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SAF: Me too :D

ME: Ah, who needs you...?

SAF: You're really mean, Heart

ME: Hey, I'm always mean

So, this CWR would be a crossover of Digimon Frontier characters with the characters of Sonic... I'm not much of a Sonic fan but with the help of Saffee-

SAF: That's ME!

¬_¬ I got to make this one up... And by the way, we are planning a crossover story about the two Digimon and Sonic... of course; it's a Parody yet a Romance type of story...

But before that, I should be starting my other story 'Your Guardian Angel' in case if I will have Writer's Block... again -_-

Here's CWR 4...

CWR 4: Two Is Better Than One

ME: *yawn* Dammit, I hate when I'm bored like Saffee

SAF: I'm right beside you... Say it or I'll kill you

ME: I would like to be killed rather than to be bored

SAF: *pulls out pen* Can I kill you with this?

ME: Sure...

SAF: *tries to poke me with a pen but can't kill me* Why won't it work?

ME: You can't kill me with that, it's not sharp enough

SAF: Oh yeah, why does it can kill a frog?

ME: What do you mean?

SAF: Remember our Science experiment about dissecting frogs?


(In a Science Lab)

TEACHER: Ok class; put your frogs on the table at the front

CLASSBOY(J): Goodbye Jerry, I will never forget you

ME: Why are you saying goodbye to your frog?

CLASSBOY(J): Because he's my one day best friend... I met him yesterday and we had fun that time... I tell all my problems to his and he understands me *sniff*

ME: E-yeah, that was kind of sweet of HIM... if he was a boy

CLASSBOY(M): *put a bottle of coke with 2 frogs in it on the table* Sir, I haven't caught a big frog so I got these two small ones...

CLASSBOY(JE): Whoa, how did you put the frogs inside the bottle? *Noticing the small opening of the bottle that frogs can HARDLY get in*

CLASSBOY(M): Guess it...


ME: *Mind* He cut the middle, you idiot...

CLASSBOY(A): Teacher, here's ours... *shows a ½ gallon of ice cream container*

ME: HA! I know you only got a small one too, look at the size of the container...

CLASSBOY(A): Oh yeah, we'll see if I open this... *opens the lid*

ME: *sees the frog inside* Whoa! What kind of frog is that?

(Everyone gathered at the table)

RANDOM: Let me see!

RANDOM: That's huge!

CLASSGIRL(C): I don't want to be near to those frogs!

CLASSGIRL(J): Oh, pipe down... They won't hurt you *pulls classgirl1 to the table*

CLASSGIRL(C): NO! Let me go! I don't want to be with frogs! AHH!

ME: Ok, I take back what I said, it's very—BIG! Where did you find it?

CLASSBOY(A): Oh, I found it in my neighbor's sink

ME: Your neighbor's what?

CLASSBOY(A): My neighbor's sink, they let me in their house because they know that they have frogs in their sink... So I guess I got this huge frog...

CLASSBOY(R): What a big frog! I think it's a BULLFROG! Yeah! A frog that can eat meat... And people... WATCH OUT! IT will eat YOU alive! *evil laugh*

ME: -_-; Are you sure you have take your medicine?

TEACHER: Now that all of the frogs are in here, let us make them asleep so we can pin them into the dissecting pan

RANDOM: Ooh! Are we going to sing a lullaby?
RANDOM: Or maybe we will make them eat sleeping pills

TEACHER: No, we will put this *shows a big bottle of chloroform*

ALL: Oohh!

TEACHER: But class, this is a poisonous substance, so I will be the one who will do it...

ALL: Aww...

(Everyone get closer to the table, which makes me suffocate from lack of oxygen)

ME: Ahh! I need air! *gets out of the crowd* Phew! I thought I will be dead ball inside... Say? Where's Saffee?

SAF: *draws something on the corner*

ME: Uhh, why aren't you joining there?

SAF: Huh? *Notice me* Oh, hey Heart, I was darn bored watching the frogs jump inside the jar... So I draw this! *shows me her drawing*

ME: You draw a frog...

SAF: Yeah... And look, she has a cute little dress

ME: Uh, I think you need some help from a psychologist

TEACHER: I will put the cotton on the 1st jar *Opens the lid and- came out the jumping frog*

ALL GIRLS (except me and Saf): AHH! *Runs to different directions away from the escaping frog*

ME: What happened?

CLASSGIRL(JO): T-the frog j-jump out of the jar when sir opened the lid

ME: Oohh, where's the frog now?

CLASSGIRL(JO): I think they already caught it

ME: Aww, I thought there will an action scene

After a few minutes...

