BOKTAI 2: at the gates The figure stood, taller than Django. The man spun around and Django saw that he had strange, blueish-grey skin. When only meters remained between them, the strange man spun around. Django thought he looked vaguely familiar, but dismissed the thought. "so this is the cause of the undeadening ... Beware django!" Django raised gun del sol, pointing the barrel at the strange man, and was surprised to hear the man muttering to himself "Don't want... to... Want... Need blood... So long ... So hungry." Django stepped forward. "Django! No!", yelled Otenko. The man lunged forward. Django squeezed the trigger but was too late , the solar gun was ripped from his hands, and he was shoved roughly to the ground. Rising to his feet, Django saw that the man was running his hands over gun del sol, gesturing and muttering. The man slowly raised the gun, pointing the barrel at django's chest. Every sign showed that he had the intention to leave a pile of smoking ashes where Django was standing. "Ha! It won't work in the hands of a undead, only a solar child can operate the solar gun!" grinned otenko. The man squeezed the trigger. A bullet of pure light shot at Django, knocking him down. " but - what - I don't understand - a undead using a solar gun? Impossible." exclaimed Otenko. Suddenly, the man began to shriek As though being brander with hot iron. With a swish of his coat, the man spun around and dashed into San Miguel. Though completely unarmed, Django pursued him. At the city gates,"we've lost him!" said Django, leaping down from a pile of crates. "never mind, never mind. You are in no condition to fight him either." sighed Otenko. Django press onward through the gateway, only to halt as he heard shuffling of feet, and wheezing. "A ghoul! A servant of Darkness!" warned Otenko. Django reached for gun del sol and kicked himself mentally; the gun was stolen, remember? Tapping a wall, Django lured the ghoul into a fiery death under the sun. Upon trotting into the next room, django activated mesh doors to swing shut. Seeing a passageway to the right that is not shut, django sprinted down a flight of stairs, nearly slipping again and found a chest, in which, a short sword. "Ah, Gradius. It does not surpass the solar gun, but I guess that we don't have much choice." sighed Otenko. Returning to the room, other than the fact that the exit was still sealed, Django could hear clinking and shuffling of feet; not a good sign. Rounding the corner, Django was immediately scratched across the chest by a skeleton. Stumbling back to gain time, Django drew Gradius and slashed at the skeleton warningly. The Undead hesitated for a second and then lunged forward. Django parried the hand, but gradius was caught on by a groove in the bones. The skeleton careened forward. Django, reacting completely by instinct, kicked the ribcage of the undead, dislocating the entire arm. The skeleton slammed into the gate and collapsed in a pile of bones. Throwing aside the ruined arm, Django examined the scratch. The cut was long but shallow. The mesh doors clanked open. Django proceeded, deep in thought. Gradius was a fine blade, but it was not to be compared with the solar gun. Just when he thought that it would be a piece of cake reaching the City, the mesh door which he had just walked by slammed shut once again. Wheezings indicated that there was a ghoul present in the room. Peering down a row of pillars, Django quickly retracted his head as a gob of klorofurn shot at him. Django watched as the klorofurn dissolved the wall opposite him, slowly eating away at the aged stone. His heart beat faster as the wheezings increased in volume. Django slashed, ripping the thin cotton and sunken flesh. And watched in shock as the flesh resealed itself. Finally realizing his situation, Django spun away, too slow. His leather tunic began to sizzle underneath the dark matter. Django threw a punch, sending the ghoul stumbling backwards and falling to it's knees. "Hey, hey, hey, you can't kill no undead with no solar energy." rang a voice from above. Looking up, Django saw a girl, a few years older, standing on a pillar. "Ha! The solar boy with no solar gun! Imagine!" the pink-haired girl taunted,"lemme teach you somethin' aw'right?" a heavy gauntlet was thrown at his feet. Picking it up, Django shoved his hand into it. "see ya at the sixth avenue aw'right?" and she was gone. The ghoul slowly turned it's eyes away from the pillar to face Django. Django Clenched his fist in preparation of arduous combat. Light slowly began to glow through the inscriptions of the gauntlet. Recognizing the symbols, Django drew Gradius and beheaded the ghoul with a smooth stroke of the blade. The gates clanked open again to allow Django passage into the city. Glad to be out in the open again, Otenko commented happily, "Sol De Vice, hmmm... I wouldn't use that." A gust of wind far above cleared the mist obscuring the City as Django ran up the ruined roads into San Miguel; previously the City of Light. Ok. You have read this chapter. Review first before you run off. Constructive reviews PLS!