Because Of You

Summary: "I didn't think this could happen to me, it never crossed my mind. Truthfully, I would have thought it would happen to anyone but me, to somebody else. But to others…I am that somebody else.

I'm scared."

In Nagisa Aoi's hands, she holds something so close to her that she allows no one else to see. But this secret is starting to take its toll on her, and she has to transfer schools on top of the burden she carries. When she starts at her new school, she is enchanted by the Etoile, Shizuma Hanazono, who in return is intrigued by Nagisa. And it's through this connection that Shizuma may just be able to help Nagisa with her secret…if Nagisa is willing to open up first.

Chapter Two: And It Begins

"Well, that's…unsurprising" Tamao murmured, looking in the direction that the Etoile and student counsel president was at moments ago. Giving a brief sigh, she turns back to her new roommate and smiles, "Shall we go then? I'll take you to our dorm so you can rest". With that, Tamao tugs on Nagisa's hand and starts leading the new girl to her new home.

"Um…Tamao?" Nagisa calls out as she shakes herself out of her stupor and falls in step with the blue haired girl.

"Yes, Nagisa?" came the reply as Tamao stops and turns, giving eye contact to her roommate.

"Why was Shizuma called Etoile? And what was unsurprising?" Nagisa asked, looking timid. Although Tamao seemed friendly and was helping her out, Nagisa still felt on the shy side, and was hesitant to go over some invisible boundary line. But the questions were thought of as harmless, so she asked.

Tamao smiled reassuring and gave Nagisa's hand a squeeze, "Good questions, Nagisa". Tamao started to walk forward again and began to answer Nagisa's questions along the way to their destination.

"You see, Etoile is French for 'star', and it is the rightful name for someone of her position. There are three schools here, St. Miator, Lulim, and Spica. Each school has their own student counsel but they all meet together for meetings and such. Overlooking these meetings is Shizuma, the Etoile. She basically holds power over the counsels, and therefore shines brighter than the others. Also, even without that power, the title is correct because she is the most admired and beloved in the three schools. Ah, here we are…"

Tamao gestures to the door in front of them and opens it, offering Nagisa to go in first. "You're belongings are already here, so all you need to worry about is unpacking. And getting your measurements for your uniform, but that can wait till you're well rested" she smiles as she takes a seat on her bed.

"Oh, okay…thank you, Tamao, for being so nice and all. I'm so glad that my roommate is you!" Nagisa grins, taking a seat herself on the unaccompanied bed that was now hers. She takes a look around and realizes that it's almost like no one stayed here at all, it was so neat. The only offer that someone lived here was the little accessories on the desk on the left side of the room. It was bland, all white with no colors, the only color visible really was what was showing through the crack of the curtains from the outside.

"Don't mention it, Nagisa, it is my pleasure really"

Nodding, Nagisa then asks, "So, Etoile…is truly loved amongst the other students here?"

"That is correct, Nagisa".

"Oh, I see…" at this, Nagisa looks down and smiles, "I can see why, she is so beautiful and graceful. And nice! I thought she was a goddess when I first saw her!" Nagisa gushed, blushing at her confession.

"Many have referred to her that title also, so I'm not surprised really" Tamao chuckled.

"Oh! Right! What was unsurprising earlier?"

Tamao jerks slightly, biting her bottom lip, 'Dang, thought I dodged that question'.

"Well…that she had to go, for her duties…" she tried, tap dancing around the truth. Unfortunately for her, Nagisa was able to tell that Tamao wasn't giving the real reason.

"And?" she pushed, hoping for more of an answer.

"Hmm, well…Etoile is a bit of, how to say this nicely…a flirt. She goes from one girl to the next, never staying with one for too long. And her kiss to your forehead, even though you just arrived here today, has come to be no surprise" Tamao sighs, "She takes the 'most loved' thing to her advantage".

"Oh…" Nagisa nods. 'So that's all that was…just another kiss to give out. Not like I'm anything special. Well, of course! Why would you think it was anything more anyways?'

"Mhmm…So, why don't you rest up? Had quite the day, haven't you? And it's only four in the afternoon!" Tamao giggled.

"Ah, I suppose so…But I feel fine now! Truly!" Here, Nagisa gets up and frail her arms about, as if that would prove her point.

"Perhaps, but it would still be good to rest up, you start classes tomorrow. All that was required of you today was to get your uniform and register with the main office, anyways. So resting for an hour more wouldn't hurt, and then we can go get the measurements and registration done together, if you want. Then we can go to dinner and have the rest of today to ourselves" Tamao smiled, trying to not laugh at her roommate's antics.

"Sounds good to me" Nagisa exclaimed before falling back on the bed with a sigh, "Think the office would be upset that I missed the scheduled registration time?"

"I believe they're aware that you're here and the situation, so I'm sure things will be fine. You just need to sign some things then and such I believe".

Nagisa nods in return before closing her eyes, smiling. Next thing she knew, she was in dream world, guest starring a certain silver haired girl.

"Nagisa….Nagisa…Na-gi-sa…NAGISA!" the girl in question bolted upright, head butting the caller. Groaning in pain while rubbing her forehead, Nagisa looks at Tamao, who was busy doing the same thing on the floor beside her.

"Well, good morning to you" Tamao smiles, despite the throbbing in her head.

"Tamao! I am so sorry! Are you hurt? I mean, badly?" Nagisa rushed to Tamao's side and moves her hands all over the place, but never touching in fear of making things worse and also from not knowing what to do to help.

"I'm fine, Nagisa. Really, it's my fault for leaning too close" Tamao chuckled while blushing slightly, adverting her eyes.

