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A Thousand Miles

I absently drummed my fingers on my rarely used Algebra textbook, while my foot kicked the rug back and forward. I couldn't concentrate on anything. My thoughts were racing around in my head like two bumblebees chasing each other. I couldn't sit down anymore so I got up and, worriedly, paced my room. My ADHD was really acting up. I was just so worried about her. I had to get to San Francisco. I had to get to Annabeth!

Annabeth... I knew it was a bad idea for her to live there. That stupid, vile dracne finally found her and took revenge. Annabeth put up a good fight, but it's hard to defeat such an experienced monster all alone. The dracne snapped her leg in two, and dislocated her shoulder, then left after seeing how much pain she was in. She obviously thought her work was done, and Annabeth would slowly die. Lucky for Annabeth, she had her cell phone on her and she texted her father (texting gives of a smaller signal, so the dracne didn't really notice.) He took her home and gave her some ambrosia and nectar.

She's okay now, but still weak and I need to see her! But how? She's over three thousand miles away! Getting shot out of the sky by an angry Zeus won't solve anything. I would use Blackjack, my Pegasus, but Silena needs him to train the new campers for the war coming up. I'll go by foot to California if I have to. I don't care! I have to see her. 'Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles if I could just see her tonight.

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