Lugging her bags up the steps leading to her house, Cassandra sifted through her purse. "Keys…keys" She mumbled idly to herself. Digging them out, she unlocked the door and swung it open, throwing her shopping bags onto the couch in the lavish living room. She smiled at the many bags and their expensive contents, proud of her purchases.

The phone rang and she strolled over to answer it. "Hello." She said cradling the phone as she lifted a designer blouse from one of the bags.

"Cass?" Came a deep male voice. She smirked and attempted to stifle a chill as the voice spread over her.

"Hello, Lachlain." She purred. "Decided to leave that wee little leech for me yet?"

He growled in response. "You will no' call her that."

Cassandra rolled her eyes. "What is it then?" She asked, laying the blouse back in the bag.

"I was just reminding you that Bowe will be throwing a party for his mate's birthday. You're expected to attend."

Another eye roll. "I like to keep things unexpected." She replied.

"Cass." Was all he said; his tone serious.

"I'll consider it." She said, hanging up the phone. Bowen had been miserable the last two centuries and now he was throwing parties. She sighed. Lachlain and Bowen had both recently found their mates and the two couldn't be happier. She on the other hand…She sighed and cuddled up with her new clothes on the couch.