Title: Ultimatums 1/2: A Kiss isn't Just a Kiss
Author: CMAli and Kuria Dalmatia
Rating/Warnings: FRAO/NC-17 (profanity, adult content, sexual situations)
Characters/Pairing: Hotch/Reid
Summary: "I've already told him, Rossi. This is it. This is the last straw."
Word Count: ~4,700


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DISCLAIMER: The Mark Gordon Company, ABC Studios and CBS Paramount Network Television own Criminal Minds. Salut! We just took them out to play and we promise put them back when we're done. We're not making any profit just trying to get these images out of our heads... and Capybara_Sun's.

VERSION: July/August 2010

THANKS TO: Miss_Bratt for the beta! Capybara_Sun for the dream she had that became this monster.

Chapter One: A Kiss isn't Just a Kiss

"I've already told him, Rossi. This is it. This is the last straw." Reid swallowed another large gulp of the fiery drink Dave had offered as he swayed in his spot and hiccuped. "I've had enough. Another drink, first, please."

The elder agent chuffed and refilled the scotch for the lightweight drinker. "I said 'kiss' him, not puke on him. Take it easy, son." Rossi was proud of Reid for even considering coming out at this, the biggest of all internal get-together nights. This was the FBI Christmas Gala for the D.C. division, and Dave was pretty sure this would get Spencer the attention he wanted from Aaron.

And everyone else, for that matter.

Spencer had given Aaron an ultimatum to tell the team about their relationship by today or he would. Reid was tired of hiding his emotions behind light brushes and the quickest of glances; he was ready for some hardcore accidental gropes and intense unintentional stares. Rossi convinced Spencer it would be good for Aaron to come clean completely—for the team, for the FBI, and for gay men everywhere. Of course, then David proceeded to laugh hysterically after hiding in a stall in the men's restroom.


"WHAT!" Reid jumped six inches into the air before recognizing Dave's voice. "I'm sorry, what?"

"He's there with Tomlinson. It's time, man. Go for it." Harry Tomlinson was the head of the Criminal Justice Division of the D.C. Unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He was THE top dog in their department.

Rossi was right. It was time.

"Sic per basium ego intereo. Thus with a kiss, I die." He swallowed the last of his drink, steadied himself against Dave for a moment, and cleared his throat. He took a deep breath, blowing it out with confidence, straightened his tux jacket and black tie, and headed toward his destiny. Or doom…

"Go get 'em, tiger!" Dave laughed. "He's gonna be looking for a job on Monday." Rossi chuckled quietly to himself and sipped on his bourbon.

"What was that all about?"

"Hey, Emily." Dave pointed toward Spencer. "That? Oh, he just needed a little push in the right direction."

"What did you do, David Rossi?" She slid her arm around his waist and pulled him close. "I swear, since you retired again, you've been determined to get us all in trouble."

"Yeah." He placed a kiss on her temple and exhaled a breath full of love and admiration into her hair. David Rossi was content with his life, his wife. He wanted someone else to be as well. It was time for his old friend Aaron Hotchner to get his head out of his ass and use that hole for something productive. Eww. Had he really just thought that?

"Bourbon. Need more bourbon."

Stumbling across the floor, Dr. Reid decided that he would not speak a word, just kiss his lover and let the cards fall where they would. Oh, God. He swore he was going to throw up.

"So South Carolina was able to extradite him, and we were able to get a full confession and conviction, thank God." Tomlinson was speaking as Spencer approached.

"Ah, Spencer." Aaron motioned for Reid to come closer. "Harry, this is Spencer Reid, the genius profiler on my team. We wouldn't be complete without him." Reid continued looking at Aaron, creepily staring directly into his eyes and nowhere else. Chief Tomlinson reached out to shake Spencer's hand, but Reid completely ignored him as he swayed a bit in his shoes. Aaron placed both hands on Spencer's upper arms.

