Day Dream: Duane Walking Skylar Home: Duane and I have been hanging out since that Saturday night, we started seeing each other around school. Today decides to walk me home, as we're walking, Duane holds my hand. "How was school?" He asked.

"Boring, as usual," he laughs and kisses my hand. His lips are so soft.

We finally reached South Pointe Creek, that's the neighborhood I live in. I told him to wait under the pavilion, or the hut as we call it. While I go to my house and drop my book bag off, and come back outside and hang out with him. We sat outside, talked on the park, cuddled up, side by side, with his red, muscular arms around me., and kissed me on my forehead. We spent the rest of the day together. Eventually Rome came and picked him up. Rome pulled up by the park, I gave Duane a hug, and he kissed me, with a great, glorious smile on my face, and said "I'll see you tomorrow, bae".

"Bye", is all I could say. And hugged him again.

"Okay, time to go lover boy", Rome says.

"Ay man, do I say anything to you, when you being lovey dovey with Nikki? No. So chill", I laughed. Duane got in the car.

"Bye Rome", waving good bye.

"Alright Sky", as I walked away, while they drove off.