Author Notes:

This is basically a story about the spin-off after the last episode of Lucky Star (anime). This is my first story, so I hope you'd give me more advice for improvement. This story focuses more on anime references and parodies… and some plot twists. I'll try to retain as much of the character as possible, so tell me if I got it wrong somehow. Cheers!

Also feel free to suggest parodies and anime references.

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Do not read this unless you watched the whole series of Lucky Star (anime). This is not manga-based.


All rights reserved to Lucky Star and its authors. Any anime references belong to their respective owners. Buy the anime if you can! If Kyoto Animation will get enough profit, they'll bring back the show.

"Whew! I'm glad that's over. Tough break, eh?" said Konata the day after the end of the School Festival. It was an especially notorious day indeed, for there they had made an astonishing performance in their cheer leading. Konata's voice was echoing through the corridors of that same school, Ryou High School, they had been attending for 3 years already.

"Sure was...oh how was I so nervous at the time." said Kagami.

"There were so many people at the time, I would have almost fainted." agreed Tsukasa.

"It was eminent that our performance did quite go as well as we had hoped it would turn out." Miyuki pointed out.

"I'm very sure you'll have a fan club, looked moe in that performance." teased Konata.

"Geez…Shut Up! Shut Up! Shut Up!" shouted Kagami as she blushed at the fact that students were already looking at her.

"You just made me wonder why haven't you admitted that you ARE an otaku yourself." further teased Konata as she immediately recognized that famous anime line, very much to Kagami's embarrassment.

Still, little do they know that people, especially the other students, are looking up to them, calling them Lucky Star because of their outfits. They didn't noticed how students were silently staring at them, and how such popularity came from the fact that they did something so daring during the School Festival.

Opening Theme: Mottoeke! Sailor Fuuku

Episode 1

The Melancholy of Konata Izumi?

(Also called The Last Days I)

It was the very much usual break time. Not noticing some of the students who were stalking them, Tsukasa, Kagami, and Konata were on that same table they use to at their snacks. It's very easy to spot how repetitive it is has become, and yet sooner or later, it was about to end. It was their last days as High School Students.

Konata has other plans for these last days though. For some reason, Konata, who was a typical otaku like many of other people in Japan, has been focusing more on anime than on manga.

Konata commented, "Weird how many animes have been sprouting out recently. And wow are they awesome!"

Kagami said, "And I assume you haven't studied for the college entrance exams already."

That was apparently an understatement for this girl who is too lazy to even study for something like a College Entrance Exam.

Still, Konata was sure of himself that she'll pass the exams quite nicely, as with others that she did in the past. "Nah...I'll just cram it up." she said confidently, placing her fist on her chest. "Works every time. Remember that time-"

"Please don't remind me..." muttered Kagami. Oh how devastated she was when she saw Konata's quiz results once! Even the mention of it is considered treacherous for her.

"So Tsukasa," Konata said, hoping to change the topic. "what are you doing now?"

I'm pretty sure you didn't study. -Konata.

"I'm...not doing so well as I hope..." admitted Tsukasa. "I always getting sleepy when I I tried watching anime to keep me awake, but I ended up watching anime instead."

So that was the sound I heard last night! -Kagami.

"You did what?" Kagami said in disbelief. "For your sakes, don't go to that side! Don't go to the otaku's side! It's a dangerous one."

"Why don't you admit it..." Konata said as she notices Kagami's actions and makes a blunt assessment. "you too watched anime yesterday, right?"

How the heck did she knew that! She must be a pyschic or something. - Kagami

"AH! That gives..." Kagami admitted. "I did, okay? Happy now?"

Konata's hunch apparently paid off. "Now we're going somewhere. What did you watch, Kagamin?"

"Heard of Cl*nn*d before?" asked Kagami, obviously ignorant of the fact that Konata is an expert in anime and manga.

"OH?" Konata was a bit surprised. "I didn't knew you were in to that? I guess you can say you sympathize with the main character. It was so sad."

Tsukasa, who was basically staying on the sidelines, was amazed about the anime's interesting story.

Maybe I could watch it sometime. - Tsukasa.

It wasn't long before Miyuki seemed to have appeared from the crowd and meet up with Konata, Tsukasa, and Kagami.

"Hey Yuki-chan!" Tsukasa's response was as cheery as ever.

"So, Konata, what were you talking about eariler?" asked Miyuki, hopefully to get a grasp at the conversation.

"Well..we were talking about this great anime..." Konata started explaining.

"Oh I see..." Miyuki said after hearing about the anime. "It was such a great story, and the first episode was most astounding for an anime."

It was the typical lunch time, and as countless unnamed students are seen ordering their chosen lunches. Guessing Konata, her lunch is again the "dreaded" Choco Cornet, while Tsukasa, Miyuki, and Kagami's are usually bentos. But something on Konata's mind kept creeping into her.

