good idea of what Ollie and the Bana girls had been up to, Helena knew exactly why the queen wanted to talk to Ollie. She had figured it out the second time Hal had tried to kiss her. He'd tried a third time as they made their way towards the shouting/screaming. She had swiped his ring then jabbed him in the neck with a knockout dart.

She wished she had just left him back where she had darted him but she didn't want some strange animal to find him and have lunch. She'd heard stories of monsters and she knew this island was sort of fairy taleish. He was bigger than she and weighed quite a bit more, but it didn't stop her from carrying him. She'd learned lots of survival tricks from Dinah's uncle's and Bruce.

She had always thought Hal was cute and the idea of kissing him was not revolting at all, but she wasn't interested in getting kissed just because. He hadn't even tried to be romantic. He'd just kept leaning down towards her all puckered up. He'd been so intent on planting one on her that taking his ring the second time had been easier than the first time.

The rest of the group looked at her with amusement. "Couldn't keep his mitts off of you, huh?" Dinah asked her friend.

"Nope. He needs to stop hanging around Ollie so much. He was just a little too enthusiastic," Helena replied.

Ollie couldn't believe his eyes. His friends were leaving him to the mercy of the queen! They didn't care if he died! "Wait!" he croaked. "I don't think I can walk. Could a couple of you carry me?"

Bruce, Barry, Arthur and Kator looked back at him. The girls stopped as well and glanced at both him and then at the queen. The queen winked at them.

The kids all broke out into grins as well. Dinah leaned down close to him. "No. You should just rest here and talk to the queen for a few more minutes. When you can move your legs again then you can join us on the beach. She seems really nice! See you in a little bit!"

The kids turned and left for the beach. Ollie whimpered then rolled over onto his back wincing. He figured she would not strike him again if she saw how badly injured he was. Nobody could be that cruel!

"Well, the Ollie, I trust you understand that touching my daughter is unacceptable. She will not be taken advantage of or exploited. You, she considers a friend. If I find out that you have again attempted to take advantage of her youth and innocence, you will leave me no choice but to remove the source of your male hormone driven behavior. I hope I have made myself clear." The Queen was squatting near the terrified Ollie's head. Her blade traced his torso a couple of times and she smiled sweetly down at him.

Ollie gulped hard and nodded his head vigorously that he understood.

"Excellent. I am most pleased that we have been able to have this discussion." Hippolyta thrust the end of her sword into the sand next to Ollie's head and pushed herself up into a standing position.

The sudden, violent motion ripped another involuntary scream from Ollie's lips. The scream died half way out as he realized that he was not under attack.

"Is something the matter?" the queen asked innocently.

"No. I'm fine. Nothing is the matter, your Majesty," Ollie gasped.

"Well it has been a pleasure conversing with you. You listen very well. I'm sure that we will converse again in the future. Right now I need to speak with a few of the young girls that you made plans with earlier." The beautiful raven haired queen disappeared into the woods.

Ollie dropped his head back onto the ground. He was exhausted. His plans hadn't worked out the way he'd planned. He hadn't been able to kiss anyone. Well Clark, but that didn't count. The memory made him go into another fit of coughing and spitting. An involuntary "Yuck!" escaped his lips. Suddenly he felt a shadow fall over him. A whimper escaped his lips. He knew the queen was back to beat him more, or maybe she had changed her mind and had decided to remove his little Ollie's just to be safe.

Strong hands yanked him up onto his feet and he found himself staring down into the lovely and fierce face of the red headed Artemis. She pulled his face down and kissed him fiercely. He thought the kiss was nice even if she had no idea what she was doing. He had never kissed a prettier girl.

He was in so much pain, shock and in such a panicked state that he couldn't seem to focus enough to enjoy the moment. Suddenly he became suspicious, "You just want me to be turned into a girl so that you can mock me!" he accused the beautiful Amazon that didn't know how to kiss properly.

Artemis released him then grabbed him when he almost fell, "I seek no such thing. You will kiss me back and you will tell no one of this or an angry Amazon queen will be the least of your worries. You may be my equal with the bow but you are no match for me with a blade or with empty hands, Boy who likes green."

"Y-y-you w-w-want me t-t-t-to kiss you?" Ollie stammered incredulously. A small part of him smelled a trap but the rest of him just plain didn't care. Sure she could wipe the floor with him but he could teach this beautiful red head quite a few things when it came to kissing.

'It is true. Men are fairly dull creatures. It seems such a waste when so many of you are so beautiful," Artemis said.

"Thanks. I think. Okay. Let's start kissing." Ollie pulled her back and showed her how to do it properly.

Diana, Donna and Clark were obediently walking back towards the palace. Donna was holding on to Clark's right hand.

"So did you kiss Diana, Clark?" she asked looking up at him.

Clark froze for a second then scrubbed his lips vigorously with the back of his left hand, "Um, no. No, I didn't kiss Diana. Why do you ask?"

Diana blushed. The whole walk back it had taken all of her considerable will power to keep from holding Clark's hand. Now just as she was about to give in to the temptation, Donna had to ask if Clark had kissed her!

"Well, some of the Bana girls were talking about kissing you boys. They thought it would be good practice for something. Artemis said that they could kiss any of the boys except you because Diana would never share you with them. I think she's silly. Diana always lets me play with you," Donna replied. She was skipping to keep pace with Clark and Diana.

Diana giggled and now Clark blushed then chuckled. "Yes. Artemis is silly. Diana shares me with you all of the time! How could anybody call her stingy?"

