Minato Arisato.

He went by many names. He was, in the purest sense of the word, a juggernaut of power.

However, he did not seem like it.

There was this... air of mystery around him. It could be due to the fact that he rarely spoke, only speaking when he needed to. It could also be the fact that he was always guarded around everyone.

As if there was a huge distance between him and the world.

That pair of silver headphones seemed synonymous with his very presence. He would almost always be listening to music, placing his hands in his pockets as if he was without a care in the world.

As if nothing ever fazed him.

And nothing really ever fazed him. Minato Arisato was good at everything, although he never did excel in anything.

Everything and nothing. A Jack of all trades.

There were moments when you could feel as if you truly understood him, and there were moments in which he seemed like a total stranger.

He could be anything you needed him to be.

A Messiah.

A boyfriend.

A best friend.

A leader.

He could be any of these things.

He could be anything.


There was no reason why.

It's simply because he can do it.

Still, there were moments in which Minato Arisato became a total monster.

He didn't say or do anything monstrous, of course, but... you could feel it.

The way he destroyed Shadow after Shadow without batting an eyelid. Holding the Evoker in his hand, he twirled it effortlessly (He had always been stylish, that much could not be argued.) and, pointing the gun on his temple, pulled the trigger.

Yukari would hesitate when she did so. That brief pause before she pulled the trigger was telling of her personality, more than anything else. She had too much to live for, too much to lose.

Junpei wouldn't hesitate, of course. That was unlike him. He would be overly enthusiastic to do so, to point the Evoker on his head and call forth Trismegistus. He always felt fulfilled when he did so, as if he truly was a hero, and it would take him away from bitter memories of abuse and neglect. Of course, he mellowed out after Chidori's death, but there was always this enthusiasm in his fighting style.

Akihiko wanted to become stronger, and he pulled the trigger with the same motivation driving him to defeat everyone in the boxing ring. He matured after Shinjiro passed on, after events had forced him to realize that protecting the ones you love required more than brute strength. Still, there was always this feeling of power and dominance whenever Akihiko summoned Caesar. Perhaps this was simply the power of the Emperor Arcana.

Not Minato, however.

The way he pulled the trigger was cold and clinical, as if he was not doing anything that would put his life at risk. He did not fear for his life at all, and, almost in contrast, fighting seemed to be when Minato Arisato was most alive.

How can you summon your Persona with such emptiness, yet fight with so much ferocity and strength?

He always was a paradox.

An unexplainable paradox.

And when he passed on, to protect the world, SEES would look back and realize one thing.

That they had never truly understood who Minato Arisato was.

That no one was capable of understanding him besides himself.

Yukari would always insist that he was the best boyfriend that ever lived on this planet.

Mitsuru and Fuuka would definitely agree with that sentiment.

Heck, even Akihiko Sanada, who was never all that close with Minato Arisato, would agree that he was one hell of a person.

But as to who Minato Arisato truly was? They had no idea, even after fighting alongside him for a year.

In the end, Minato Arisato was a mystery.

He would never be understood.

And he liked it best that way.