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Opening Theme: Hamatte Sobotte Oh My God!

Konata and Kou were at the Animation Research Club, everyone except the visitor named Yamato Nagamori was busy with their otaku hobbies.

"Okay...I summon..." Konata said, making weird poses. "Elemental Hero Rainbow Neos!"

"GASP!" Kou said. "Damn you Konata, you beat me to it!"

"Bleh! Hahah!" Konata said like a child.

"Good thing I have this in handy..." Kou's right eye sparkled.

"GASP!" Konata said. "Don't!"

"Yes...I have...that card! Victory is mine!" Kou's smile is as evil as ever.

"Wanna bet?" Konata said.

"Sure..." Kou replied. "I always loved betting."

"You're more like kids than high school students..." Yamato said.


"You of the secrets of conquering that so-called Artist Block is to get ideas from others!" Patricia said in other side of the table, bringing up a laptop and connecting to the internet using it.

"Oh? Like what?" Hiyori asked.

"Well there's fanfiction..." Patricia said. "There's also tons of ideas you can get from the internet. Try checking out forums and stuff."

"Well...uhh...I don't know much about forums though."

"Don't worry...I'll guide you through that." Patricia said, clicking a few buttons

"GASP!" Patricia said. "They turned Naruto into a...a...a...!"

Hiyori's already big eyes turned bigger.

"a...a...a...a what?" Hiyori asked, not because she was surprised, but because she didn't know.

"I know right..." Patricia said. "Man...Naruto / Sasuke yaois are the worst! I know I love yaoi and all but this is insane!"

I honestly don't know what she was talking about...Poor me... - Hiyori

"Oh...there's also crossovers!" Hiyori said, reading them with all her might (as Hiyori's not so good at English...) as she was desperate for ideas. "GASP! Haruhi has turned into an inter-dimensional troublemaker! And Index into a wierd mage! And God! They put the Strike Freedom into an allegiance with the Unicorn!"

"That's the magic of ideas." Patricia said. "Good thing you're kinda good at reading English eh?"

"Eh...*gulp*...Let's just move on." Hiyori ignored Patricia and explored more categories in fanfiction. "Lucky Star?" Hiyori said as she further explores other categories. "Why the heck do with have our own fanfictions?"

"Eh...I made that one myself. I had never wrote fanfiction since I got here, so I figured I'd do something for us." Patricia said.

"Oh GOD!" Hiyori exclaimed, then whispered to Patricia. "You turned Konata and Kagami into yuri!"

"Yes...yes I did!" Patricia's heart started beating faster. "It turned out pretty better than I imagined."

"Look...if you're going to post senseless mangas about same-sex love," Yamato said, turning around at both girls. "I'd rather see those kinds burned to the ground."

"You know, Yamato-chan, there's also good in yuri." Konata said, hearing Yamato insult the 'wonderful paradise' that is Yuri and Yaoi.

"Let her be, Konata." Kou said, smiling. "There's still thousands of other yuri fans out there."

"Ok, Miss. I-Love-Yuri, well, Patricia here made a story about you and Hiiragi-san." Yamato said. "What'd you think about that?"

"You, Patty, made a Yuri story with me and Kagami?" Konata's eyes sparkled. "I must see it!"

"Well,'s just words." Hiyori said.

"Aww man...ok then, Hiyori, can you turn that into a doujin?" Konata asked.

"Sure I can!" Hiyori said, and with that Hiyori's uncontrollable yuri-driven pen started drawing. No one can stop her now.

GOD! I can read their thoughts, yet I still don't know how they tick! - Yamato.

Episode 9

Beginnings, Middles, Finals

(Graduation and Vacation I)

"Alright class! With the Athletic Festivals over...we'll have our Finals next week so, if you don't review as much...expect..." Mr. Kuroi said while she was teaching in her class at around the 3rd period, then changing her voice and looks to a terrifyingly fearful look, "A fail and a repeat."

"Yikes!" Minoru snapped.

It was around the end of the morning classes, and Kagami, Konata, Tsukasa, and Miyuki were in their usual place at the canteen. While Yutaka, Minami, Hiyori, and Patricia are on one table just a block away from Konata's table, Ayano and Misao on the next adjacent table, and Kou and Yamato, on the other hand, are in a table near the window.