"So Tsukasa, what anime were you watching last night?" Konata asked. "I'm quite surprised you actually watched anime, Tsukasa."

Did she even listened to what the teacher was saying? Oh wait, she really doesn't. - Kagami.

"Well," Tsukasa scratched her head for a while. "I think it was Sh*g* Ch*r*."

"I already imagine you as Amu, Tsukasa...Just make your hair pink." Konata blurted out. "Then we'll need Guardian Characters!"

"I know you're in to that..." Kagami noted. "But PLEASE...don't make us your cosplay creations!

"She has a point though." Miyuki said. "Tsukasa would look cute if her hair was pink.

"You too?" Kagami couldn't believe what she heard.

Back at home, Konata's entrance made quite a breeze throughout the room. It's fall already, and yet early signs of Winter were slowly creeping in.

"Hey Yui-san!" greeted Konata as she walked towards her room.

"Oh, hey, onee-chan!" Yutaka greeted back, but went back to her studying.

"Well...same old, same old." Konata concluded the conversation as she went to her room. The usual greetings were quite repetitive in the last few days, and as it seems, Konata seems preoccupied now, and so as he came into her undoubtedly packed room full of anime goodies, he thought of the one thing that has been bothering her for some time now.

I wonder why that series has been awfully delayed. It's so sad. And it was a great series.

She was browsing the internet, discovering how the author will be delaying the 10th Light Novel of the series and especially how the Animation Company was really delaying the anime series as well.

I might as well watch this anime, I guess Dan could use a little of his head for once...always rushing off to brawl.

"It just isn't working!" Konata said to herself after finishing a couple of episodes of B*k*g*n. "Why can't they just continue it?"

"So what if they're delaying? C'mon Konata...snap out of it." said Kagami.

"'s just 'cus..." Konata paused. "Well...I really wanted it to know. It sucks if that series that you really wanted to watch was finished, and you're left empty."

"Well, wouldn't they just recontinue the series if it's the reason they're actually profitting?" Kagami's words struck Konata.

"Ah hah! So, This is the test of the hardcore fan!" cheered Konata to herself. "I must keep on believing...and buy more of the figurines and the DVD! Usually they'll continue the series anyway if they're profiting from them, right? As I recall, Our lives will always be...filled with a vague uncertainty."

"Weird how anime cheers you up..." noted Kagami. "So did you do your assignment?"

Konata froze in amazement.

She totally forgot.

"So, why didn't you do your assignment? Don't tell me...?" asked the infamous teacher Nanako Kuroi.

"It's not what you think Sensei! It's because...Haruhi told me to! An order from Haruhi is an order is it not?" Konata wittingly replied.

When Lunch finally came, things started to get quite interesting, for Kagami to say the least.

"Wow, Konata." Miyuki said. "That was wierd reasoning."

"You're pretty much right on that, Miyuki-san," Konata agreed. "I just thought of it at lunch."

"Geez, Konata." Kagami face-palmed showing her pessimism. "Did you expect Sensei to even listen to your reason?"

"But it's the truth anyway." Konata responded defensively. "You know how otakus are faithful in their fan-base."

"Riiight…" Kagami said sacastically. "So Tsukasa, I presume you either didn't do your homework again or didn't do it right?"

"Well...uhh..." Tsukasa's face showed worry, and as she looked upon her dreaded homework..."Have I been that predicable now? Oh sis! What should I do?

"Well, just work harder!" Kagami tried cheering Tsukasa up. "You'll get the hang of it sooner of later."

Wait, what am I saying? Isn't already 3 years now and still no progress? - Kagami.

It was a bit sudden when Konata slipped in the sis-to-sis conversation. "But then," Konata said, smiling. "you must consider all the Haruhism that's been revolving around us. You'll be fine, Tsukasa."

"Oh thanks, Konata." Tsukasa smiled back. "whatever that means."

"Haruhism?" Kagami asked. "Is that another one of your geeky words?"

"Ah! Kagami…" Konata grinned. "underestimating the power of the people of the internet. Haruhism is a word for something that works out in your favor even if the odds were high. Think of it as consistently good luck."

"Aha!" Kagami thought of it. "So it explains how you even got to be a Senior!"

"Don't be that rude!" Konata snapped defensively. "I still made an effort you know."

"Yeah, right…" Kagami responded. "effort to ask me for MY homework…everytime."

Almost suddenly, Patricia came from the crowd surrounding Konata and the others. Neither any of them would know if Patricia's face signified excitement or disappointment.

"Konata, we'll have an emergency meeting." Patricia's voice traced some concern. "It's about our cosplay café."

"Um...okay, Patty," Konata replied, looking at the watch to look at the time when she'll get there. "I'll meet you at the café."

I wonder what's the problem? - Konata.

