Chapter 24: Continuous Mission

Padmé was standing by Anakin's medical bed as she watched as he began to wake up slowly. Opening his eyes, he saw his wife staring down at him. "Padmé…" he whispered.

"I'm here," she answered, holding his hand.

He closed his eyes for a second before he tried to sit up. "No, don't try to sit up yet," she insisted.

"Sidious…Malevolence…" he muttered.

"Anakin stop trying to sit up, you're going to delay your recovery," she answered.

Anakin sighed as he lied back down. "Padmé what's going on?" he asked. She stroked his hair.

"Sidious has declared war on Darth Vader and his allies," she replied.

"Not surprising at all," he murmured.

Anakin sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose. "He has put bounties on all our heads," she murmured.

"Still not surprising," he sighed shaking his head slowly.

Holding her arm gently, he pulled her closer to the bed. "Are you both alright?" he asked, his hand resting on her still flat stomach.

"I'm fine, we're both fine," she answered.

Anakin sighed as he kissed the back of her hand gently. "I failed," he told her softly, regretfully.

"You will defeat them, Anakin. I have great faith that you will," she answered.

She kissed his forehead gently with a smile. Anakin sighed as he rested his head against her stomach, closing his eyes.

Two days later, Anakin was finally released from the infirmary. As soon as he was told he could go, he changed back into his robes before walking down the hall with Padmé behind him. Holding her hand, they entered the room where the ally leaders were waiting for him. "Status report?" he asked them as the doors slid close behind them.

"There isn't much to report Anakin," Obi-Wan replied.

Anakin rubbed his forehead as he leaned against the table. "We need to begin rebuilding the armies we have lost before we can take anymore course of actions. Call back our clones so we can regroup," he instructed.

"Where do you suggest we will regroup and rebuild our armies?" Typho asked.

Opening a code pad on the table, he pushed a few buttons before the galaxy map appeared before them. "It can't be somewhere obvious. Sidious will track us here on these maps," he murmured as he cancelled out the map. He shook his head slowly as he searched the archives. "At least, not on the new maps," he added.

"Where will we go?" Sabé asked as Obi-Wan wrapped his arm around her waist.

Anakin looked at one of the old archive maps. "Here, we will be unseen and we can cloak our Force signatures there," he replied pointing at a planet.

"What is that?" Padmé asked.

"Lehon," Anakin replied.

He nodded his head slowly as he agreed with his own decisions. "We can rebuild, make our own battleships. We need to play Sidious at his own game," he told his friends.

"Lehon, why hasn't that planet been known before?" Bail asked curiously.

"It's been hidden because of all the ships on it's planet. Usually you can't get on without permission, but how can you get permission to land on a planet that doesn't seem to exist?" Anakin answered.

"How do you know about this?" Typho asked.

"When you're the Emperor's right hand you gain access to any file you wish," he replied simply.

Padmé rested her hand on her husband's shoulder. "Getting on the planet itself will be a challenge, but once we are able to enter the atmosphere we will be able to build our rebellion," he explained.

"Ani what of the twins?" Padmé asked concerned.

"They'll come with us. It'll be a good place to hide them from Sidious," he replied.

Padmé let out a sigh. "I'm afraid another war has broken out over this. It'll only end when Sidious and his new apprentice are destroyed," Anakin informed. Squaring his shoulders, he looked at his friends and comrades. "We must depart for Lehon immediately," he told them.

"I agree, if we are to regain stronghold now is the time," Obi-Wan agreed.

"It is settled then we will meet on Lehon," Padmé answered.

Everyone agreed before they departed to their ships.

Anakin walked over to the small fighter ship that was waiting for him. Artoo let out a few beeps and whirls as Anakin approached. "Yes Artoo we'll be leaving shortly," he told the droid.

"Ani," Padmé called.

Turning around, he hugged his wife when she reached him. "Be careful," she told him softly.

"I will, just get our children and bring them to Lehon," he told her.

She nodded her head slowly before he kissed her gently. "I love you," he told her.

"I love you too," she answered.

Moving back towards the ship, he climbed the ladder and got inside. Putting the headband around his head with the transmitter close to his mouth, he latched the door to his fighter closed. Lifting off, Anakin went on his mission.

His journey wasn't as long as he thought it would be. When his destination came to view, he halted the ship. "Unidentified aircraft please identify yourself," a familiar voice called over the transmission.

"I am only a messenger for the new rebellion. Tell your Emperor Anakin Skywalker is very much alive and he will return to finish what he had started," he answered.

"And I am afraid young Skywalker that you will fail in your mission," Sidious said in the transmission.

Anakin gave him a small smirk. "We will see," he answered before he fired several shots at the unfinished Death Star. He grinned as he swung his ship around, flying away as the torpedoes struck one of the main reactors of the Death Star, making one side collapse.

"NO!" he heard Sidious shout as he made the jump to light speed.

Padmé was standing on the bridge of her ship, holding Luke in her arms when they entered Lehon's atmosphere. Luke let out a little yawn as he rested his head on his mother's shoulder. Sitting down, she rubbed her son's back while keeping an eye on Leia who was resting in Sabé's arms. "You seem a little distracted my friend," Padmé commented to Sabé. Sabé looked up.

"I've just been thinking," Sabé answered smiling a little.

"About?" Padmé asked.

Sabé sighed as she looked at the little girl in her arms. "You know how before we left Talus, Obi-Wan wanted to tal to me about something?" she asked.

"Yes," Padmé replied.

The young woman smiled a little. "He proposed Padmé," she said softly.

"Sabé that' wonderful!" Padmé answered smiling.

Sabé smiled a little. "I can only hope that this war will end soon, so Obi-Wan and I can live the lives we've been planning these last few months," she murmured. Padmé nodded with a small smile.

"I'm sure you and Obi-Wan will gain your own happiness out of this horrid situation," she assured her friend.

Sabé smiled before the ship landed.

Anakin landed his ship on Lehon, exiting he smiled to find Padmé waiting for him. Hurrying over, he threw his arms around his wife kissing her deeply. Padmé kissed him back, her arms around his back. After they pulled away, they stood by their friends after taking their children into their arms. Anakin wrapped his free arm around Padme's waist, kissing the top of Leia's head. They all stood in silence looked out over Lehon's land. Their new home for awhile until they could get their ships built and are finally able to defeat the Emperor and his Empire.

To Be Continued…