Chapter 7

Reba avoided Brock for the next few days. She had gotten over her anger towards Brock a few hours after she left the attic. Once she left she took a long shower and had a real breakfast while she thought of all that had happened up there. She had come to realize that she was to quick to become angry with him. Sure, he really shouldn't have proposed like that but she shouldn't have just dismissed him like she did. She was now avoiding him out of embarrassment. She had as much pride as any man and it would be very hard for her to apologize. She really wanted all this to work out.

Reba shook her head as she sat at the kitchen table one morning. She couldn't believe herself. She had told Brock they needed to fix the problems they had first and work them out and here she was trying to avoid him at all costs. That was gonna stop. She was going to talk to Brock about this whole mess. She glanced at her watch and sighed. Talking to Brock was going to have to wait. She dumped the rest of her coffee down the sink, grabbed her purse, and left for work.

Brock had noticed Reba avoiding him. He wasn't happy about it but it also gave him time to plan the surprise he had for her. Cheyenne had been helping him all week and now everything was ready to go. He only hoped this all went well. Cheyenne's last bit of help was to get everyone out of the house and keep them out for the evening. That was pretty easy. Once the whole situation was explained to Kyra and Jake, they were happy to leave. That surprised Brock the most. He was sure Kyra wouldn't like it but besides Cheyenne she was the happiest out of everyone. Jake was quite calm, he didn't really show any emotion but was supportive. They planned on going to a friend's house for the evening and Van, Cheyenne, and Elizabeth would go out for the evening and end it at Barbara Jean's.

Brock was very nervous as he left to go to Reba's house. Walking into her living room an hour before she got home he saw everyone at the door. They were putting on their coats and gathering any stuff they needed. They all stopped at the door for a brief moment.

Cheyenne smiled. "Good luck dad."

All Brock could do was nod his head. He was so nervous that he was afraid if he opened his mouth he might throw up all over the floor. They gave Brock good luck smiles and left. Van paused outside the door for a moment and looked towards Brock. Eyeing him for a moment Van says, "No happy hands Mr. H." With that said he left and Brock shut the door shaking his head. He sighed and grabbed the bags he had brought with him. It was now time to get ready.

Reba pulled into her driveway and shut off on the engine. She sighed as she grabbed her purse and slowly got out of the car. She was not having a great day. Work was terrible. A couple she was sure was going to buy a house she showed them last week went for another house through a competing real estate company. Then on her way home she had tried to call Brock but he wasn't answering. She thought about just popping over his house but she really didn't want to make the trip across town and find him not home. She just wanted to sink into a nice hot both and hope when she tried Brock again later he would be home.

Reba walked into her house and dropped her stuff at the door. She hung her coat up and groaned. She was exhausted. Before she would go upstairs she was going to grab a bottle of water. As she was walking to the kitchen she didn't even notice that the lights were out, or all the candles lit, or the roses everywhere, or that Brock was standing beside the couch in a tuxedo. She walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water or the fridge.

Making her way back into the living room she finally saw Brock. "Hello Brock." She walked right by again and it didn't even registered until her foot hit the first step of the stairs. She stopped for a moment and then slowly turned. She looked around the room. She was at a lost for words.

Brock just stood and smiled as he saw her reaction to it.

A couple of minutes went by with no words. Reba just couldn't believe he this. Reba finally turned to Brock. "Wha...?"

He just kept on smiling and walked towards her. "Look, I thought about what you said. You were right about the proposal. It shouldn't have been in an attic or an argument. I want things to work out between us Reba. I don't want it to end like the last time. Everyone knows we both love each other. Even Barbara Jean knows it."

Reba confused. "How does she...?"

"Barbara Jean was the main source of us getting locked in the attic. I talked to Cheyenne about it. Turned out to be all Barbara Jean's idea." Reba sighed and she walked over to the couch to sit down and set down her water. Brock followed and sat next to her. "Now...I know we have problems and I know they need fixed but I am willing to go all the way with this. I want to work on this. I want to pick up where with left off before Barbara Jean ever came into the picture. I want to make you happy and I want to love you. I want to show you that I have changed." He then slipped casual from the couch to the floor onto one knee.

Reba breath got caught in her throat when she realized where this was going. "Brock..."

