A/N: hey you guys. i know i said that chapter five wouldn't be the end, but i lied. i didn't mean to, and i'm really sorry because i did try to add more, it just didn't feel right. where i had ended it just felt like the end, and no matter what i did, i couldn't come up with a way to add more. another thing is, after watching the summer finale, i just got so many ideas for new stories about what happened over break and when they get back. but if it makes you feel any better, this is the first story i've ever actually finished! so i'm sorry i lied to you guys, and i'm sorry that i promised it wasn't the end when it was. i admit, even when i was writing it, i knew it would be the end. i just didn't wanna disappoint you all. maybe i'll write a sequel some day. you never know :) thank you all so much for reading, you've all been so incredible!