Souji Seta.

He was easily the most normal of the bunch, even though he was special in his very own way.

He didn't need to be the avatar of Death to be himself.

He didn't need to be the Messiah to be himself.

He didn't need to be loved by everyone to be himself.

Indeed, one could argue that Souji Seta had the best grasp over his personality, his thoughts and his actions.

It was not always like this, however.

Once, Souji Seta felt that he was always alone.

That he would never truly have anyone beside him, that he would never have true friends and family.

Perhaps it was the toll of his lifestyle. He was always drifting from place to place, after all, due to his parents' work. He never really had the chance or the opportunity to grow close to other people.

As time went by, he turned that slight resentment into a cool mask of perfection.

The mask that would last him through meetings and partings, the mask that would shield him from being sad, from crying over the fact that he would never find a friend to call his own.

People flocked around him, of course. He had always been especially charismatic, unconsciously even. He could emphasize and feel deeply for other people, and underneath that stoic front, was a soul that was sensitive beyond compare.

How else did he know what problems his friends were facing all the time? How else could he understand Yukiko Amagi's dilemma over choosing to break free and follow her path, or subject herself unwillingly to tradition? How else could he understand Chie Satonaka's desperate bid to find strength, to protect those she held dear? How else could he understand Nanako's desire for family?

He could put himself in the shoes of anyone, and slowly, his personality grew to become all-compassing.

And he was the epitome of a leader.

He didn't actively want to lead, of course. However, he would somehow find himself always taking on leadership roles, in schoolwork, in projects, in everything that he did.

And he found himself liking it. The fact that people depended on him made him happy, in a sense.

All Wild Cards are paradoxes.

Minato Arisato could be seen as being quiet and distant, but he exhibited another side of himself in battle, in smiting everything in his path.

Hamuko Arisato could be seen as being happy, bubbly and fearless, but she exhibited another, more vulnerable side to herself at times, especially when no one else was around.

Souji Seta wanted to keep others away from him, hence the mask, so that he didn't have to be hurt any longer. However, he found himself actively reaching out to them, helping them, leading them.

And he came to Yasoinaba with the same mentality.

He told himself to get it over with. That he should not grow too close to anyone in Yasoinaba. After all, after some time, he would be leaving, and most likely, never returning to this rural, homely town.

Entering the television had been a total accident, and it spiraled into something bigger.

And in saving others, in helping people conquer themselves, Souji Seta began to understand one thing.

That he didn't need a Shadow.

He had already conquered his fear of being alone, a long time ago.

The Star inside him shone brightly, removing all traces of fear and doubt.

In the end, he reached out to the bright, inner strength inside himself.

It gave him serenity.

It gave him peace.

And most importantly, as Souji Seta looked at the people he had already helped and saved, it gave him proof of his existence.

That he was important.

And that he would never truly be alone.

Souji Seta did not need to be a Messiah to be himself.


Because he had already found out who he truly was.

An exceptionally normal human being, with the capability of understanding everyone.

And that was what made him exceptional.