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Dubbings and Conversations

Chapter 2. Conversations between Adults

by ShipDaWhoop

As the morning chirps of seagulls could be heard, you can also hear the conversations and laughter in the second floor of the aft of the ship-

Wait, had this been said before? Very well, let's rewind a bit but this time to check what were the conversations about.

So far, the stomachs of the oldest members of the Strawhat crew, Robin, Franky and Brook, were full from the delicious meal they had in the afternoon. They were about to fill the rest of the day until dinnertime for a mature conversation.

A conversation one that may be impossible to share with the other members as their opinions about current events may make them have headaches. They would not want that, now would they?

"Ahh, do you all remember the days when Roger was alive and struck fears into everyone's hearts? He must be really super." Franky started a conversation as he drank his cola.

"Why, yes. Although, I was too occupied in saving myself from people wanting to deliver me to the Marines. I could not even take one peaceful sleep for I've always ran before I can start having a dream." Robin explained quite morbidly.

"Way to bring down the mood, Nico Robin." Franky said wryly at the dark reply he had received from the archaeologist.

"Ano, I am hoping . . ." Brook paused, seeing that he caught the attention of the two.


". . . that you would tell me the many things that happened before. You see for being stranded in a boat with a broken rudder for more than decades, I am completely clueless about how the Pirate Age begun." Brook said truthfully as he started to open his travel mug.

"Well, Roger is dead." Franky started. "Ah, yes, I knew that, yohoho." He laughed softly.

"But before he could be executed, he had dared all the pirates and the people who had the dream of being one, to look for his treasure, One Piece that is located at the last island of the Grand Line." Robin summarized as she smiled at Brook.

"Ah, it's no wonder people are claiming they are Pirate Kings. They have the dream to claim his title. How invigorating." Brook commented as he poured some tea on his personal cup.


"Well, I'm sure Luffy will be the Pirate King. Super sure." He grinned before sighing in satisfaction from emptying his bottle of cola. "Agreed." Robin said simply.

Brook smiled, despite being a skeleton which lacks him to have strong facial expressions, as he agreed as well while sipping his tea.

After talking about the adventures the Strawhat crew had ventured to Brook who had asked for it, the woman could not help but express how glad she was about the recruitment of their new nakama.

At this point of time, in the corner of her eye, the three boys at the other end of the table seem to be quiet, as if waiting for something to happen. She wondered why but didn't focus too much on it. She just wanted to tell Brook about her acceptance of him in the Strawhat crew.

"I'm glad Sencho-san was able to recruit another adult in this crew." Robin said with a smile. Coincidentally, a conversation between the boys had been started by their captain, Luffy. Although, she could not hear what they were talking about.

But as long as they weren't silent, she had a peace of mind. As much as their antics were troublesome to some of the members, she loved how the expression of their happiness painted a relaxing atmosphere in Thousand Sunny.

"Ah, it was my pleasure and honor to join this wonderful crew." Brook said sipping his personal cup of tea.

"Well, Skeleton-bro, any topic you want to start that you won't be able to talk about with the other kids around here?" Franky asked whilst he combed his brightly-colored blue hair.

"Where to start? Ah, yes . . ." He looked intently at Robin, as much as he could with his lack of eyes.


". . . may I see your panti-" "Whoa, bro, I don't think you want to go there!" Franky said, warning him as he waved his hands drastically in the air.

"Why, Franky? Would you care to share us your concern about Brook-san's question?" Robin asked with a calm smile, intrigued at what the cyborg had to say.

"N-nothing, Nico Robin." He said, quite flustered.

She suddenly crossed her arms to form an X across her chest. "Dos Fleur?" She smartly teased as Franky fell off his chair.

"Oi, that wasn't funny!" Franky said angrily, finding out nothing was going to happen to his treasures as he sat back on his chair.

"Yohohoho, it was funny to me!" Brook said, slapping his skeletal hand on the table in laughter.

"This was what I was warning you about! She can just grab your kintama with no merc-" Franky's anger had suddenly cooled down as he was startled with a thought. Robin then was curious when the shipwright had not continued warning their new comrade.

The same thought entered in her mind and before they knew it, their eyes started to stare at Brook's lap.


"Brook-san, if you don't mind me asking . . ." She tried to look for the right words as she placed her chin on the top of her hand.

"Hai, Robin-san?" Brook was curious to the sudden change of the atmosphere in their conversation as he poured himself another cup of tea.

". . . can you actually involve yourself in a sexual intercourse with your current pseudo-immortal state?" She asked seriously as Franky's mouth hung open, shock that Robin asked such a question.

"Yohohohoho, such a fine woman asking me such a bold question!" A blush streak had cross on Brook's face, if he had one. Robin simply smirked whilst her finger lifted up Franky's chins for his mouth to close.

"Why, I do not know! I've never had sexual urges when I was alone as I was in a complete solitude living in the Florian triangle for so many decades." He said while he rubbed the bottom of his jaw in contemplation.

"Even if you did have, I don't think you even have an organ to, er, satisfy yourself with . . ." Franky's sentence drifted off. He shuddered before joining into brainstorming with his two mature comrades.


"It should be possible! After all the bones is much more sensitive to the skin when it comes to sensual touches, don't you think? Yohohoho!" Brook said breaking the silence, laughing heartily.

"But you have no manhood to enter into a woman's flower!" Franky pointed out and started to sniff. "Oh, the agony! It's just too sad." He started to cry, playing a few strums on his guitar.

"Oh, Franky-san, to pull down my hopes on ever ravishing myself on another woman." He looked at the table before them disappointingly.
"I may as well accompany you with your melancholic song." He said, pulling out a violin.

"Do not cry." He added. "I'm not crying, you idiot!" Franky wailed.


"He can." Robin concluded as the two men's instruments screeched in the middle of their musical collaboration.

"You have fingers, don't you? They can invade the boundaries of the woman's vagina." Robin said bluntly.

"Nani!" The two adult males exclaimed in utter shock of the woman's strong opinion.

"Sex is generally known as a man's reproductive organ entering the woman's reproductive tract but the definition has expanded." Robin explained as blood was dripping from either a skeletal or a metallic nose in the room.

"Expanded as in there's oral sex, anal se-" She paused, seeing pure perplexity on the men's faces.

"I apologize. You men may have not experienced such a thing. How cute." Robin giggled.

"Oi, I have lots of experiences! Don't start thinking that I only limit myself into one sexual position. I'm way too super to stop at one during an intercourse!" He grinned, placing his shades on the top of his head to wink at her.

"Arigato, Robin for thinking so deeply about this predicament I have. My heart is now racing to experience lust right now! Even though, I do not have a heart to begin with, yohohohoho!" He laughed at his own skull joke.

So the three all shared in their laughter, having fun at the fact they were able to have a mature conversation without worrying about watching their own words for the supervision of their young comrades.


They soon bid their little farewells before leaving to do their private tasks:

Robin wanted to read a book about the human anatomy after being inspired from their challenging conversation.

Franky went to his workshop and started to build his new project, unknown to his comrades, a blueprint to enhance specific parts of his body to, how do we say, penetrate defenses of certain people, maybe women, who knows what he was up to.

While Brook went out on the lawn deck. He was dancing joyfully while playing a new jolly song on his violin. He was extremely glad that there was hope for him to be able to have one night stands with ladies who would dare show him their panties. The undergarment that concealed the part of the body that he can still caress with his own skeletal hands. Oh, the joy, he was really damn happy.

A talk between adults inspiring a productive time for their afternoon hobbies, what could be better than this?

This was an inspiration from just an ordinary day. What more with the adventures that will come to them?


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