"Man! What a fun athletic festival it was!" Konata stretched out her hands and groaned.

"It sure was...especially that dodge ball event." Kagami noted. "I never thought they'd do something like that."

"Well...for one thing, Yutaka and Konata were the last ones to stay alive...and it was the finals!" Tsukasa happily said.

"Oh I know why Yutaka stayed for that long..." Konata grinned. "Nobody couldn't hit her...being moe and all. Who'd want to hit such a cute little thing?"

"Well...well...I'm kinda more surprised you last longer. Especially that last scene." Kagami noted.


"C'mon Minami-chan! Go for it!" echoes of Yutaka and Minami's other classmates were reverberating in the gym which was full of worn-out students.

This was it.

It was the finals of the Dodge ball Tournament.

With a heavily-sweating Miyuki and Konata on one side and a persistent Minami and Yutaka on the other...both are battling out for their lives...I mean for the winning team.

"Go! Miyuki-san!"

"O...kay! Konata!"

Now whom should I hit... - Miyuki

Miyuki turned her face into a serious-looking one as she tries picking out the weak. Apparently, Yutaka is one, but still, she's too cute to be hit, so Miyuki...resting for a while...finally resolved to hit the ball to Minami-chan. But unknown to Miyuki, Minami is harder to hit than she thought, and so that attempt by Miyuki failed.

"Oh, sorry everyone."

"Don't worry, Miyuki-san, I have a plan." Konata smirked her face showing confidence showing a formation in which Konata is at the front while Miyuki is at the back, and as Minami gets the ball to hit Konata...

With the dodge ball just around half a meter, Konata seemed to have dodged an almost impossible-to-dodge ball, especially with Minami's very powerful dodgeball strikes.

"EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" everyone gaped their mouths in surprise.

W-W-Wha? I-Is that the famous speed side dodge like in *y*sh**ld21? – Hiyori.

Everyone watched as the air breeze caused by Konata's speedy dodge cushioned the dodge ball as it hits the unsuspecting spaced out Miyuki.

"O-OH!" Miyuki said as the dodge ball hits her curves (if you're a pervert you'll know what I mean), but then again the hit was not so hard, thanks to the laws of air friction.

"Oooohhh, Minami-chan! You're suuuch a peeerrrvert!" Konata teased in an attempt to let Minami Iwasaki's guard down.

I worked like a charm, and Konata immediately took the opportunity to strike Minami in the head using the dodge ball.

"That's to snapping you out of it!" Konata said.

Now it's just me and Yuu-chan...maybe if I can hit her with a side-spin... - Konata.
Well it's just me and Onee-chan...maybe if I can catch the ball somehow... - Yutaka.

It was a one-on-one...With Yutaka's serious look directed (presumably the first-time this happened in history) and Konata's just-as-serious look at Yutaka, Konata couldn't help but think...

Yes! I know! - Konata.

The whole crowd was feeling the tension as Konata activated the staring contest mode. The crowd was as quiet as ever and only the breeze filled the emptiness...and finally, a very very loud laughter came from everyone in Yutaka's side...even Yutaka couldn't help but laugh. So, Konata, seizing the opportunity, hiit Yutaka in the head. (of course the forehead).

-End of Flashback-

"I mean...using your disadvantages to your advantage..." Kagami said on a bit of a lower volume than usual. "Sometimes I just can't help but say you're a mad genius."

"Tsundere alert!" Konata said.

"Shut up!" Kagami snapped in response.

"Man...I need to review for the exams!" Konata stretched her hand and yawned.

"Huh?" Kagami said. "Why? Did reality finally snapped you out of it?"

" it's not like that..." Konata said, almost crying to the edge of her seat. "I kinda gambled with Kou-chan that I'll get a grade higher than you...and I really wanted that new limited edition manga she had. While I bet my other limited edition manga."

"You...what?" Kagami said. " least Kou-chan put you to work..."

"Oh, sis, I don't know what to do! I always even up sleeping in the middle of studying!" Tsukasa said. "You know I barely made the Entrance Exams."

