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Noah was scared. Horrified even. Rex had been alone with his sister for over an hour now and he no idea if the older teen was okay trapped with his fan girl sister. He had hoped to keep Rex as far away from his sibling as possible, but his sister was an unstoppable force of nature when she wanted something. And she wanted Rex alone. On his list of things that should never be allowed to happen that was at the very top.

Noah fidgeted next to his grandmother as she passed him dishes to dry. Gran noticed how up tight Noah was acting and paused between plates.

"Noah dear, is something the matter? You seem a little tense."

Noah froze mid fidget and gave a deep sigh.

"It's nothing Gran, I'm just worried about Sarah being alone with Rex. She might scar him for life." He tried to keep his voice light and teasing, but his grandma could hear the undertone of worry in his voice. She smiled the soft wrinkled smile that she knew Noah liked.

"Why don't you go check on them? I have a basket of fresh muffins on the table. Why not go see if they want any?"

Grateful for the excuse Noah quickly nodded and grabbed the basket on the table. He hopped the stairs two at a time like he usually did and had to take a deep breath before knocking on the door.

Sarah opened the door on the second knock and smiled up at her brother innocently. Noah felt a chill go down his spine.

He scanned the room behind her quickly and noted with mounting fear the absence of his best friend.

"Where's Rex?"

Sarah opened the door to invite Noah in and closed it behind him quickly.

"He had to use the bathroom." She informed him absently, grabbing a muffin and sitting next to him on her bed.

"What have you two been doing up here?" he asked suspiciously.

Sarah nibbled at her muffin idly and leaned against her brother's side.

"We were just talking about him. His favorite things and places. My friends are going to freak!" Her words sounded oddly excited yet tired and he worried she was wearing herself out more then she should.

"You should get some sleep." He suggested softly.

Sarah frowned before yawning tiredly.

"I don't want to go to sleep. I want to talk with Rex more. I like him."

Noah smiled softly and wrapped an arm around her.

"I like Rex too, but he can always come visit again. If you didn't scare him away that is."

Sarah snuggled up to her brother and gave a soft groan.

"I didn't scare him away! Rex likes me." She whined.

Her smile became coy and she hid it by nuzzling into her brother's shoulder.

"Rex really likes you too No-no."

Noah smiled sadly and patted her head.

"Rex is my friend of course he like me."

Sarah scowled and rolled her eyes.

"I mean I think he like likes you. As in wants to be your boyfriend."

Noah flushed deeply and looked to the door quickly.

"Don't tease me Sarah. Rex is as straight as they come. You have a better chance with him then I do."

Sarah gave her best pleading look at her brother.

"I'm being serious No-no! I really think you should make your move! You're totally in love with him! Admit it!"

Noah blushed lightly and sighed deeply.

"I do love Rex, I'll admit that much. But I could never tell him, he'd never talk to me again. I value our friendship more than that."

Sarah rolled her eyes and stood up.

"A tad late for that bro."

With one fluid motion Sarah walked over to her closet and opened the door without warning. Rex tumbled out gracelessly and landed face first onto the floor.

Noah bolted up and stared at his best friend wide eyed.

"Rex." He squeaked weakly in shock.

The young Evo looked up sheepishly at Noah and grinned awkwardly in embarrassment.

"Hey Noah."

Sarah beamed widely and clapped her hands once.

"I told you he liked you." She said to both of them.

Rex blushed scarlet and stared at his feet.

Noah realized what Sarah was talking about and all the blood drained from his face.

"Sarah, how could you?" He asked in quiet dismay.

Before either of them could move Noah was out the door and running to his room. Sarah was the first to recover and roughly dragged Rex to his feet.

"Go after him! Tell him how you feel!" She ordered.

Rex stumbled down the hall till he came to the door Sarah had pointed out as Noah's on the way up. He grabbed the doorknob and turned it roughly. He groaned miserably when he realized the door was locked from the inside. For a split second he debated just smashing threw it or ripping it off it's hinges, but decided against it, seeing as it wouldn't make the situation any better.

"Noah please come out! I'm sorry we tricked you!" He called pleadingly threw the door. When no rely came Rex sat down against the wall wearily and tried to decided what to do.

"I'm not mad Noah, God I'm anything but. Hearing you say you love me made me happier than I can describe….Don't make me have to talk to you threw a door Noah. Let me in." He begged.