After, school, Konata went out to the cosplay café, and as it seems…something was really odd. Boxes were all around the café, and props were being removed. The costumes were being taken away, possibly to be sold. The note that was left in the cosplay café was the one that worried Konata the most: "Closed for Renovation."

"What's happening?" asked Konata.

Patricia said, "That's what this meeting is all about, silly."

Suddenly the manager came in. He was sure enough that his employees would understand the situation, although he knows for a fact that most of his employees are Haruhi fans. He explained how the cosplay café will change its theme and venue, being a bit nearer to the school and the theme be somewhat new to the team.

"First, the series has been delayed, and now this!" exclaimed Konata. "Although it's fine to switch the theme of the cosplay café now, as a Haruhi fan I'm pretty much disappointment. Still this must go on. What's this new theme anyway?"

As the manger told the theme, everyone was, at first, skeptical, but Konata had vicious thoughts in her mind, one that would have probably changed the way the cosplay café is operating right now.

"Ok, I'll be her." She said, pointing to a long-hair non-blonde girl in a poster.

"But isn't it…like a hard character?" asked Patricia.

"I'll be fine…" Konata said as she starts to practice with the "props" of the character.

Patricia was trying to pick a character for the new cosplay theme when something came to mind:

It seems to be an interesting twist. I wonder what Kagami and the others will say about this...

Lucky Channel!

It's the so-called "famous" Lucky Channel, a show that was being ran long since the Lucky Star anime began. Apparently many of the props of the Lucky Channel have been astoundingly improved. The studio itself was much bigger and more spacious. Even the camera was in HD.

-Lucky Channel's song plays in the background-

Aikra: Hiya Luckies! It's been quite long, but this is it! It's the first episode of the season 2 of Lucky Star! Yay! I'm your lovely navigator, Akira Kogami!

Minoru: And I'm Akira's assistant, Minoru Shiraishi. A pleasure to meeting you again!

Akira: I just wanna thank all the Luckies that had been there to support this show and make this possible! It's the season 2 of Lucky Star!

Minoru: Wait…wait? Season 2? Isn't this…just the VIRTUAL season 2 of Lucky Star made by the author of a fanfic?

Akira: Huh? You mean…this…isn't the real season?

Minoru: …uhh… Oh no…

A dreaded silence swept through the studio. Nothing was to be heard except creakings from some unknown area in the room. Not until Akira finally gone wild.


Minoru: …you won't wanna mess with the author Akira-san…he…might…umph…


Minoru: You won't want to see him mad…

Suddenly, a man, named ronelm2000, comes in to the show. He was wearing blue pants and a light blue polo. His silent stare has even stumped Minoru's emotions.

ronelm2000: I'll take care of this Minoru…

With that, ronelm2000 unleashed a powerful Ge*** towards Akira. Akira, helpless by the author's appearance, went into a trance.

Minoru: Talk about power beyond belief….

ronelm2000: Now be nice…my dear princess…

Akira: Yes Master…

Apparently the Gea** worked perfectly for Akira, the girl with a huge split personality.

Minoru: Well, now…at least it's over.

Seeing how this show must end, ronelm2000 snapped his fingers, freeing Akira from the effects of the Gea**. Akira, on the other hand, was utterly confused, unsure of what to do, except to seek revenge to the author.

-Lucky Channel's exit theme song starts playing-

Akira: Oh ohh…we're already out of time! Damn…he's that powerful? Please post your reviews about this uhh…fanfic…Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

Minoru: Yes! So until then….

Akira: BYE NEE!

-Lucky Channel's cardboard falls on the screen-

Akira: So what did he do?

Minoru: He hypnotized you…with Gea**.


Minoru: B-But…he's still … watching!


Ending Credits:

Konata, Miyuki, Tsukasa, and Kagami were in the Karaoke Room. Apparently they haven't finished the anime song bonanza yet. Who knows what Konata will play next?

Konata: Hey! Hey! I just thought of something.

Konata presses a couple of buttons and chose a song.

Kagami: Konata! Why did you just chose a song? You haven't even told us what it was.

Konata: Just sing it!

- an Anime song starts playing -

Kagami: Oh! I know this! It''s...!

Konata: Yeah! Yeah! Just sing!

Mezamete ha kurikaesu Nemui asa ha
Eri no TAI wo kitsuku shime
Kyoushitsu no DOA kuguru to honno sukoshi mune wo hatte arukidaseru
Sonna nichijou ni fukinukeru kaze

Konata suddenly threw the microphone to Miyuki.

Konata: You can do it Miyuki! Sing it!

Miyuki: B-But...

Kikoeta ki ga shita
Kanjita ki ga shita n da

Kagami: Konata!

Furuedasu ima kono mune de
Mou kuru ki ga shita

-Is cut off due to the Credits Time Limit-