(Everyone get to their groups, I was in the group where Class boy (M) [with small 2 frogs] lead and Saffee was in the group where Class boy (J) [with a frog name Jerry] lead while the others, they are with their group mates)

ME: Yay! We're going to rip its organs out

CLASSGIRL(JO): Eww... I don't want to see that

CLASSBOY(D): You will later... And you have nothing to do about it


CLASSBOY(M): So, let's start cutting the skins out...

ME: Uhh, I think I will pass for that, I'm afraid if I will also cut the organs... But besides, we will cut them out, right...

CLASSBOY(M): Yeah... Ok, the boys will do the cutting...

On Saf's group...

CLASSBOY(J): Saf, stop poking Jerry!

SAF: What? I like poking soft things

CLASSGIRL(J) You might awaken him...

SAF: I thought the frog is dead

CLASSBOY(J): No, he's just taking his beauty sleep... SO STOP POKING

SAF: *frowns*

Back to us...

(F.Y.I. We got two frogs pin in the dissecting plate... Isn't that cool!)

ME: Now that we see the organs, can we take it out now?

CLASSBOY(D): I think we should identify the organs first...

ME: Why do we need to identify it? Look, there's kidney... and there's stomach beside the black liver... and there's the small intestine and the large intestine. The lungs are at the back and the pumping one at the top is the heart... Now? Can we cut it out now?

CLASSBOY(D): Fine...

ME: Yay! I go for the heart!
CLASSBOY(M): You shouldn't take the heart first, it will die if you take it out

ME: But our objective is to kill the frog

CLASSGIRL(A): No silly, we are going to see what are the organs inside an amphibian and define it

ME: But that contains killing right?


ME: Then lets start killing frogs!

On Saf's group again...

CLASSBOY(J): *sniff* Now that we see Jerry's inside body

SAF: Can I poke it


SAF: Aww men...

CLASSGIRL(J): We should begin

CLASSBOY(G): We forgot to get scalpels and forceps

CLASSBOY(J): Darn... We should get one... Saf, stay here and DON'T try to poke him

(All of Saf's group head to the lab equipment room)

SAF: *Looks at the frog* Hmm...

(Saffee poke the frog and accidentally poke the heart... Eeww)

SAF: Oopsies ^.^

End of Flashback...

ME: You poke the heart?

SAF: What? It was an accident

ME: So that's why your group leader looked depressed... Because you killed Jerry

SAF: Hey... I don't wanna remember Jerry anymore

ME: But you did... You let a flashback

SAF: Oh fish biscuits

ME: Now that I'm bored again... Let's throw a PARTY!

SAF: Yeah! Party party!

ME & SAF: *Standing on the couch* tugs tugs tugs tugs tugs tugs tugs...

(Then came out JP)

JP: Uh, what're you doing?

ME: We're dancing, is it obvious?

JP: Uh, for what?

SAF: For the party...

JP: Uh? *looks around* Where's the party?

ME: Oh yeah, I forgot... Saf, you could call your Sonic pals if they want to par-tay!

SAF: *Puppy eyes* Really?

ME: Yeah, the more the merrier!

SAF: Yipppee! *Runs to call her friends*

JP: Wow, you really make her happy about that

ME: Sure... She's a happy-go-lucky

(Then a door knocks)

ME: That was fast...

JP: Of course they are... They always race against each other...

ME: I suppose you're right

JP: I'm always right :D

ME: Wrong!

SAF: They're here!

ME: I know that!

SAF: ¬_¬ *opens the door*

SONIC: Hi'yah there, Saffee!

SAF: Sonic! So glad you've all came

(All of Sonic's friend, well, not all of them, just few... Of course there's Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Tails, Silver...and Knux who Saf said that it would be nice if I put him)

SHADOW: Can someone please shoot me... Cuz I'm bored

AMY: Ok... *smash him with her big hammer*

SHAD: I said shoot not smash

AMY: Sorry ^_^

TAILS: Hi Saf!

SAF: Wazzup Tails...

ME: Sorry for interrupting but you guys can go inside if you want... I think Saffee didn't think of that...

SAF: Oh yeah... Come right in

(Everyone came in *hits Saf on the head*SAF: Oww)

SONIC: Nice place you got here

SAF: Thanks

ME: *hits Saf again*

SAF: Oww

SILVER: Where's the party?

ME: Oh... I forgot *runs away*

AMY: Where did she go?

SAF: I don't know

(Then came out me with a DJ set)

ME: Party people! WOOT WOOT! *plays a song in the set*

ALL: *sweat drop*

AMY: Well, it's for the fun? Can we dance Sonic? *puppy eyes*

SONIC: Yeah... uh, be right back *runs away*

AMY: ¬.¬ Hmph... How 'bout you Shadow?