No reply was given for a moment and Rex was about to give up and try to use the window when he heard the lock click. The door opened a crack and Rex rose quickly to enter before the other teen changed his mind. The room was much like Rex had always pictured it in his head.

The walls were a shade of light blue that matched the skies above on a cloudless day and his carpet a dark shade of black. Noah's furniture was all white and everything was put away in its place. But as nice and neat everything was it couldn't hold a candle to the pale boy sitting atop the single bed in the corner of the room.

Noah's eyes were red rimmed and the remnants of tears could be seen shining in the dim lighting. He turned away from Rex and ignored him until the Evo tentatively seated himself on the bed next to him. He froze when he felt a gloved hand wipe away the newest tear before it could land on his lap and almost stopped breathing when Rex's hand lingered on his face.

"Noah…..Look at me." Rex ordered.

Noah closed his eyes and shook his head as much as he could with Rex's hand still cupping his face. His voice was high and scared as he spoke to Rex for the first time since he'd entered the room.

"You're going to hit me or look disgusted or-!"

Noah was cut off by Rex's lips crashing onto his in a forceful, messy, and absolutely perfect kiss.

The blonde was shocked still for a long moment before he realized exactly what was happening and flung his arms around Rex's neck. If this only happened once he was going to enjoy it. Rex held Noah's face between his hands and cradled it as gently as he could as he peppered kisses all over his best friend's face.

Noah's face was flushed brightly from both kissing and shock when they finally stopped.

"I…you… I mean-" He tried to reply.

Rex gave Noah a chaste kiss to silence him.

"Yu look so cute when you blush." He noted softly.

Noah flushed even redder and closed his eyes in embarrassment.

"Please tell me you're not messing with me Rex." He begged weakly.

The Evo smiled softly at the blonde teen and looked at him in a way that could only be described as lovingly.

"Sarah said that you had a crush on me, but I didn't believe her. I made her trick you to make sure it was okay to do this."

Rex leaned down to place another slow and lingering kiss on Noah's lips.

"To make sure you wouldn't be disgusted or hit me." He added when they parted.

Noah smiled shyly and bit his lower lip nervously.

"So you feel the same…?" He asked sheepishly.

Rex beamed at the question and leaned closer to Noah, as though to tell him a treasured secret.

"Since day one. You're actually the only person I've ever really liked."

Noah blushed lightly and frowned in confusion.

"But Circe and Dr. Holiday…"

Rex shook his head and kissed Noah's forehead lightly, unable to resist touching the blonde.

"Dr. Holiday's practically my mom and Circe was someone I thought I could relate to. You were the person I had my first wet dream about, you're the person I think about when I need someone to talk to, and you're the only person I would ever hide in a closet for."

Noah blushed crimson at the reminder and buried his face into Rex's shoulder.

"If I wasn't so dam happy right now I'd be so mad at her. She promised not to say anything!" He whined lowly.

Rex smiled and pulled Noah back.

"But if she hadn't I wouldn't be able to do this…"

Before Noah could protest Rex's lips were once again on his and all thoughts of his sister were pushed to the back of his mind as he wrapped his arm around Rex's neck and kissed him back.

Rex smiled into the kiss and lightly pushed Noah back onto his bed. The blonde lied down compliantly and allowed Rex to settle himself on top of him. When air became a necessity Rex pulled back and gazed down at his boyfriend lovingly. Noah's lips were swollen from kissing and his hair was messed up in the cutest way. Rex found himself falling in love all over again with the blonde teen and couldn't resist leaning down and nipping at his neck. Noah gasped lightly at the feel of Rex's teeth on his skin, but moved to allow the Evo more access to his neck. His face was flushed red and his was skin coated with sweat. Rex leaned back when he was sure he'd made a sizable hickey and kissed it lightly once. Noah smiled as the sweet gesture and wrapped his arms around Rex's neck to pull him into a kiss.

Lust clouded his gaze as he felt Rex slip his hands under his jacket and T-shirt., tracing his chest with nimble gloved fingers. He moaned lightly at the touch and felt his stomach flutter like it was filled with butterflies. His breath came out in short gasps and he attacked Rex with startling desire. He never expected kissing his best friend would feel so good and taste so deliciously fiery. The seasoning from their dinner seemed to linger on Rex more than it did him and he was overwhelmed by the heat the Evo exuded. Rex trailed his hands down Noah's sides and paused when he reached the blonde's jeans. Hesitantly he slipped his fingers under the denim and pulled away from his boyfriend's lips.

