Edited 2/13/13

Late one cold March night in the forest outside of Konoha, a figure was running though the trees with well over two dozen men following it.

Kisame looked over his shoulder and saw the large group of shinobi. He swore loudly. Pulling Samehada out he quickly cut down the trees around him, trying to buy some time. He swore loudly, again, but this time it was because he pulled one of the many wounds on his side.

He quickly push more chakra into his feet trying to out run the bastards chasing him. Then, feeling a sharp pain in his legs he tripped over the next branch and in a bloody heap on the forest floor.

'Damnit.' He thought.

Grunting as he pushed himself up, he quickly pulled out the ten kunai in each leg. As the last kunai was pulled out the shinobi surrounded him. 'Double damn'

"Hoshigaki Kisame, S-Rank criminal, a member of the Akatsuki, orders from the Mizukage is to kill on sight." One of the Mist nins read off page of the Bingo book.

Kisame snorted. They had fought with him, made him run for a bloody week, non-stop, just to tell him they were going to kill he here? Idiots. The whole lot of them.

He readied Samehada. They readied themselves. A small black butterfly flew in front of his face. For a moment he thought he heard someone say his name. Then all hell broke loose.

On the night March 18th at half past 6, the day he turned 34, Hoshigaki Kisame was killed by a Mist Hunter nin outside of Konoha. He took twelve of them with him into the afterlife by he was finally brought down.

Only to find out that it would be the start of another life...