"Reba, I love you. Marry me...again. Everything is going to be different this time. I promise you."

Reba paused for a moment. What was she to say? She would love to marry Brock again but what gonna happen once they do. "Let's say I say yes. What's gonna happen when we start arguing again and then you get bored and then realize I can't make you happy and you go find 'comfort' somewhere else...again. I don't think I can handle that again. I don't want to have to handle that type of thing again."

"It's not gonna happen Reba. I promise you. I am not going to make the same mistake twice. I would die first before I let anyone or anything hurt you. Marry me." His hands slipped into his pocket and out he pulled a black velvet box. He opened it to reveal a emerald cut three stone diamond ring.

Reba couldn't say anything. She staired at the ring for the longest time. All she did was nod and let Brock slip the ring onto her finger.

Brock grinned and pulled her into a passionate kiss. He pulled away for a second. "Hold that thought." Reba smiled and Brock went into the kitchen and she was by herself for a moment. She looked down to her ring. She was getting married again. She really couldn't believe he did all this. She really couldn't believe he had worn a tuxedo. He wasn't the type to wear them.

Brock came back and handed her a glass filled with red wine. He sat next to her and pulled her into his arms. "Now I know there isn't a thousand roses but.."

Reba put a finger to his lips. "It's beautiful." She paused for a moment and looked around. "I just can't believe you did all this. I can't believe you wore a tuxedo." She chuckled. "I am going to give you such crap about that for the rest of your life." She then turned to him confused. "Where are the kids? With all this happening I finally noticed...their gone. How'd you get em out?"

"Cheyenne must take the credit for that. She helped me a little. I was suprised when I told Kyra and Jake all about what happened."

Reba's head snapped up. "You told them everything that happened?"

Brock chuckled. "Well, not everything. They are supportive of all this. Kyra was almost as happy as Cheyenne is."

"What about Jake and Van?" she said settling back into his embrace.

"Jake was calm about it all. He is just a kid though. I am sure he's happy."

Reba nodded. "And Van? she asked.

"He's happy too. I am just glad this all worked out." They moved into silence for a moment until Brock laughed out loud as he remembered Van's comment from earlier when he was leaving.

"What?" asked Reba confused at the sudden outburst.

His laughter supressed to chuckles as he explained. "When Van was leaving tonight he said to me, 'No happy hands Mr. H.' "

Reba laughed right along with Brock and replied, "Your not gonna listen are ya?" She turned to him and smirked. Brock shook his head and they set down their glasses. Reba then pulled Brock into a kiss.

A few months later...

The door to the honeymoon suite was kicked open and Brock carried Reba in. She felt kind of silly and a little embarressed because there were people out in the hallway but I guess they didn't mind because next thing she heard was giggling. Brock set her down gently and shut the door. The room they had gotten was beautiful. Brock immediately pulled her into a kiss. Reba repsonded with an equal amount of passion as her husbend. Brock then pulled away. Reba groaned. "Your killin me here Brock." He just smiled and went over to the champagne he had asked to be put up in the room before they got there. He motioned her over and poured a generous amount in a flute glass. He poured himself some and Reba eyed him suspisously. "You tryin to get me drunk?"

"Of course. Now come on." He held up his glass and she did the same except adding a small eye roll into the mix. "To a fresh start for Mr. and Mrs. Brock Hart."

"I like the sound of that." Brock nodded and grabbed her glass from her and set it on the table. "I thought you wanted to get me drunk."

"You've had enough. Come here." He pulled her into a kiss and they made their way over to the king size bed. Brock slowly slipped the straps of her dress down her shoulders. The dress was soon on the floor beside the bed along with Brock's clothes. Brock looked down at his beautiful wife. It felt good to call her his wife again.

They had a small wedding. Just family and friends. Cheyenne, Kyra, Jake, Elizabeth and Van of course were in the wedding. Cheyenne being Reba's maid of honor. Van was the best man. It was a perfect ceremony. Everything went as planned and nothing went wrong. Barbara Jean was even present. She couldn't have been happier for the both of them. The reception was a small one at the country club. It ended with Brock and Reba heading off to the airport to Italy. Her Italy.

Brock caressed her cheek. "I love you."

"I love you too." He brought her back into a kiss and their passion for each other was consumed.

The End