Dubbings and Conversations

Chapter 1. Dubbings of Little Boys

by ShipDaWhoop

It was just an ordinary day in the Thousand Sunny.

The ship sailed ever so gently on the calming waves of the sea. The skies even reflected the serenity of the sea. The skyline showed peace as numerous clouds float beneath it in pure calmness.

As the morning chirps of seagulls could be heard, you can also hear the conversations and laughter in the second floor of the aft of the ship.

Now, what are those conversations? What's with the laughter? Let's rewind a bit to see why laughter had ensued.

A wonderful lunch had been concluded as Sanji was already washing the dishes. Nami took her free time by drawing maps in the brain of Thousand Sunny. While our swordsman is, obviously, training beyond an average man's limit in the crow's nest of the ship. One wonders if he is aware that he should be on a lookout.

It wasn't a matter as now, Luffy, Usopp and Chopper were sitting by the end of the dinner table that was located near the Sick Bay.

They were snickering endlessly. It makes you wonder what they're up to.

"I want to be Franky!" Chopper raised his hoof in excitement.

"Just remember to say Super, eh, Chopper? I shall be-"

"I'll be Robin!" Luffy proclaimed excitedly.

"Oi, I was going to choose her until you interrupted me, Luffy!" Usopp said angrily, pursing his lips in frustration.

"You were but now you'll choose Brook." Luffy pointed out with a sheepish grin.

"Oi, you don't decide for me, Luffy . . ." He whispered bitterly.

"Yosh, I will take this as a challenge." He sighed heavily and then he wore a confident smile.

"After all, I've been known as Captain Usopp, the actor to end all careers of actors!" He said his extravagant lie boldly.

"Really?" Chopper said in amazement, eager to know more about his tale.

"Well, I have played so many roles in so many villages across so many seas, they even wonder if I was a star that fell from the skies." Usopp said in a classy manner before grinning proudly, crossing his arms across his chest.

"Sugoi . . ." Chopper and Luffy whispered in awe of the title given to him.

"Watch this." He told them, raising his left hand. He crooked his index finger in a shape of a hook.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha. Ha, ha, ha, ha." Usopp said, mimicking Crocodile's laughter almost perfectly.

"Sugoi, Usopp! You sound like him!" Luffy said, laughing heartily. "It scares me a bit!" Chopper said as he giggled.

After Usopp finished his pretentious tale, they started to prepare themselves for their roles.

They looked at the three oldest people in the crew, sitting at the other end of the dining table. The fact that their voices are inaudible to them made them think of a new game.

To dub their voices as entertainment. Starting now.


"Oi, do you guys like meat?" Luffy's energetic voice accompanied the movement of Robin's polite chatter.

"No way! I like tea so much I bathe in it!" Usopp said as Brook was drinking his personal cup of tea.

"You guys have you seen how superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I am with this hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?" Chopper said, extending the syllables to fill up the long sentence Franky was saying.

"Wait, Robin, you have . . ." Usopp paused as soon as Brook cease in leaning to Robin.


". . . a worm on your face." He continued as soon as Brook's jaw moved.

"Oh no! We need Chopper to super remove it!" Chopper squealed, looking at Franky waving his hands frantically in the air.

"Hey, Franky, does the worm on my face look like it's good to eat?" Luffy said with a curious tone when Robin eyed intriguingly at Franky's antic.

Luffy actually felt hungry from what he said even though they had just finished their lunch.


"Do not think of such a thing, Super Robin!" Chopper said when Franky replied to whatever Robin had said to him.

"Oi, Chopper, use Super on verbs only." Usopp advised Chopper while Robin was crossing her arms into an X across her chest.

"Cauliflower!" Luffy yelled when Robin whispered an attack unknown to them.

"Super yuck!" Chopper said when Franky fell off his chair. "You're better off supereatingcottoncandy!" He added in a rush as Franky got back to sitting on his chair but only said a short sentence.

"It should be tea, damn it! Yohohohoho!" Usopp mimicked Brook's laughter perfectly as the skeleton was laughing so hard.

"Baka, who needs tea? Cotton candy is the best! Your hair actually looks like one only it's black!" Chopper said when Franky looked like he was complaining to Brook.

Chopper knew that he was running out of things to say. Playing another role was beginning to be difficult to the doctor.

When the three characters that they were playing weren't talking, Usopp took it as an opportunity to critic them.


