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Welcome to my new special feature... Crazy World Randomness! Woohooo!

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Ok... Anyways, if you all know that this is the sequel of Lot's of Craziness... And if you don't know what LOC is what I call it), you can check it on my profile if you want to...

So Crazy World Randomness (or CWR for short) is just like LOC but it's more random and crazier...

I know that you want to skip this A/N but I just wanted to clear things up, because someone reviewed that LOC was just a piece of junk... Yeah, I kinda think of that but the reviewer said that it is not a story... Mark my words... Whoever you are, LOC is not just a story but it's a RANDOM story... It's a little complicated to explain. And on the other note, I'm not a fat emo... I'm the opposite of it... And I'm not insulting Kouji and JP if you mind, but just making fun of and with them. If you don't like LOC and also this one, then don't read it... Wala akong pakialam sa'yo noh?

Rated M for the language and some things that are disturbing for children... like me ^_^

Disclaimer: I don't own digimon and other things that MAY include in this fic...

Here's CWR 1... Enjoy!

CWR 1: Inanimate objects talk!

TAKUYA: *whistles*

(TAKUYA bump on a tree)

TAKUYA: Oww! What the heck! How come a tree came here out of nowhere?

TREE: Sorry about that...

TAKUYA: Whoa! You talk?

TREE: Yes, yes I am.

TAKUYA: Can you walk?

TREE: (Move its roots, or should I say, feet and walks around)

TAKUYA: Cool! A walking talking tree!

TREE: Umm... why are you so astonished about what I'm doing?

TAKUYA: Because, I never seen a walking talking tree before... only on cartoons...

TREE: Oh...

LOGGER1: Hey! There it is!


TREE: Uh oh...

LOGGER2: Get him.

LOGGER3: Charge!

(Loggers charging to the walking talking tree)

TREE: Gotta run...

TAKUYA: Wait! I-

(Tree dashes away while the loggers chases it)


ME: *Drawing something*

ME: Dammit! (Erase mistake)... There... Oh, wait (Erase again, much harder than before)

PENCIL: Oww, watch it, Bob!

ME: Hey! You talk!

PENCIL: Yes, Ms. Erase a lot... I am talking... and so does my pals...

In pencil case...

RED PEN: Down here, my ink's going to run out...

BLACK PEN: *cough* D-don't ask me *cough* I've already run *cough* out...

ERASER: Hey you! Your classmate made me a wrestler with another eraser that's shapes like a crayon!

ME: He did? Oh wait, he did!

ERASER: Yeah, and quit assaulting my friend's head...

ME: *Looks at pencil* your eraser is your head?

PENCIL: Yeah it is! What do you think what it was?

ME: I thought it's your butt


ME: Well, let's start drawing shall we?

PENCIL: Whatever, but don't use my head as your eraser...

ME: Fine, I use the regular eraser

(I draw again and the pencil lead broke)

ME: Arrghh! Broken... Well, we'll need to find sharpener...

PENCIL: W-what are you doing?

ME: Ok, here it is, pencil say hello to Mr. Sharpener...

SHARPENER: Hello pencil... Muwahahahaha! (Evil music plays)


ZOE: (Humming while picking flowers)

RON (THE ROSE): Psst... Hey Danny!

DANNY (THE DANDELION): *Wakes up from sleeping* W-what?

RON: Look at the hot babe who's picking other roses...

DANNY: Where?

RON: Over there on the left...

DANNY: W- Oh there... So what about her?

RON: Don't you get it? That kind of beauty needs some rose petals in their bathtubs

DANNY: So, what's the point?

RON: Don't you get it? It means that she will use us when she's going to use a spa treatment in the bathtub! You idiot!

DANNY: *drools*

RON: *growls*

ROSE (THE ROSE... haha): Ehhem!

RON: Oh... H-hi honey...

ROSE: What did I heard about that girl?

RON: That's not what I meant? I mean is that-

ROSE: You little- (Rose fighting with his husband, I think)

ZOE: Now, this is enough...

RON: Danny, help me!

DANNY: *drools*


JP: What?

TOMMY: Would you mind helping me find my lost marble?

JP: Sure, what color is it?

TOMMY: Well, it's white with a color red, then a mixture of blue, and it's blended by a green color, but there's a yellow in it.

JP: Uh... ok, let's just find it...

(Then suddenly, something just hit JP)

JP: Owww! That hurts! Who did that?

MARBLE: It's me, you knucklehead.

JP: Wow, what kind of marble are you?

MARBLE: I'm a rainbow marble...

JP: Ohh... But you're still small... LOL

MARBLE: Ggrrrhh!

JP: *laughing*

MABLE: Why you- (attacks JP)

JP: AHHH! TOMMY HELP! I've been molest by a marble... HELPPP!

TOMMY: (listening to MP3 while finding his lost marble)

KOUJI: ...

KOUICHI: What are you doing?

KOUJI: ...

KOUCHI: Kouji, speak to me...

KOUJI: ...

KOUICHI: Hmm... That's strange... wonder why he's not talking but inanimate objects talks.

RAZOR: *floats* that's right... *Evil laughs*

KOUICHI: AHH! A floating talking razor! (Runs for his life)

RAZOR: Scardy cat...

KOUJI: You said it so.

RAZOR: Hey! I thought you can't talk!


That's our CWR for today...

Jessica and Haley were not here for now, but I guess they will be on the next one...

So, the tree was been cut, I've done violence to the pencil... sorry bout that...

PENCIL: (Sharpened but now he's only 2 ½ inch short) Oww... *cries*

The guy rose is a pervert and he was caught by his wife... a marble tackled JP...

JP: Please help me! (Been attacked again)

And Kouichi was scare from the floating razor that he thought that his brother is controlling it...

I hope you like my first CWR... and until the last of it...

Stay tuned!