In a dim lighted room nine men and women were standing in rows facing each other. In the front of the room an elderly looking man with a large 'X' shape sar on his bald head sat. He seemed, on sight, to old to fight, but in fact he was strongest person in the room and the leader of the 13 Court Gaurd Squad, Captain-Commander, Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto.

"On the last note, I am sure that all of you felt that strong reiatsu blast this morning, deep in District 80, yes?" the old man ask.

All of the Captains nodded. Mayuri, an odd looking man with white skin and black marking around his eyes and month, looked the second tallest man in the room with long hair done up in spikes with bells on the tips and grinned. " Friend of yours, Zaraki?"

The tall man,Zaraki, snorted. "Tch. Naw they must of came after I left. But I would love ta met 'em." he finished grinning. More then likely picturing the fight in his mind.

Yamamoto sighed, then looked to a stiff looking man he asked, "Captain Kuchiki, have you heard anything from the squad you sent out, as of yet?"

The Captain in question closed his eyes and silently sighed. " Nothing as of yet, Commander. B-" he was cut off when the doors to the meeting were pushed open by a member of said squad running into the room. But that wasn't what shocked them. It was the state the man was in.

He was covered in blood, most was his own, but not all could be his. Wounds littered his body. The worst by far was his left shoulder. It looked as if it had been ripped open by a saw tearing it from his body. The only part that was still attached was some skin on the underside of where his arm should be.

Unohana, the woman Captain of the healing squad, quickly ran over to him and began to heal his shoulder.

Yamamoto stood quickly. "What happened?"

The man panted. "I-It... hap-happen so... f-fast...Th-that thi-things...a mo-monster! He ripped apart three of us before we could even de-defend ourselves! Th-that sword o-of doesn't cut... it shaves...s-so much blood." he started to mumble about blood and sharks.

The Captains looked at each other. Kuchiki walked over to his man. "What of Lieutenant Abarai?"

The man looked up at his Captain. "H-He sent me h-here to g-get a ca-captain. H-Hes fighting th-that thing..."

Unohana thought that the poor man had had enough. She pushed a little reiatsu into his head making him fall into a dreamless sleep.

All the Captains looked to Yamamoto for instruction.

"Captain Kyoruku, Captain Unohana. Go and bring this man responible for this. He must be punished."

The two Captains nodded before flash stepping away.

Yamamoto looked gravely to the floor. 'Who would do such a horroible thing?'


Kisame was getting really pissed off at this Renji guy.

First, he had no fear of an S-Ranked crimmial, didn't even know what it was. Second, the little prick thought that he could take him- him! A Ninja-Swordsman- in a sword fight. And lastly, somehow he knew a strange jutsu that could change the shape of his sword without handsigns!

Now it looked more like a whip of blades and every-single-fucking-time he tried to get close enough to shave the little punks head off he'd get pushed back by the whip.

It was really pissing him off!

Fed up, Kisame jumped far back to get some space for his next attack.

Renji paused. 'What is he doing? Retreating? No, he's not one to give up lightly.' As he thought this he could feel someone with a strong reiatsu coming up fast. He just prayed it was one of the Captains.

Once the blue skinned man was far enough he drove his sword down into the earth. Bring his hands together, he started to form the handsigns to his tidal wave jutsu.

Only something was wrong. He tried to open his charka pathways to perform the jutsu, but it felt off. Like it was all still there, but blocked by something and at the same time it was flowing out of him uncontrollably.

'What's going on here? Did they put a seal on me?'

he thought, panicing slightly. If they sealed off his charka, why had they left Samehada?

Growling, Kisame grabbed his sword. Now that panic and rage flowed through his viens he was going to just over power the pineapple head. With a battle cry he charged Renji.

The redhead jumped at the suddeness of the attacked, but quickly slid into a defence stance to hopefully hold the monster off just a little while longer.

The Ninja-Swordsman leaped into the air to deal a deadly blow to Renji. Seconds before his blade met the other's a new sword stopped his.

"So this is the monster that attacked our shinigami?" A new voice asked.

Renji let out a breath. Kuro had made it back to the Captains.

Kisame jumped back a ways. There were two new people. A man with a pink robe over his kimono with a farmers hat and a woman with her hair braided around her neck to hang over he chest.

They felt stronger than anyone who he fought so far here after waking up, but he wasn't sure since his senses were off.

"Who the hell are you?" he yelled.

The man answered, "We are Captains of the Seireitei and we are taking you in to pay for the crimes against our shinigami."


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