Because Of You

Summary: "I didn't think this could happen to me, it never crossed my mind. Truthfully, I would have thought it would happen to anyone but me, to somebody else. But to others…I am that somebody else.

I'm scared."

In Nagisa Aoi's hands, she holds something so close to her that she allows no one else to see. But this secret is starting to take its toll on her, and she has to transfer schools on top of the burden she carries. When she starts at her new school, she is enchanted by the Etoile, Shizuma Hanazono, who in return is intrigued by Nagisa. And it's through this connection that Shizuma may just be able to help Nagisa with her secret…if Nagisa is willing to open up first.

Chapter One: Who's That Girl?

"St. Miator Girl's Academy…" Nagisa Aoi murmured to herself, quickly making her way to the bus stop on the slightly cloudy day. Her hand fisted at her lips, eyebrows furrowed, she obliviously passes the bus stop and moves on; contemplating whether transferring was the right idea.

'Of course it is…And it'll be safer. Right? Right. But I did have my group of friends back at my previous school, is it really worth leaving them behind?' Nagisa ponders before shaking her head and puts on a cheerful face, a great difference from her previous expression.

'I can always see them around town, whenever I do get permission to leave school grounds! It's not like we broke our friendship over a silly transfer!' Nagisa nods to herself, greatly reassured.

It was then that Nagisa looked at her surroundings and realized her mistake. "Ahh! Oh, why must this happen to me, today of all days? Now I'm going to be late!" Quickly, she turns around and makes a dash for the bus stop, hoping that she could make it, if not just on time. But as she makes her way back, she sees her bus pass by her, and sudden dread fill her.

"Now what?" she sighs before once again shaking her head, now with determination shining in her auburn eyes. "Okay!" And with that, she turns and makes a mad dash towards her new school, her strawberry colored hair flying past her face. All the while, she was scolding herself for being so careless.

By the time Nagisa reached the top of the Astraea Mountain…er, Hill…she was gasping for breath.

"Oh…This is…going to hurt…in the morning!" she pants as she bends over, hands resting on her knees, desperately trying to regain oxygen. Nagisa starts trying to regain control of her breathing, for the running and lack of air is causing her to sway with dizziness.

"Are you alright?" a soft, nearby voice asks. Nagisa slowly turns her head towards the said voice and immediately straightens, blushing a shade of red that could easily challenge her hair for a silver haired beauty stands before her.

"Eeep…a goddess" she breathes, opening staring at the young woman.

"Excuse me?" the goddess questions, slightly smirking as an eyebrow rises.

"Ah…" Nagisa manages before she starts seeing nothing but black and falls forward; her last thought being about the stupid need for air and of the goddess before her.

The silver haired girl quickly comes forward and catches the girl, eyebrows furrowed in concern as she looks down at the girl that had suddenly passed out on her.

"Oh…" Unable to suppress it, a slight chuckle escapes her lips. The girl picks up the fainted girl bridal style and starts to make her way to the infirmary. Looking at the girl in her arms, she smiles. 'What a cute sleeping face' she thinks to herself, ignoring the fan girls that started to whisper and stare around her.

After a while, she finally makes it to the nurse's office and sets the girl down on an available bed. Pushing some stray hairs out of the red head's face, she chuckles again before she takes the chair near by and sits down, intending to stay with the girl till she awakens.

"Oh, Hanazono? What are you doing in here?" the nurse known as Miss Kurosaki asks as she steps into the office, "Are you hurt – oh." Miss Kurosaki notices Nagisa and quickly goes to her side, checking her pulse. "What happened?"

"I found her gasping for air near the entrance gates and then she blacked out" the silver haired student replied, watching the nurse's actions toward the passed out patient intently.

"I see…" the nurse nods before straightening, a smile formed on her lips. "I believe there's nothing wrong with her, in fact she should wake up soon enough. I also believe that it's just from too much excursion that she passed out. Lack of oxygen equals to blacking out. But I'll ask her to be sure when she wakes and I'm assuming she's the new student, Nagisa Aoi then? I'll check her file then; luckily it was received today…"

Miss Kurosaki makes her way to her desk and picks up a package and proceeds to take a folder out of said package. "Thank you for bringing her here, Hanazono. You may leave if you want, I got her from here".

Miss Hanazono shook her head slightly and looks down at the girl before making eye contact with the nurse, "No, I would like to stay, if you don't mind".

"Well, make yourself comfy, cause you're staying then" Miss Kurosaki winks before she starts reading the transfer student's medical file. "Oh, and since you're willing to stay with the girl, why not give her a tour later on, say tomorrow? I'm sure it would help".

"I'll do that" was the reply given before the room filled with a peaceful silence.

Not long after, a small groan was heard before Nagisa finally opens her eyes with a flutter. About five seconds of absent staring at the ceiling, she quickly sits up in the bed, confused of her predicament before she starts to sway once more.

"Whoa, careful there…take it easy, alright?" a kind voice reached Nagisa's ears and she looked at the owner of the said voice, which she assumed was the nurse.

Being led back to a laying position, Nagisa asks, "What happened?"