"No, if I wasn't so hardheaded and difficult to wake, this wouldn't have happened!" Nagisa exclaimed, feeling guilty.

"Nagisa, really, don't worry about it. How about we both forget this has happened and get ready to go? We should go get the uniform process going before it gets too late, and the registration…"

"Ah! Right!" Nagisa stands and offers her hand to Tamao, "Still, I am sorry. But, all is forgotten, right?"

"Right" Tamao smiled, in which she receives a grin in return.

With that, the duo takes their leave and retreat their steps towards the exit, making idle chit chat along the way.

"That's that, and time to spare before we are to make it to dinner!" Tamao says while looking at the watch on her wrist before turning to her new friend. "What shall we do? I could give you a small tour before we –"

"That wouldn't be necessary, Miss Suzumi. I will be taking the role of tour guide for Miss Nagisa, as promised before" a new, but yet familiar voice rang out from behind.

"Shizuma/Etoile!" Nagisa and Tamao exclaimed together before each giving a respectful bow.

"Hello again, Nagisa. I hope you don't mind, but I did say I would see you later, and it is now later, is it not?" Shizuma asks, smirking slightly before grabbing Nagisa's hand and starts leading her elsewhere.

"Well, yes, you did, and I certainly don't mind but…um…where are we going?" Nagisa replies as she tries to keep up with the silver haired girl's graceful strides along with looking behind her to see Tamao walking behind them, staring at the Etoile intently.

"You'll see" was the only reply given on the matter. "Ah, right…Nagisa, how would you like to accompany me to dinner? We can sit together if you wish."

A small gasp was heard from behind, in which Shizuma smirked at.

"W-what?" Nagisa asked, looking from Tamao and Shizuma, time to time again.

"I don't tend to invite others to dine with me. True, we all eat together in the same dining hall, but it's usually just the student counsel students that share the table space with me" Shizuma says gently, staring at Nagisa all the while.

"O-oh…I see. So, why would I be…?" Nagisa slightly stutters, trying to wrap her mind around this.

"I like you Nagisa, and I wish to get to know you better".

'"Etoile is a bit of, how to say this nicely…a flirt. She goes from one girl to the next, never staying with one for too long." Oh yeah…Tamao said that, didn't she. This is probably just her flirting and nothing else.' Nagisa frowns slightly before smiling cheerfully at Shizuma. "Sorry, but I already promised Tamao that I would sit with her, but we can get to know each other tomorrow with the tour, if you want, or even some other time we could have dinner or something together?"

Tamao perked up at this, recalling no promises whatsoever and grinned at this, 'Maybe she isn't under the Etoile's spell like all the others. She is different, then'.

Shizuma, in turn, looked shocked before a calm façade washes over her face, giving a slight nod, "Alright, tomorrow we'll acquaintance with one another in the morning along with having dinner together in the evening."

'Eh…I guess there isn't any getting out of it now. Would it really be that bad, anyways? I mean, so what if I'm only a temporary thing? It wouldn't matter; we have no attachments, no feelings. It wouldn't hurt, right? And besides, she seems really nice, maybe we could be friends!' Nagisa nods, "Okay, that sounds good" she smiles.

"Good, it's decided then"

Tamao, after hearing this, sighed. 'Perhaps not too different then and I was really hoping…'

Nagisa smiles and looks around her and soon realizes that they are surrounded by trees. "Ano…where are we?"

"Nagisa, how are you feeling?" Shizuma answers with a question of her own.

"Huh? I'm perfectly fine…"

"Good." And with that, Shizuma dashes off with surprised Nagisa in tow, leaving behind an equally surprised Tamao behind.

"Shizuma!" Nagisa called out, but to no use.

Before long, they entered a clearing with a thick tree in the middle, isolated and looking different from the rest.


"This is my spot, no one else knows about this, only I do. That's why we had to run, to get rid of the other, so it could be our secret, Nagisa. No telling anyone, okay?" Shizuma finally answered, giving a wink at the end.

Nagisa blushes slightly before nodding, "Okay, it'll be safe with me!"

"I knew I could trust you, Nagisa" Shizuma says while pulling the red head close to her, nuzzling her cheek with her own. 'So soft…'

Nagisa blushes harder before stuttering out, "Shizuma?"

"Hmm?" was heard as Shizuma reached up and started stroking the transfer student's red hair. 'So soft here too…I wonder where else is such as soft…' She chuckles quietly at this, smirking.

"What are you doing?" Nagisa decided to just plain out ask, not knowing any other way to ask.

"Holding you close, making sure that you'll stay upright this time from all the running. No worries about you falling if you're already in my arms, hmm? All safe here" Shizuma grins.

"Shizuma!" Embarrassed, Nagisa tried squirming her way out, "I'm fine; I'm not going to fall over again!" Trying to control her blushing, she slows her struggles. 'Though I do feel a little lightheaded…But after that small a run, I would have been fine any other day. Maybe it's because of earlier?' Nagisa suddenly had a moment's flashback of the last time when she had to run so much, and cringed.

Shizuma, noticing the difference in the girl, put an arm's difference between them, looking at her face to face while holding on to the smaller girl's shoulders. "Nagisa? Do you not like being held by me?"

"Ah? No! No, it's not that, it's very comforting to be in your arms actually…I know it must sound weird but it's true! And strangely enough, I also feel protected in a way" Nagisa exclaims, blushing once more before chuckling embarrassedly.

Smiling, Shizuma pulled the girl close again, "Good".

'Don't get too close' a voice whispered in both their hearts.

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