"Look, Konata, just study really really really well and you'll be fine...just like what you did in the Entrance Exams," Kagami said. "And Tsukasa, try to force yourself for once. You know there will come a time when I'm not there..."

"Well, one of the keys of successfully studying for an exam like this is to use flashcards, and question and answer. That way the tendency of memorizing gets much, much higher." Miyuki said.

"That's our Miwiki-san!" Konata said. "So...flashcards and question and answer eh?"

"If something's in your better stop. Now." Kagami's pessimistic voice echoed.

"Well...I can just as you to ask me the questions." Konata suggested. "Then you'll make the flashcards and we'll answer them."

"Wow, for once Konata, that sounds like a pretty good idea." Kagami said, smiling a bit. "Maybe Tsukasa would want to do this as well..."

"Sure, sis!" Tsukasa said.


"Aren't Kou and Yamato cute?" Patricia said, noticing the two. "Look...even Ayano and Misao over there!"

"You're pretty right, Patty!" Hiyori said. "It just goes to show, yuri doesn't discriminate!"

"Eh?" Yutaka's voice alerted Patricia and Hiyori, causing them focus back on Minami and Yutaka.

"Huh? Yutaka? What's up?" Hiyori asked.

"Well...I always wonder what were you looking at Nagamori-san and Kou-chan-sempai for." Yutaka said, much to the worry of Patricia and Hiyori.

"No! No! It's nothing." Hiyori said, her red-cheeked head shaking vertically. "We were just amazed of how Nagamori-san...or Yamato-san...or Yamato-sempai...AH! Let's just call her you see how even if Nagamori-sempai doesn't admit it, she actually likes being with Kou-chan-sempai?"

"Ah! I see!" Yutaka noted. "Oh! Nagamori-sempai, who knew you had a soft side in you?"

Why can't she share that so-called soft side of hers with us? - Hiyori.

"So...Yamato-chan? I mean you're repeating this school year and all..." Kou said. "I still don't get why you're still here. Shouldn't you be at Florina All-Girls High School preparing the papers for the transfer?"

"I already did them." Yamato said in an unusually calm way. "Besides...there's no point staying there anyway."

It wasn't pretty long (about 2 minutes) before Ayano and Misao entered the scene of the 4 3rd year graduating girls who were pretty much chatting with each other.

"Oh hey, Hiiragi!" Misao said. "Well...we're kinda having this problem with this Math."

"Oh, well...if you want, you can come with me later after school for our special reviewing." Kagami suggested.

"That sucks..." Misao said. "I want to play all the games I can get after school!"

"Well, weren't you asking me for help earlier?" Kagami responded. "'ll be a great idea to test our new way of reviewing..."

"New way...of reviewing...?"

"Yeah...too bad it wouldn't work for you though." Kagami said. "But still, it wouldn't hurt to try."

"I doubt Misao here can handle the pressure." Konata grinned.

"You do know you're just as hopeless as Misao is, do you?" Kagami noted.

"You know, Misao. You should go." Ayano suggested.

"So what if I don't wanna." Misao said.

"'ll see..." Ayano said, her secret 'other side' nearing a delinquent 'Loch Ness Monster' appearance, and with a darker aura she finally said. "Go!"

"Y-Yikes! Help me!" Misao snapped, and turned to Kagami, "Okay! Okay! Hiiragi! I'll go!"

It was almost time before the start of the last class, and Miyuki had been a little too busy reading textbooks.

"Hey, Miyuki-san." Konata greeted Miyuki with her whole cheerfulness, wherever she got that from.

"Oh, hey Konata." Miyuki greeted back as she close her currently reading textbook.

"I wanted to ask you a question..."

"Oh what is it?"

"Well...with all the stalkers around us, I wonder if has anyone ever ask you out on a date." Konata said.

"Oh...none...none at all...Why'd you ask, Konata?"

"So that's what she said!" Konata exclaimed. "Can you believe it? With all those stalkers around, Miyuki still isn't triggering any events! Darn it!"

"Maybe it's because it's the end of the year already and they're realizing it's too late now?" Kagami suggested the idea, unaware to herself that she's learning Konata's Dating Sims terminology.

