Author's Note: Second KHR one-shot. I liked the response I had from my first, so I started another. I happen to really like this one. Less awkward.

Something about the sun guardian makes you feel safe around him. Is it the determination in his eyes? How about the words he shouts as trains and gets ready for battle? It must be one of those things.

The person who protects the family with his own body is the sun guardian.

Frequently, Sasagawa Ryohei shows the qualities of being worthy of having such a title. He is fierce and never gives up without a fight.

This is all for the family, especially his little sister, Kyoko.

Ryohei wraps the bandages around his hands, over each knuckle. Looking into the mirror, he can sense the similarities between him and the first sun guardian, Knuckle. He has been told already how closely he resembles the undefeated boxer.

The fight with Byakuran was approaching and Ryohei was more prepared than ever. Nothing was going to stand in the way of getting Kyoko and the others back to the past. He was sure of it. If something were to block the path to victory, he would crush it with his fists, because he is the sun.

He will protect the family, no matter the cost.

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