SHAD: I think I'll pass

AMY: *sniff* Aww... No one wants to dance with me


(While Sonic is running away)

TAKUYA: *whistling while walking*

(Then... CRASHH!)

TAK: Oww... Dammit, who the heck is-

SONIC: Sorry, I didn't mean to bump you

TAK: Hey, I know you... You're Sonic... The Blue hedgehog that runs so fast... This is so cool, I get to meet you personal...

SONIC: Thanks, I didn't know that I'm popular ^^

TAK: My name's Takuya Kanbara

SONIC: Nice to meet you *shake hands*

TAK: Uhh, why are you here anyway?

SONIC: Well, Saf invited us here for a party and I was running away from Amy that wanted to dance with me

TAK: Wait, you know Saf? And there's a party?

SONIC: It just started minutes ago

TAK: Hmm, I didn't know Heart would throw a party

(Then Zoe walks to the hallway)

TAK: Hey Zoe *tries something COOL to make her notice*

ZOE: Hi Taku- Is that Sonic?

TAK: Uhh, yeah...

ZOE: AHH! Oh my gosh! Can I have your autograph? *pulls out paper and pen*

SONIC: Sure *gets paper and pen*

TAK: *glares of jealousy*

SONIC: Here you go...

ZOE: Thank you so much... Well, see you boys later, I think Heart throws a party downstairs and I want to be in! *walks away*

SONIC: It's nice meeting you... *Turns to Takuya* Who's she?

TAK: Oh, she's Zoe... My one true love *feeling he's in Cloud 9*

SONIC: You love her?

TAK: W-what?

SONIC: You... Love... Her...

TAK: No I don't!

SONIC: But you said it earlier...

TAK: I did?

SONIC: Yeah... And you're like a boy that dreams to have his chocolate

TAK: I'm not like that... That's JP's job...

JP: *Came out with chocolates in his mouth* I'm not like that!

TAK: Whatever

JP: ¬_¬ *goes away*

SONIC: So... You really like that Zoe girl

TAK: *sigh* Yeah, I'm really in love with her... But she said that she only loved me as a brother (Weh, di nga?)

SONIC: *think* Hmm... Maybe I can help you with that

TAK: Really, how?

SONIC: Hey, I'm a girl magnet; so maybe I can help you with your relationship to Zoe

TAK: Hmmm, your plan is pretty hard... but sure, I'll take it as a 'yes'...*shakes hand*

SONIC: Great!

TAK: (mind: Soon, Zoe will be mine... *evil laugh*Yes! She will be mine! )

SONIC: Uhh, are you ok?

TAK: Huh? Oh, yeah... I'm ok... Just thinking... Ok gotta go bye! *runs out*

SONIC: He runs fast... But he's weird too...

At the party...

ME: Whoo! Party party! Party party!

SAF: Yeah! Shake that booty yeah!

ME: O_o who's booty?

SAF: Nobody ^^;

AMY:* sits on the sofa, frowning*

ZOE: *walks in* Huh?

AMY: *sigh*

ZOE: Aww, why the long face?

AMY: Nobody wants to dance with me…

ZOE: Why?

AMY: I don't know *shows her hammer* maybe because of my hammer…

ZOE: Uhh, I wouldn't show that if I were you

AMY: Sorry ^^;

ZOE: Hmm… I think your familiar… Wait, your… umm… Amy?

AMY: Yeah, how did you know?

ZOE: Well, I saw Sonic earlier so I expected that I will see you here in the party… And so does Shadow… which he was there in the corner…

SHAD: *in the corner doing emo stuff*

AMY: That Sonic *her eyes fired* He will pay!

ZOE: Uhh…

On the corner XD

(Music: Tugs tugs tugs tugs tugs tugs)

SHAD: *doing emo stuff*

KOUJI: *walks in* Hey! You stole my place!

SHAD: GO the f*** away, you emo

KOUJI: What? I'm not a emo! You're an emo

SHAD: How did you know?

KOUJI: You're on a side, cutting your wrist

SHAD: So you're an emo too


SHAD: Because you said this is your place, you said it…

KOUJI: Hey, it doesn't' mean that I would be an emo if I will be at a corner

SHAD: That's not true

KOUJI: Yes it is! How about that crazy guy there on the other corner

CRAZY MAN: *sniffing rugby in a plastic* I like cheese

KOUJI: See, his crazy

SHAD: More like an addict

KOUJI: So get your own corner

SHAD: No! I was here first! You go to another place

KOUJI: Dammit! You go the f*** away!

SHAD: Why the f***-

(The two EMOS fight like EMO cats XDD)

ME: Whoa! More action! Whoo!


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