"Reid?" His look of concern for Spencer was endearing as he continued to stare. "Reid, are you okay?" And as soon as the words cleared Aaron's lips, Reid's hands moved to Hotch's jaw and his lips to Aaron's lips and all time stopped. Their eyes locked, and Aaron's fingers gripped Spencer's arms so tight it hurt, but still Spencer hung on to the kiss. And though it was less then passionate, it became meaningful and Aaron's eyes showed he got it. And he was actually mortified because of it.

He was finally able to overcome the shock and push Spencer away, causing him to stumble and fall back on his ass. Morgan, witnessing the entire event, ran to help Spencer up off the floor. He was dizzy and the room was spinning. The look on his face was pure anguish at Aaron's response and the chaos that subsequently ensued. Tomlinson was questioning Aaron, and Morgan was brushing off Spencer with Garcia trying to straighten his suit and grill him at the same time.

"Morgan, I feel sick." He pulled away and began a quick journey to the restroom, but on his way Aaron caught him.

"What the fuck was that?"

"I'm sick, Aaron. Please let go." Reid's once confident voice had become weak and frail sounding. His arms were now wrapped around his center and his skin was tinged green.
"Not until I get some…"

"OH GOD!" Both Spencer's hands went to his face and Aaron watched, horrified as hazel eyes grew large and vomit seeped out between clenched fingers before Reid turned to run toward the front door. Aaron took after him. The rumors were now flying and Tomlinson found himself practically draped in Erin Strauss and her politically correct bullshit about fraternization policies.

God, Harry thought, I can't stand this old bitch.


Aaron could hear Spencer retching in the snow bank alongside the parking lot. Unfortunately, he knew how much Spencer hated when Aaron would baby him when he was sick. His boyfriend would say it was infantilism and thus demeaning and emasculating him. All Aaron wanted was to take care of him.

"Oh , god." Another retch and a splash of vomit into the snow, followed by several spitting noises and a couple of burps.


A weak "go away" greeted his call.

"Please, Spence. Let me help you." Aaron was being a hypocrite, and he acknowledged it, but all he wanted was to get Reid home and take care of him at this point. "Please. You need help."

"Not from a son-of-a-bitch like you, you selfish bastard." Another retch. Another spit. Another belch. But this time, a thump, crunch and grunt followed. "Shit… Ow."

Aaron turned the corner in time to see Spencer kneeling on all fours in the snow where he'd lost his balance and couldn't find it in himself to rise back to his feet. Without permission, Aaron came to his rescue. One arm wrapped tightly around Spencer's waist, Hotchner guided him across the parking lot and into the Lexus awaiting them.

Aaron opened the door, leaned back the seat and helped Spencer slide into the vehicle. Neither one would speak for quite some time. Aaron closed the door and Spencer abruptly passed out.

"Agent Hotchner!" Harry Tomlinson had finally pried Strauss' talons from his eyeballs and found the two men he was seeking in the parking lot. Aaron's stomach rolled. "Agent Hotchner wait."

"Yes, Sir, Capt. Tomlinson."

"Agent. I understand from retired agent Rossi that the display from Dr. Reid in the ballroom was for MY benefit. Is that right?" Now Aaron's stomach was doing full-out somersaults.

"Actually, Sir, I think it was for mine, as well." Tomlinson shifted on his feet.

"How long have you two been partners, Agent Hotchner?

"Sir, I'm not sure I understand…" Tomlinson would have no more lying from his agents.

"Let's not be ridiculous, Agent Hotchner. How long have you and Dr. Reid been romantically involved?"

"Six years, Sir."

"I would have outed you long before now." Aaron's face fell and his mouth dropped at his superior's words.


"If you were my boyfriend, I would have kicked your ass to the curb after the first year if you had treated me like that. Now, Agent Hotchner, get that partner of yours home and treat him with some of the respect I believe he has truly earned. There are no strict fraternization rules in the FBI that can't be worked around. You have my blessing, Agent Hotchner."

Aaron couldn't keep from smiling larger than he ever had. "Thank you, Sir. Thank you so very much."