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Noah and Rex were cooling down at their usual basketball court after a hard core game of one on one when Rex abruptly asked Noah a question he'd been thinking about lately.

"Noah, what's your family like?"

The blonde was caught off guard by the usually unmentioned topic of family, but tried not to let it show.

"Like most families I suppose."

Rex laid back onto the concrete and crossed his arms over his eyes.

"What are they like?" He asked quietly, seemingly embarrassed about his curiosity.

Noah wasn't surprised by Rex's interest, seeing as he had no memory of his own family, and was almost pleased that Rex wanted to know more about him.

"My parents died in a car crash when I was little so I don't really remember them that well, but my grandma always says that I act like my father and I look just like my mother. I was 9 when it happened and my little sister was 4. We went to live with my grandma and grandpa after they died and we were very happy. Last year my grandpa pasted away so it's just been my grandma, my sister and me. My grandma's a saint and my sister's an angel. You'd like them."

Rex sat back and didn't comment for a long time about what Noah had said, processing the new information.

Finally he looked up and smiled weakly.

"They sound nice."

Rex seemed so lonely at that moment Noah couldn't help but want to comfort him. He'd been considering inviting Rex over to his house for a while and now seemed as good as anytime to ask him.

"Rex….Would you like to come have dinner at my house tomorrow? My grandma makes really good spaghetti and I keep promising that'll bring you over to meet her. I bet she'll really like you." Noah was embarrassed at how lame his offer sounded and couldn't bring himself to watch Rex's reaction. The Evo bolted off the ground in an instant and looked at Noah in a way that could only be described as psyched.

"Really dude? You're grandma won't mind?"

Noah was startled at his friend's excitement, but quickly picked up his enthusiasm.

"Course not. I've told her all about you, she'll be overjoyed."

Rex beamed at the thought of their meeting and Noah was anxious to get home and tell his grandma.

"Meet me here tomorrow at 6 Rex. I'll show you how to get there." Noah looked as excited as a kid in a candy store and bolted from the ground towards his bike.

The blonde turned to wave at the stunned Evo and called loudly.

"Don't be late!"

Rex waved back and dreamily watched Noah ride off into distance. Only stopping when he realized he shouldn't have though the sight was breathtaking.

Rex straightened his top for the millionthtime and fiddled with his goggles in front of the mirror nervously. Bobo Haha sat in the nearest chair smirking knowingly.

"You weren't half this nervous when you thought you had a date with Circe." He pointed out mockingly.

Rex stopped mid fidget and blushed lightly.

"That wasn't a date and I am not nervous." Rex insisted grudgingly.

"Right Chief. That's why you're acting like a girl about to meet her boyfriend's parents for the first time."

Rex spun on his heels to glare at Bobo.

"I am not! I just want to make a good first impression!" He insisted stubbornly.

Bobo rolled his eyes and held up his hands in mock defense.

"Chill Chief. I'm not going to tease you for liking blondes. Just for freaking out about it."

Rex flushed red and groaned at his friend in annoyance.

"Noah is my friend. Friends go to each others houses all the time. It's normal!"

Bobochuckled under his breath and reclined into his chair.

"Normal friends don't usually moan their best friend's name in their sleep."

"I don't-"

Bobo held up the TV remote and pushed play. Instantly the screen flickered to life to show Rex hugging his pillow and mumbling in his sleep. The distinct sound of him calling out 'Noah' and 'Please' filled the room until Bobo hit pause.

Rex paled at the sight and glared speechlessly at his sidekick. Bobo just smirked proudly and relaxed into his chair.

"Hate to break it to you Chief, but you aren't normal. Even though what you're feeling is."

Rex growled in frustration and fell back on his bed limply.

"It can't be normal. He's my friend! My best friend! I shouldn't want him." Rex's voice was filled with self loathing and Bobo couldn't help but regret his teasing a little.

"Chief…..Don't beat yourself up about it. You've had a very limited choice of tail to chase in your life time. You were bound to pick the only blonde you saw everyday."

Rex crossed his arms over his eyes like he always did when he felt embarrassed.

"It has nothing to do with that. I tried to make myself like Dr. Holiday, but I couldn't. I couldn't even like Circe as more than a friend and she was perfect for me. It's just Noah. From day one it was Noah."

"Chief, its okay. Blondie's a little on the dense side. If you don't tell him and I don't tell him, he'll never know."

Bobo smiled reassuringly and Rex tried to smile back at him as much as he could.

Bobo glanced over at the clock on the wall and smirked.

"Your little lover boy's going to wondering where you are."

Rex checked the time and swore under his breath. He was going to be late.

He was out the door before Bobo could even tease him anymore.

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