"Luffy, stop talking about food. You should stick to talking about history since Robin's an archaeologist." Usopp pointed out.

"But I don't like to read newspapers." Luffy protested with a dumbfounded expression. "Just make one up!" Usopp yelled comically.

"Ahh, Chopper, good job on imposing the word Super in Franky's vocabulary." Usopp nodded proudly.

"Shut up, idiot! I do not care about how you like my performance!" Chopper said adorably, flailing his arms in happiness.

"Now try saying hentai when you see Franky's speechless face." Usopp added to his advice to Chopper which the latter nodded in total agreement.


"Have you ever thought about the history of . . ." Luffy started to talk when Robin's mouth had opened to regain their conversation.

"History of?" Usopp said when Brook started to talk as well.


". . . history of where meat came from? If you can help me, we can make the captain have a lot of meat!" Luffy provided Robin's voice enthusiastically whilst he drooled endlessly.

"Oh, don't you feel a bit ashamed for not asking Captain Usopp for assistance?" Usopp said after seeing Brook blush.

"After all Captain Usopp can help you in your quest for an endless supply of meat. He is so useful, you'll just sit back and relax as he fights off the monsters during the journey-"

"I must super go with you guys! Maybe we'll be able to find rare herbs for our doctor, Chopper!" Chopper intervened since he caught Franky talking already.

Usopp scratched the back of his head nervously. He got too carried away in his role of Brook.

The three adults stopped talking again and their faces showed how deep in thought they were in. It was a sign that they were about to talk later.


"So how did I do?" Luffy asked, smiling proudly, seeing the sign. "You still talked about food."

"Nani! Usopp, I said something about history!" Luffy whined as his chin hit the table, wallowing himself in self pity.

"Ah, that is true." Usopp said after realizing that he quite agreed to Luffy's point.

"Arigato!" Luffy commented as he was back to being happy.

"Oi, Brook is starting to talk!" Chopper pointed out.


"Oi, have I guys told you about how the brave Usopp conquered the seas? He can make your hearts pound just by his name although, I do not have a heart, yohohohoho!" Usopp said, perfectly finishing his sentence as soon as Brook stopped talking and started laughing.

"Oh please tell us the story but first, let me super sing you a song!" Chopper said, adding a fake cry in his tone, when he saw Franky pull out a guitar while crying.

"That is a good idea, Franky! We should sing song no. 368 of The Praise of Captain Usopp." He said, looking at Brook pulling out a violin.

"Yohohohoho." Usopp said. "Super!" Chopper replied when Franky and Brook exchanged a few words to each other.


"History." Luffy said simply when Robin said something that let her adult companions stop playing their song.

"History is as awesome as food. Without food, Luffy is nothing. Without history, I am nothing." Luffy said coolly when Robin had a serious face.

'Sugoi!' Chopper thought, determined to play his role seriously.

'Amazing, Luffy learned quickly.' Usopp thought, feeling proud about teaching him how to act.


"Yoho?" "Hentai?" Chopper and Usopp said in unison when they saw Franky and Brook with shock written on their faces.

"Yes, you heard me. Now, tell Sanji to bring food to our Captain now." Luffy paused at the same time Robin paused in talking.

"Don't forget that without history, there will be no meat." Luffy pointed out when Robin went back to talking. Luffy then laughed loudly even though Robin was just giggling.

'He still has a lot to learn.' Usopp thought, finding no sense with the last sentence Luffy said.

"I need some cola! For they are what makes me super! And do not question my fashion since I know it's too super for you to understand!" Chopper said with pride, giving it his all as he saw Franky grinning wildly.

"Yohohoho, you are all so amazing! Maybe not as amazing as the brave Usopp but nevertheless you make me so happy, let's all laugh, yohohohoho!" Usopp said and they all started to laugh
at the same time the three people they were acting as were laughing.


"Yukata, you guys make me so proud! Good work, Luffy! Nice touch, Chopper!" Usopp clapped his hands.

"That was so fun!" Luffy said excitedly.

"You're not flattering me one bit, you jerks!" Chopper said, blushing profusely while dancing adorably.

They just continued to laugh wildly even though the three oldest members of the Strawhat crew disbanded.

Robin must have gone out to water her flowers, Franky to check the maintenance of the Docking System and Brook to compose a song for his new nakama.

But it didn't matter where they went to the three boys who still continued to laugh. After all, they had so much fun for only an afternoon.

An afternoon of an ordinary day.

To Be Continued . . .

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