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Two weeks. That's all they had left before Andy was set to start her undercover assignment. She and Sam had spent every spare moment they had so far, working on her 'acting' ability so that, hopefully, the operation would go off without a hitch. After the utter disaster last time (she really wasn't comfortable selling her body – even if she was just faking it for the sake of catching Johns), she wasn't really confident in herself when it came to this part of her job.

Sam had been giving her pointers and they had done run throughs of many different scenarios, but she had quickly found out that she was more of a perfectionist than she had originally thought before starting this.

"Ugh! This doesn't feel right," she muttered, dropping onto Sam's couch, defeated.

"You're thinking too much, McNally," he said, sitting on the coffee table in front of her. "You know this cover like the back of your hand. Andy Thompson, 23, heiress and daughter of a well to do businessman who gets her thrills by rebelling against her parents…"

"And in turn gets payback for an overly sheltered childhood by purposely falling into the wrong crowds just to break her parents' hearts," she finished for him.

"Exactly. You know this, Andy. You just have to stop thinking so damn much. Stop thinking like Andy McNally and start thinking like Andy Thompson. You have to become her."

Taking a deep breath, Andy pushed herself up from the couch and rolled her head from side to side, getting ready to give it another go. "Okay, let's do this," she said and cleared her head of everything but Andy Thompson.

A few hours later and Andy finally felt that the last couple of weeks were finally starting to pay off. While she still didn't think it was perfect, it was getting easier.

"Okay, I think it's time to call it a day. That last run through was really good. Why don't you head home, eat something, and get some rest?" Sam said.

"Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow," she said and gathered up her stuff. She murmured a goodbye to Sam and set off on her walk home, using the time to think.

Things between her and Sam had come to a complete standstill. Sure, he'd kissed her that one time during the pregnancy scare, but after they found out she wasn't pregnant he had reverted to acting as if nothing had happened. Whether it was because of her impending undercover op or because he didn't want to pursue anything with her, she didn't know. She wasn't sure if she wanted to know.

The relief that had stole through her when she realized she had gotten her period was almost tangible at the time and she had wasted almost no time in letting Sam know. But afterwards their almost…relationship? Affair? Whatever…had ceased and automatically reverted back to a strict TO/rookie relationship.

She knew that that wasn't what she wanted, but she wasn't going to push it – she'd let things happen on their own. Besides, she didn't have the time to put into any sort of relationship right now. She had to be 100% focused on her job if she wanted this op to go smoothly.

Before she knew it, she was unlocking the door to her apartment and only then realized how exhausted she was. Between work and getting ready for the upcoming mission, she had done nothing else. The last time she had had any real time to herself or gone out at all was the night that she had broken things off with Luke.

Quickly deciding to forego dinner, she headed straight to the bathroom and started to fill the tub, pouring some of her strawberry crème shower gel into the water. She would take a nice, relaxing bubble bath and then get a good night's sleep. A little bit of self pampering was just what she needed – maybe she'd actually be able to make it through work tomorrow without falling asleep in the patrol car and getting jarred awake by an annoyed Sam.

She laughed at the thought, but cringed at the memory of how many times that exact scenario had played out the past couple of weeks. Sighing, she tried to clear her mind of all thoughts as she got undressed and stepped into the bathtub and inhaled the strawberry scented steam.

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