A/N: I will tell you now if you do not like suicide, then go back. Last warning! Naruto's POV

You see a smiling idiot

But not the me underneath

The me that is lonely and slowly dying

Not the me who is broken.

I put on an act

So no one can see the true dying me

The true me…the sad and lonely child

I am as smart as Shikamaru,

If not smarter

I am just as good as Tenten with weapons

And lee with Tai-jutsu.

I hide myself from the eyes of the ninja's

After all…who wants a demon was a ninja?

So everyone figured it out…four years too late

My mask is cracking, and my soul vanishing

You come banging on my door yet I don't answer

You bust down my door to see a sad scene

I am lying on the floor, Kunai in hand and neck sliced open