"Yeah...or maybe..." Konata said, her voice becoming a little more sinister. "we were cursed to not have boyfriends or get married for life!"

"S-Shut up!" Kagami said. "It's been almost 3 years and you still haven't stopped that stupid habit of yours of pissing me off!"

Konata stopped for a while, realizing she made Kagami stopped writing in the flashcards she was supposed to write at in her family's house, which seemed to be as the same as before. Tsukasa finally came in Kagami's room, bringing in a couple of drinks.

"Oh, Tsukasa, thanks..." Kagami said, and realizing how she stopped writing flashcards, continued to do so.

"You know, Konata, it'll help if you help as well..." Kagami said calmly.

"Oh, alright..." Konata said, looking at a history textbook and looking at questions and answers.

A doorbell buzzing sound was suddenly heard in the room, and as Tsukasa (miraculously) heard the near-faint sound and open the door to reveal Ayano and Misao in the door.

"Oh, it's Ayano and Misao!" Tsukasa said, and Misao and Ayano went in.

"Isn't this a little awkward, Yutaka-san?" Hiyori was asking as she's browsing through Konata's mangas, searching for a good doujin/manga to read. "I mean...we're kinda violating Konata's privacy."

"Oh, it's 'cus she said before she left for Kagami's house... 'If Hiyori and any of your friends come...get them to my room.' "

"Oh! Maybe Konata wanted us to see something?" Patricia suggested.

"You're probably right..." Hiyori agreed, looking at a few Gode G**ss mangas.

"Oh! Is that...?" Yutaka spotted what she taught she has spotted: It's the Lucky Star doujin Hiyori's working on!

"Oh...Hiyori," Yutaka said, waving the Hiyori-made doujin to her. "Isn't this the story you made for us?"

"Oh, it is!" Hiyori said, relieved that Konata didn't gave her yuri or yaoi ideas in that theme. "Actually I wanted to know what you think of the manga I made."

"Well...okay," Yutaka smiled with an infectious smile that defines all that is moe. "Hey! Minami-chan, want to read the manga Hiyori-san made for us?"

"Eh...sure..." Minami said with a calm, yet toneless voice.

"Well, isn't she as cute as ever." Patricia commented. "That's why we need Minami-chan to keep her majesty away from the evil sisters!"

"Eh...I'm that sure what you're talking about..." Hiyori said. "But I guess I agree with you."

"Oh! It's Yuki-chan!"

"Oh, hello, Tsukasa." Miyuki said. "May I come in?"

"Oh sure, we're almost starting to start our special review for the Exams." Tsukasa said.

"Oh, that's great." Miyuki smiled.

"Okay...let's see what Ayano, Misao, and Konata did..." Kagami looked upon their flashcards to reveal a disaster. Even she was stunned at how idiotic Misao and Konata really are. One of the flashcards asked what two cities were hit by the Atomic Bomb during the World War II, and Konata put at the back of the flashcard, "Tokyo and Kyoto." At one card done by Misao, the question was what are two words with the same meaning and she put at the back of the flashcard, "Antonyms."

Talk about stupidity...This is too much. TOO MUCH! - Kagami.

"What the heck are these?" Kagami asked, annoyed by their stupidity.

"Oh, those are the answers I answered after making the question." Konata clarified. "I asked Misao what to write.

"She said, 'Oh I think it's what you would answer if you were asked the question.' "

"Okay, that's just either plain stupidity or you're too lazy to find answers for yourself." Kagami concluded. "Either way I guess I can only use the ones Ayano and I have."

"What if we said it was both?" Konata said in an almost silent matter.

"Oh shut up and let's just do this anyway!" Kagami said. "Let's see...first, we need to hand the flashcards to everyone and be sure to remember both the question and the answer."

"Oh, may I come in?" Miyuki said in a very much polite way as she intrudes the conversation.

"Oh, Miyuki-san. Sure." Kagami replied, and with that, Miyuki came in the room .

"Well, I made my own flashcards too..." Miyuki said, passing her flashcards to everyone.

"Wow, Miyuki-san, I didn't think you'd make your own." Kagami said, surprised for a bit.

