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A/N: I know I don't say it anywhere in here, but Kisame is still wearing his outfit from the show.

Deep in the forest of the 80th District a figure laid, unmoving. A group of thieves circled the figure on the ground.

"Whatcha tink it is?" one of the thieves turned to ask his friend.

"'Dunno, but it might have some money or something of value. But it's still alive. Someone outta kill it, ya know. Put it out if it's misery." the man replied.

No one volunteered. Funny that.

The thing on the ground looked human. If a human had blue skin, gills on their face, and razor sharp teeth, that is.

"Oi, what's that thing by it's side?" the first male asked his friends.

"Dunno. Why don'tcha grab it? Could be wroth something." the second male replied.

The first paled slightly. But quickly puffed up his chest. "Fine! I ain't a coward."

He cautiously walked up to the unmoving figure. Gulping thickly, he slowly reach for the big, wrapped up object next to the thing's side watching it's face for signs of awareness, he grabbing the yellow handle. Pulling on it, he tried to pick it up.

The man stop short. Something was reaching out from in the object. It was cold, like water. Whatever it was, it was searching for something inside of him. Apparently whatever it was it didn't like what it found. Spikes sprung out of the handle in his grasp and into his hand, spearing it, painfully. He whaled loudly as pain rip though his hand, dropping the object back to the thing's side. Only to find out that the real pain was just about to start.

From the screaming right next to his fucking ear, and the smell of blood and fear coming from all around him, Kisame snapped awake.

'What the hell? Didn't I die?' he thought. He focused in on what was happening around him.

There were seven males surrounding him. None of them seemed strong. Grunting Kisame pushed himself into a upright position. All the men around him gasped and backed up or frozen.

'Tsk. They really are weak if they're already shaking like that. I haven't even released any chakra yet. Damn, I hate when people just get scared because of my looks.' he thought irritability.

And it was true, all the men in the area were shaking as if they were in a blizzard. Not just because of his looks, but the amount of reiatsu Kisame was putting out, unconscionably. It was almost as much as Captain Kenpachi Zaraki. It was a miracle that no one had fainted yet.

Kisame picked up Samehada and checked it quickly, making sure it wasn't damaged. Seeing that it was still in the shape that he had last seen it, he quickly glance around to get his surroundings. His was still in a forest, but it was different from the one outside of Konoha.

"O-Oi fish f-fuck! Yo-You're gonna pay for that!" the man on the ground yelled up at Kisame, breaking his train of thought.

"Eh?" Kisame mumbled. Looking down at the man. Without a second thought he swung Samehada into the man face, sending him flying into a tree, his face and neck broken and bloodly.

Kisame smirked. Now that shut him up. But he sensed something was different about the male's chakra.

But with the heavy scent of blood in the air, he quickly dismissed the thoughts on what was going on and let his predatory side come out. His pupils dilated and a demonic grin spread across his face. Kisame laughed loudly and all the men had the same thought, 'Oh Shit!'


By the time that a squad of shinigamis had been sent out and found the place were Kisame had 'played' all they found was multiple piles of, what they had to assume was once a group of people. Between the sight of so much blood and gore and the smell of flesh rotting in the sunlight shinigami simply threw up.

"What kind of monster could do such a thing?", one sicken shinigami asked the man with red hair in a spiked up ponytail.

The Lieutenant of the Six Squad turned from the sight before responding.

"I don't know, but we were ordered to investigate what cause that major spike in reiatsu. And if it was a Hollow we are to destroy it before it can harm others."

"And what if its not a Hollow?" The first man asked.

"Then we will try to bring it back with us so the Central 46 can choose what to do with it. Most likely, it'll be given to the 12th Squad to be studied."

"Why should we it in?!" one of the female members yelled. " We should just kil-" before the woman could finish she was knocked to the floor with a brutal kick in the back.

All the shinigami jumped and grab their zanpakuto's readying themselves for a fight.

Kisame chuckled lowly, slamming his foot onto the back of the woman he had just kicked to make her scream out in pain.

"Well now, what do we have here? A bunch of would be swordsmen? Ha. What a joke.", he laughed, pissing off many of the shinigami. "So which of you is the leader? I need to get back to the Rain Village before Pein-sama gets upset that my mission is taking too long."

The man with red hair frowned, 'Rain Village? What is he talking about?'

"I'm the leader of this squad. Vice-Captain of the Six Squad, Abarai Renji. And we are not 'would-be swordsmen'. We are shinigami of the Seireitei. So either surrender or we will have to destory you."

The blue skinned man laughed. Him? Surrender? What a joke! "Well, Abarai Renji, I'm Hoshigaki Kisame, formerly of the Village Hidden in the Mist and the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. Member of the Akatsuki, S-Ranked Missing Nin. And I will NOT be going anywhere with any of you snot nose little punks." he ended mockingly, grinning he grinded his foot into the back of the woman under his foot.

Her screaming was like music to his ears. Smiling he lowered Samehada to the woman's neck, draining her chakra. But this time both him and Samehada noticed the difference in her chakra. It was lighter and tasted different, like it was chakra, only purer.

Deciding that he would have time later to figure out what was going in this place, like why people were calling themsleves 'soul reapers'. And what was wrong with Samehada and the charka in this place. He grinned wider.

The shinigami grew nervous at the of Kisame's face, it remind many of them of Captain Zaraki when he was on a bloodrage.

Kisame leaned down and with a quick pull Samehada ripped the woman's head off with a loud squelching noise as blood poured over the ground.

Now the bloodbath begins...