Written for the Album Drabble and Daily Prompts from the Mods Challenge

Song: " Walk Away" by Kelly Clarkson from the Album Breakaway

Credit for Victoire/Neville pairing goes to Mew – It had been discovered by her :D

Pairing: Hannah/Neville/Victoire

Prompt: Crystal Clear

I gave you everything and never asked for anything

And look at me, I'm all alone (alone)

So before you start defending, baby

Stop all your pretending

He had left her - for perfect young Victoire Weasley. She always knew their relationship was not perfect - always. But.. She had never expected. Hermoine told her, comforted her, that Neville would come back.

"Its merely an attraction - it would end," She said. "Victoria would go back to Teddy and Neville would come back to you - where he belongs,"

But Hannah knew better. She knewknewknew what he felt for Victoire was not temprory. She had seen it in his eyes - Neville Longbottom was crazily, madly, badly in love with Victoire Weasley. It was crystal clear - and nothing Neville said could change it. So he no longer pretended, and Victoire no longer hid. Because there was no point in pretending anymore - Hannah knew.