"C'mon...c'mon let's do this already!" Konata blabbered.

"Wow, Konata, I've never seen you this psyched..." Kagami noticed Konata being a little too off-character. "Did some alien messed up your personality or something?"

"Well, what if I told you you were right?" Konata said in convincing matter.

"W-What?" the surprised Kagami exclaimed. "No way, how is it..."

"Well..." Konata showed a seemingly serious face.

"Don't fool me with your seriously devious face!" Kagami snapped.

"Well, it's really because I want this over already because Sh*k*g*n N* Sh*n* S will be up in an hour..."Konata finally admitted. Kagami could only breathe deeply, signifying relief.

"Let's just start already!" Misao exclaimed, ruining Konata and Kagami's moment.

"Umm...what's this?" Yutaka noticed a photograph below Konata's bed.

"Huh?" Hiyori noticed Yutaka holding a photograph, and as Hiyori looked upon the photograph, she looked upon it with utmost surprise. The picture featured Yamato with the whole crew. Kou, Kagami, Konata, Miyuki, and the others were there with Yamato.

"Y-Y-Yutaka? Did you ever remember being in this picture?" Hiyori asked, shaking for a while.

"No, why Hiyori-san?" Yutaka asked.

"No, it's nothing..." Hiyori gulped, fearing for the worst as depicted in anime and games.

"Oh, it's Yutaka and the others..." Konata had just come home from the special reviewing they had with Kagami and the others.

"Uhhh...gulp...K-Konata?" Hiyori asked. "Did you ever remember being in this picture?"

"No..." Konata wondered for a while. "'s one of Yamato-chan's mysterious objects, isn't it?"

"It seems that there a possibility that Yamato was...?"

"Abducted?" Konata thought about it for a while. "It does somewhat makes sense...Maybe we should hand this case to Kou-chan?"

"I" Hiyori said. "It's kinda cool if it happens in anime and manga, but it's creepy when it happens in real life."

"That's what I thought so too..." Konata said.

"Okay...there's not much basis on this picture." Kou Yasaka said in the daily meeting at the Animation Research Club, trying to explain the existence of the photo Hiyori recovered from Konata's house. "There's a's impossible."

"Wait...what is?" Hiyori said.

"This may as well be..." Kou said. "the proof the aliens wiped out our memories!"

"Eh?" Hiyori responded with a weird surprised look on her face.

"Joking!" Kou said. "Anyways, We'll all look to it as a club, okay?"

"Oh! Hey, Konata." Kagami said as she, Misao, and Ayano greeted Konata, Miyuki, and Tsukasa in the familiar place in front of the nurse's office.

"Oh! Hey! So how was the exams?"

"Oh, the usual...wierd enough how they always make the exams easier than the quizzes themselves."

"Wait... they are?"

Kagami paused for a while, and finally noted. "And that's what you get for being lazy."

"Man...that was the worst..." Ms. Kuroi was saying to herself as she stretches out her tired fingers after a crude day at the exams...She was finally at her apartment, and she could only open up her computer...

"Umm...what?" Ms. Kuroi's eyes focused on the words Problem loading page. "Sigh...I guess I'll just have to read some manga for a while..."

It wasn't long (actually just around 5 seconds) before the internet connection went back again, but Ms. Kuroi continued reading until the middle chapter of the manga.

"Oh, it has already been up already?" Ms. Kuroi noted to herself. "Refresh!"

It was just at that exact time that the internet connection went back down again, and poor Ms. Kuroi found herself staring at the same words all over again.

"What happened to the internet connection! Did it ban me or something?" Ms. Kuroi said, crying to herself.

Lucky Channel!

-Lucky Channel's song plays in the background-

"Hiya Luckies! Isn't this great? We're on our 9th episode of LUCKY STAR SEASON 2! I'm your favorite navigator Akira Kogami!"

"And I'm your assistant, Minoru Shiraishi, at your service!"

"Yawn...this is getting pretty boring..." Akira said as she puts her feet in the desk in a sort-of slack-off manner.

A-Already? - Minoru

"Umm...what are you doing, Akira-sama?" Minoru asked.