His expression was tentative and shy as he looked down on his blushing blonde.

"Have you ever…You know…?"

If possible Noah flushed even more as he shook his head timidly.

"No…have you?" He asked nervously, worrying Rex might not like him anymore now that he found out how inexperienced he was when it came to dating and…..other things.

Rex gave an inner sigh of relief and couldn't resist kissing Noah's bashful little smile.

This one was softer than the last. Sweeter almost. Rex broke it slowly and reached his hands back up to cup Noah's face.

"Why would I even think of being with someone else when I had you to dream about?"

Noah blushed at Rex's words and buried his face into Rex's shoulder to hide it.

He mumbled something into the fabric of his jacket and Rex had to pull him back to hear him.


Noah took a deep breath to calm himself and repeated the embarrassing words.

"I'll go as far as you want Rex…I love you."

Rex's eyes widened to their brim and a pale blush ghosted over his cheeks.

Noah closed his eyes and waited for the rejection or the awkwardness he expected to ensue.

Instead of either he felt Rex's arms wrap around his neck and hold him tight. Tears slid down his cheeks and formed a miniature puddle on Noah's shoulder. The blonde looked on in shock as Rex wept into his shoulder and tried to figure out what had caused such a reaction.

"Rex? Rex? Are you okay? What's wrong?"

Rex pulled back and smiled brightly despite his tears.

"No ones ever said that to me before and to hear you say it….I can't describe how that feels Noah…I love you too."

Noah blushed as he grinned and kissed Rex with everything he had.

Just because he was inexperienced didn't mean he was unwilling.

With shaking hands he pushed Rex's jacket off his shoulders slipped his hands under his top to try and get it over Rex's head. The Evo pushed Noah's hands away and ignored the hurt look on his boyfriend's face.

"No need to rush Noah. I just want you right here."

To emphasize his point Rex rolled off Noah and wrapped his arms around the blonde's waist, pulling him close and basking in his warmth.

"Do you mind if I spend the night? I really don't want to move right now."

Noah yawned lightly and nuzzled closer to Rex.

"I don't see why not. I don't really feel like moving right now either."

So full clothed, on an entirely too small bed, and happily oblivious to the rest of the world, the two fell asleep. A smile on both their faces.

Sarah smiled at the pair that was off in dreamland and shut the light off.

She had told Gran that Rex was sleeping over and the old woman had mere smiled and shared a knowing look with her granddaughter.

Sarah had finally settled herself down for bed herself when she heard a loud ringing coming from her closet. With a groan she threw back her covers and began rummaging threw her fallen clothes and toys. Finally she found the small ringing cell phone buried among her clothes and pressed the call button.


"Rex you get a sex change I should know about?"

"Sorry Rex is busy right now who may I say is calling?"

"This would be Bobo, his lovable chimpanzee sidekick. Care to explain you who are little missy?"

Sarah ignored the weird fact she was talking to a monkey and continued on as if he had said he was the pizza man.

"I happen to be Sarah, Noah's adorable little sister and matchmaker. Did you need something?"

"I would like to know what happened to my partner in crime. Any reason in particular he isn't answering his phone?"

"He's a little busy cuddling with my brother at the moment and I'm pretty sure he plans to spend the night. It was a long day for the two of them."

A deep chuckle could be heard in the background of the other end and Sarah smiled at the sound.

"Bout time those two got together. You set that up little lady?"

"I might have pushed them along a little." She teased.

"You're alright in my book kid. You ever need a talking chimpanzee for anything you just have Rex give me a call. I owe you one."

"I'll keep that in mind. Sweet dreams Bobo."

The chimp snickered into the phone and found himself liking this kid.

"Sweet dreams to you too little lady. Sweet dreams to you too"

Sarah turned the phone off and settled herself back in her bed. Sleep claimed her quickly and without even realizing it she joined her brother in the land of dreams. Hers were of all the things she could do with the help of a talking monkey and Noah's were entirely focused on the teen whose arms were wrapped around him. Rex shared neither of their imaginings and slept on in dreamless bliss. He was merely resting, because for once his real life was better than his dreams.

I know the ending sound a little forced, but I wanted Sarah to get her last moment in. She just fit with Bobo so well I had to add them talking in the end! I don't think she's an OC I'll ever use again and as sad as that makes me, I wanted her last appearance to be memorable. I hope you all enjoyed her brief part and I hope you'll all review one last time to tell me how you feel about it and her!