Donna nodded her head. She had just rushed forward a few steps to keep up with Clark when the palace came into view. She screamed, "Food!" and let go of Clark's hand as she raced forward. Being gifted by the goddesses, she was very fast and impressive to watch. In almost a blink she had disappeared through the gate.

Diana moved a little closer to Clark. Their arms brushed against each other and she looked up at him and smiled. "Thanks for rescuing me from that horrible fate. You are like the heroes in the stories that rescue the helpless princesses from monsters and dragons. You can be my hero and I'll be your princess." Diana teased.

Clark smiled nervously back. "Sorry. I know you don't need me to protect you and even if you did, Ollie is not a super villain. It's just that I saw what he was gonna do and it made me mad. I didn't want him kissing you!"

Diana was grinning. She bumped Clark playfully, "Why? Because you were jealous? You want to kiss me?"

"Yes! No! Yes! Um, What?" Clark felt like an idiot. They had reached the gate.

"Let's fly up to the top of the wall and watch for everybody to show up," Diana suggested.

Clark was grateful for the temporary distraction. "Okay." Without thinking, he scooped Diana up and flew up to the top of the wall with her. He set her down apologetically. "Sorry, Diana. I wasn't thinking. Hope you don't get in trouble for that."

Diana grinned, "Don't worry, my mother wouldn't have let me come back with you if she didn't trust me and you. Do you want to play spin the bottle up here while we wait for everybody? You have Ollie's bottle.

Clark was very simultaneously excited and nervous. "I don't think that's a very good idea, Diana. Ollie just got swatted several times for trying to kiss you. Imagine what would happen to me if I kiss you for real!"

"Well, you don't have to kiss me, but you could tell me a secret. Something you have never told me before." They were sitting on top of the wall now and she looked up at him expectantly.

"I can't think of anything about me that you don't…Oh! I know! Just last week, after the last time I saw you, my parents showed me the space ship I came to earth in and I met my real parents through this really neat hologram thingy. My mom was really pretty. I think that if she had lived here on earth everyone would have thought she was an Amazon."

Diana interrupted Clark, "Why do you think that?"

Clark answered immediately, "Because the most beautiful women and girls in the world are Amazons!"

Diana smiled sweetly, "Thanks, Clark! You think I'm pretty?"

"No. You're way beyond pretty. You're the most beautiful of all the Amazons ever! Anyway, what I was saying, my parents told me that my real name is Kal-El. So you're the first person I've told that to. Haven't even told my parents yet. I will as soon as I get home. I was so excited about coming here that I forgot to tell them." Clark laughed.

Diana was beaming at his compliment and at his confiding his real name. "I really like your name. Is it ok if I call you Kal?" she asked quietly.

Clark was shocked at how wonderful his name sounded coming from her mouth. "Yes! Of course! I would love for you to call me Kal!"

"Okay. Thanks for telling me that, Kal. That was a very cool secret. Now I get to tell you one." Diana smiled shyly.

"Okay. I'm ready," Clark responded. He couldn't get over how much he loved hearing her call him, Kal.

"I know that my mom said that I could not but I really want to kiss you." Diana said it staring at Clark.

Clark felt like his eyes were about to go crazy on him again. He would have to fly to the ocean to keep from burning anything. He repeated, "Dead fish stink," several times in his mind and it seemed to help for a minute. He looked at Diana. She was staring back at him expectantly. Her eyes were gleaming, she was smiling and her face looked radiant.

"I want to kiss you too," his voice was very husky and quivery. It happened so fast he didn't have time to stop himself. He leaned down and kissed Diana on the cheek.

Diana stared back at him in shock but extremely pleased. Then she giggled, leaned up and kissed him back on the cheek.

As she was pulling back, Clark kissed her on the cheek again. Giggling, she returned the kiss. They jumped up and began chasing each other around the wall and into the courtyard planting kisses on each other's cheeks every time they caught the other.

This went on for several minutes. "It's your turn, Kal!" Diana shouted laughing, I'll bet I can kiss you before you get awa…" Diana stopped dead in her tracks as did Clark. The fun and games came to an abrupt halt when they came face to face with queen Hippolyta, Phillipus, the rest of the JJL, some sore bottomed Bana girls, an unconscious Hal, and strangest of all Ollie riding piggy back with Arthur. He was in obvious pain but he also seemed have a look of triumph and utter contentment. That is until his eyes fell on Clark then he absent mindedly began to scrub his mouth with the back of his right hand. Clark found himself doing the same thing.

"What exactly were the two of you doing, Child?" Hippolyta asked Diana.

"Mother! I think they were kissing! Can I kiss Clark too?" Donna hollered as she came from the kitchen area. She was munching on some goat cheese.

"No. I think that Clark and Diana are probably extremely tired of kissing by now and must be very hungry." The queen said looking at Diana and Clark.

She turned to the rest of the group, "Why don't the rest of you head in to the banquet hall to eat. Diana, Clark and I will be in shortly. There are a few things I would like to discuss with them first."

Every one raced into the banquet hall leaving the queen and the two kissers out in the courtyard for their little discussion.

That night the JJL was surprisingly quiet on the way home. Clark and Ollie refused to sit down and both moved rather stiffly. Hal felt a little groggy and kept having to redo his construct and everyone got dunked in the ocean more than once.

Diana slept on her belly that night. It was more comfortable that way. Artemis was still hiding in the woods. The other ten Bana girls were all home sleeping on their bellies as well.

The queen slept with her well used swat blade on the pillow next to her with a satisfied smile on her face.


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