"What do you think I'm doing? I'm doing...nothing!" Akira said.

"Look...let's not get so much into this and just move on."

"Well...what do YOU want to do, eh?"

"Well...*gulp*...I haven't really thought about that for a while."

"Well? Now shut the f- up!" Akira said, but after realizing the long beep in her sentence, tried again. "Shut the f- up! f- f- f- M-f-er."

"Wow...that was some serious cursing..."

"Hell! I don't care. Where are you you damn no-good author?"

"Akira-sama...don't you wanna talk about the events in this episode?"

"Who the f-ing hell cares about that?"

"Well...our fans do, don't they?"

"Who cares anyway...I obviously don' back off you m-f-ing s- of a b-!"'

-Lucky Channel's exit song starts playing in the background-

"Eh...we're really sorry if we don't have the time. Please PRETTY PLEASE post any of your comments! So until then..."

"Bye-nii..." Akira said in a melancholic voice.

-Lucky Channel's cardboard falls on the screen-

"I had it! I quit!" Akira's words were as loud as ever.

"Wha-? Akira-sama! You can't just quit? What about your fans?"

"Screw them! I've had enough of this damn twisted author! I quuuuuuiiiiiiitttt!"

"B-But how can you even quit? Akira! Akira-sam-"

Ending Credits:

-Remember that you can request any song by telling me the name of the song in the Ending Credits and PM ing me the song you would like Konata, Kagami, Miyuki, Tsukasa, Minami, Yukata, Ayano, Misao, Hiyori, or Kou to sing.-

"That...was...disturbing." Kagami said.

"It was awesome!" Kou said, giving a thumbs up to the two.

"I never knew Konata could speak English like that." Yutaka said.

"Well, it's all thanks to our American friend." Konata said. "You know, one of the reasons I passed is 'cus of her helpful English lessons."

"Wow, Patty-san. That's cooool." Yutaka said.

"So, Yutaka, why not try singing for once?" Konata said.

"W-Well," Yutaka responded. "I'm not that good, and besides, I don't know what to sing anyway..."

"Oh, no worries there Yuu-chan. I got the perfect song for you!"

"Aww man...can't we get a shot, Chibi?" Misao asked.

"But Misao...haven't you found a song to sing yet?" Ayano said.

"Oh you're right..."

"Sigh...You're as simple-minded as ever." Kagami said.

"Now...this is just for Yuu-chan!" Konata cheerfully said. " I'll put this song first...then the next one which is Yutaka's song...and then you can choose one"

"H-Hey! Please somebody get someone to put a non-anime song." Kagami groaned.

"Oh don't worry, Kagamin..." Konata said, putting her hands in Kagami's shoulder. "This ain't an anime song..."

"It isn't?" Kagami's facial expression changed into a neutral one.

"Sure it isn''s one of the songs Patricia and I sung in our album."

"Wait...wait? How can they have those kinds of songs in karaoke?"

Konata ignored her and gave the other mic to Patricia and as they officially entered the song codes, both of them said:

"Yuuchou Sentai Dajare Ranger!"

_ = Konata singing
() = Patty singing
none = Both of them singing.
"" = not really singing but just saying.

boku sanjou

"hu hu hu hu...hajime kara kuraimakkusu daze he he he he..."

torai torai
arehateta kono sekai mamoru tame chenji da) "cheeenji gettaa"
(seigi no akashi wa mittsu no tarisuman)

"Okay...that may not be an anime song...but it sure sounds like one." Kagami noted.

awasetara kirameku yo
aka ao kiiro no
"aa kono chikara wa" to mizu daichi no ikari tokihanate "kimatta ze"
(eki wa bijofuradiinu) "onore bijofuradiinu me" (uchuu no karisuma) "karisuma dakaratte nan da yo"
keshite yousha shinai "ooryaa" shoubu no toki da "shoubu"

sanjou sanjou bokutachi sanjou dandan tsuyosa ga hikatte kuru
kitaerarerun da "
mukimuki" banzai banzai kime no serifu wa
baibai charabai "
baibai charabai"yuuchou sentai dararenjaa.

-Is cut off due to the Credits Time Limit-