"We were kind of wondering the same thing" the nurse, who had quickly came over as soon as she heard the groan, replied with a playful smirk. "But, to answer what happened after you passed out, this nice student here carried you over and you've been resting since. And that's basically the gist of it. Now that we're all on the same page of the ending, what about the beginning? Need the whole story, eh?"

Nagisa blinks before turning to look at the 'nice student' that had helped her only to come face to face with the silver haired goddess once more.

"You!" She quickly sits upright again and points a finger at 'you', blushing slightly.

'You' in return raised an eyebrow and smiled slightly, "Me".

"Well, this is good. Means you remember what happened before you passed out then, correct? Seem to be a bit slow, but you just woke up so I'll let it slide" Miss Kurosaki chuckles.

"Ah…I'm sorry. Just surprised, really…" Nagisa rub the back of her neck, chuckling, embarrassed. "Um, I missed my bus so I ran here and, well, I guess I over did it" another chuckle.

"Figured as much. Well, you take your time and rest up, alright Miss Aoi?" Miss Kurosaki smiles and ruffles Nagisa's hair some before returning to her desk.

"Yes! Thank you very much!" Nagisa replies, giving a slight bow.

"How are you feeling?" the soft voice from earlier startles Nagisa out of her…gratitude towards the female employee and quickly turns her attention to the goddess in the room.

"Great! Never better!" Nagisa cheerfully smiles, blushing slightly as she waves her arms around. "Perfectly A-okay!"

"I'm glad to hear that" came the reply, the girl smiling.

Nagisa in return starts to stare once more. 'So beautiful…especially when she smiles.' During this, she also observes that this goddess before her has leafy green eyes and is wearing a black one piece uniform, which she recognizes as Miator's uniform. 'So she goes to my school also…' She also takes in her perfect pale skin and her rosy full lips before she was snapped out of her staring when she saw the lips moving.

"Nagisa? Are you alright?" the silver haired student asked, smirking once more.

"Ah? Ah! Yes, yes…I'm fine, really. You're just…really beautiful, you know? I couldn't help but look!" Nagisa deeply blushes. 'I can't believe I just told her that!'

"Heh, well, thank you" Hanazono smiled, and if looked closely enough, a light shade of pink could be seen on her pale cheeks.

"Oh, no, you helped me and all so I should be thanking you! So thank you, Miss…?

"Shizuma. Shizuma Hanazono."


"Take care, Nagisa! You too, Shizuma! I don't want to see you in here unless it's for a visit for me, and you have snacks!" was heard as the two left the nurse's office.

Shizuma took the red head's hand and started leading her down the hall, "Here, this way to the dorms".

"Thank you for all your help, Shizuma, and for your offer of the tour tomorrow. I greatly appreciate it!" Nagisa smiles up at Shizuma, giving her hand a squeeze to emphasize her words.

"It's my pleasure, Nagisa" Shizuma smiled in return, which caused the few passing girls to stop and stare, quickly to question what the new student's relationship with their beloved Etoile was.

Nagisa, although she can be oblivious to some things, noticed the other girls quickly. "Why are they all looking at us?" she questions aloud, blushing slightly from all of the attention.

"Most likely because you're new" Shizuma said, "or it's me, but we'll never know for sure the reason for every girl that looks our way".

Just then, a blue haired girl, who shared the same uniform that Shizuma wore Nagisa observed, came to a stop in front of the two. "Etoile!" she bows before straightening, "This is my new roommate, Nagisa Aoi?" she asks. When received a nod in return, the girl smiles at Nagisa and takes the unaccompanied hand, "I am so sorry I wasn't here sooner! I heard that the new transfer student had passed out but I couldn't get away from my duties till now. Are you alright? Oh, where are my manners, I'm Tamao Suzumi".

"Oh, yes, I'm perfectly fine. And don't worry about it, thank you for your concern" Nagisa replied, a little baffled by the girl.

"Etoile, I can help her here on out, I'm sure you have other things to do" Tamao said, not even sparing a glance at Shizuma.

"No, that's alright. I would like to accompany little Nagisa here to her room, so you can go on and do whatever it is you do with your free time" Shizuma replied, slightly glaring at the blue haired girl for trying to shorten her time with Nagisa.

"Sorry to say, but that isn't going to happen" came from behind them, and what they saw was another blue haired young woman, but her hair was much shorter than Tamao's. "Shizuma, you have duties to attend to, and since Miss Suzumi is willing to take Miss Aoi off your hands, you're free to do your part. Now, come along" she all but commanded.

"Who is that?" Nagisa whispered to Tamao.

"Student council president, Miyuki Rokujou" Tamao whispered back.

Shizuma groans before pouting, letting out a sigh. "Fine, Miyuki, fine…" she turns toward Nagisa, "Take care, and I'll see you later, okay?" Shizuma leans forward and plants a gentle kiss to Nagisa's forehead. Before a reply could be formed, the Etoile and president were gone.


Well, here we are, at the end of chapter one. And I think it went okay, considering how long it's been since I wrote anything. XD And I think this is either my first or second time doing third person so…I hope it was okay. I know there weren't many details and too much dialogue, along with it kind of being choppy but…It should start getting better as I get my writing groove back. :P

Sorry, just felt like I had to explain myself for my mistakes. .

Thanks for reading!

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