Title: Not the Best of Friends

Author/Artist: unsugared aka Miracchin

Rating: G

Fandom: Digimon Adventure 02

Character(s)/Pairing(s): Motomiya Daisuke, Takaishi Takeru

Theme: 288. Destined jealousy.

Genre/s: Friendship, humour

Warnings: Bad language, maybe some OOC-ness.

Words: 530

Summary: Who said Motomiya Daisuke is jealous of Takaishi Takeru?

Disclaimer/Claimer: Me no own anything.

Daisuke knew it the moment he set his eyes on the other boy; they were not meant to be best friends.

… Okay, maybe that is not the correct thing to say, because the first time they met was on the football field, both were with smiles on their face. The blond boy had miraculously caught the fast-moving ball, which in Daisuke's book has earned him enough respect.

At that time he never thought Takaishi Takeru would be his rival in so many ways.

First, there was dearest Yagami Hikari-chan. Cute, calm and always has a smile on her face. Daisuke thought he was lucky that she always paid attention to him, listening and smiling at everything he said. But with Takeru, she was different. She was actually attentive, taking in everything the other boy said and always went to him for advices.

It was the same with Taichi-sempai. The one person that Daisuke looked up to and proud to know, and turned out Takeru had known the older boy way longer before him! He saw the way the older Chosen Child smiled at the blond, with an affectionate smile he thought he only saved for Hikari-chan before.

And let's not talk about Yamato-san. Daisuke used to hate that guy, but as time went on, he knew the older blond's heart and loyalty were only for his closest of friends. The cold attitude used to piss him off, but he later on admitted it suits the teen. But what he could not take was that he was the older sibling of Takeru! Of course, just looking at those two and you would know they were siblings, but do Takeru have to have an awesome brother to add to his (already awesome) credit?

Talking about the boy himself, Takeru was on his way to have a fan club of his own, with that bright smile and friendly attitude of his. He was well-liked by everyone; teachers praised him, classmates turned to him and younger students looked up at him. But what was worse was that Takeru took all of it in a stride! He did not seem to mind the attention, nor did he lavish on the attention given. He simply moved on with his life.

There were many things that made up Takeru that did not go well with Daisuke. No one was meant to be that perfect, that was what he firmly believed. And by no means, Takaishi Takeru was no way near perfection.

"DAISUKE-KUN! Get your ass here or you will regret I go there to get you myself!"

"Oh, shut up Takeru! I move whenever I want to move!"

Because no one, no one in the two worlds who could make Takeru have that pissed-off face except for one Motomiya Daisuke.

They might not be the best of friends and Daisuke knew he would forever be jealous of the blond boy, but at least they were honest friends with each other.

And that was all that matters.


"OW! Damn it, Takeru! You don't have to throw that stupid ball at my head!"

Although he did hate Takeru for his accurate ball-throwing skills at the moment.

A/N: Hahaha, have another randomness from me. Daisuke+Takeru friendship amused me, since they argued so much and at the same time worked quite well with each other. And I can't say they are the new Taito to me, since Ken took the spot as Daisuke's best friend. For me Daisuke seems to be the only one that can make Takeru angry.

Thank you for reading and C&C are well aprreciated.