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Chapter Thirty-One

Madelyn stared at the mirror for a long time. The long white dress was perfect. It had slender sleeves that just covered the round part of her shoulder. There were a few beads on it if black and other colors. They filled her bodice and flowed down her skirt. She had thought of getting the dress to be more silver, but the white was so perfect because the fur that was now draped around her shoulders had black, gray, and a little bit of red streaked through it.

She had worried about what the people that didn't know about Alcide would think of the cloak. She knew there would be whispering, but she didn't care. They had moved the wedding to November just to get things done and found that weather required her to have something more than a veil. Perhaps people would think that she had found the cloak to use for warmth and not fashion.

She took a deep breath as she turned back to the mirror. Everything looked so perfect. Her hair was in place. It wasn't long enough to pull up so she just curled it tightly and put in a small headpiece. She ran a hand over her face, feeling that her makeup was perfect. Her fingers trailed down her neck where a new necklace hung loosely. It was a white gold necklace with a charm that was a wolf howling. The wolf was made of white diamonds except for the eye that was a black diamond. Alcide had given it to her to replace her grandmother's necklace. She smiled as she looked at it and picked up her bouquet as the door opened.

"You ready?" Dana asked as she poked her head in.

Madelyn turned and looked at her friend. Dana's hair was pulled up with elaborate curls. Her dark blue dress was strapless, but she had decided a scarf would be nice. She was holding her bouquet and looked ready to walk down the aisle. Madelyn nodded and walked out into the hall. Alcide's sister, Janice, was standing there, waiting. She looked really beautiful in her bridesmaid's dress. They smiled at each other as they got ready. Dana took her place in front of Janice as the doors opened.

Madelyn looked around the hallway. It was empty. Eric should have been here over an hour ago, but he had not shown. She figured that it would be closer to time but not when she was walking down the aisle. The music started suddenly. Madelyn turned to see Dana start walking. She caught a glimpse of Alcide and smiled a little. The music changed where Janice could start out. Madelyn turned back to the door of the church, feeling her stomach flip over. She knew that this was going to be hard on Eric, but she didn't think he would do this. She took a deep breath and held her flowers close.

The music changed for the final time. She sighed and closed her eyes as she took her first step. She would have to walk out there alone. It wasn't as if she couldn't do it; her parents had been gone long enough that it was nothing new to her. However, she didn't want to be alone. She wanted someone supporting and letting her go. She had never really belonged to anyone but Alcide. She looked back at the entrance one last time. She never dreamed that Eric would let her down like this.

Out of nowhere, she felt a hand on her arm and a shadow fall over her. She looked up to see Eric standing next to her. She smiled and rested her head against his arm for a second.

"I thought you had forgotten me," she said softly.

"No," Eric said with a grin. "I just had a hard time, finding a tux."

Madelyn glanced at his outfit. He hadn't exactly found a tuxedo. It was closer to Alcide's suit and tie. He looked just as handsome as Alcide. She tightened her gripped on his arm and started walking. Her eyes quickly went to the only thing that she could really see clearly. It was Alcide. He was smiling at her. She knew that he was not really happy that Eric was giving her away; however, he didn't really seem to care at the moment. They stopped and she felt cool lips on her cheek one last time. She turned to Eric as he stepped back. He had a look on his face that she had never seen before.

It was the simple look of he was actually happy for her. He picked up her hand and placed it into the outstretched one of Alcide's. He nodded a little but only enough that Madelyn could see. She smiled, feeling tears run down her cheek. It was finally over and her decision was made. She had questioned so many times if she had done the right thing. And now she knew. Alcide was the one.

The vows, ring exchange, lighting of the unity candle, and arriving at the reception passed in a blur that Madelyn could barely even focus on. All she knew was that Alcide was beside her the whole time and rarely took his hand out of hers. She danced her first dance with him and the next with Jackson. The third was for the best man. Finally, she sat down and looked out at the crowd. Eric had disappeared after the ceremony. Madelyn hadn't expected to him to stay.

"You're thinking," Alcide whispered into her ear.

Madelyn chuckled and looked over at him. "Does it show?"

Alcide nodded and gently kissed her again. "Are you happy?"

Madelyn felt herself nod before he even finished the question. She was happy. He made her that way. He always had, but now it was different. They were together and no matter what happened, it would stay that way.

It wasn't long before the merriment was over and they left the church together. Madelyn had shed the wolf skin cloak hours earlier when she had danced the electric slide with the bride's maids. She walked out to the car, waiting for Alcide when she noticed a figure, standing at the edge of the parking lot. She strained her eyes and found that it was Eric. He was watching her just as he always had. She thought of taking a step toward him when he moved first.

"You looked beautiful in there," he said as he moved toward her.

"Thank you," she said. "And thank you for earlier."

"I gave you my word."

"I know, but it had to be hard."

"Harder than you will ever know."

Madelyn reached out and put her arms around him in a tight hug. Eric held her but only for a moment. She looked up at him and gave him a soft peek on the cheek. He simply nodded and started to walk away. Madelyn reached for the door handle.

"Does Alcide know?"

Madelyn looked up. "Does Alcide know what?"

Eric smiled. "That you're carrying his child."

Madelyn grinned. "He does. And if it's a boy, we want to name him Eric."

Eric smiled. It was not his powerful vampire smile. For one split second, Madelyn could see the man that he was once was. She couldn't help but smile at him. Then, a warm arm grabbed her from behind. She turned to Alcide and found that he only to kiss her. Not that she really minded. She held him for a long time, and when she turned back Eric was gone. It was for the best. She had seen him as he once was.

"You ready?" Alcide asked.

Madelyn looked up at him. "I am."

She was ready. Ready for a new life with ties to the past and ready to start a family. She was also ready to have a family in his pack. She nodded and gently hugged him before climbing in the car. She looked at the road ahead of them and took his hand. It wouldn't be littered and blocked with things from the past. Eric had let her go of his own accord. James had passed her to another pack. And the necklace was gone. That was enough to give Madelyn the freedom to be happy about the future.