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It really wasn't much. Just a whisper of her skin against his; only a brush of her fingers as she touched his wrist and nodded at the left fork of the path. "That way," she said softly.

In all honesty, she should have been in front – since it was her home they were going to – but when she led, he somehow always found himself lagging behind. It wasn't because his stride was any shorter than hers; simply that the sight of her, the shock of not being alone anymore, would hit him right in his knees, and he would freeze without meaning to. After a couple of steps by herself, she would glance back at him, a soft little smile tucked in the corners of her mouth. That was even worse, really; instead of his knees locking, they would go all wobbly.

After the fifth time that happened, she had suggested he walk in front instead. He supposed this had been a good idea, as it forced him to focus on the faint path beneath his feet instead of the multitude of thoughts tumbling through his mind. Worried as she was about any eyes upon them, they were mostly silent, except for the occasional directions she murmured quieter the hush of the trees.

And then, the fork.

"Which way?" He had asked it softly, as she had done. The still of the surrounding forest felt more than tranquil; it made him nervous. Even the murmur of the leaves sounded somehow ominous.

Her reply was little more than a whisper – her fingers warm against his skin, but really only there for a second and then gone again.

It shouldn't have meant anything. Nothing at all.

But still his heart pounded like a drum, and he would guess that any mirror or obliging pond would show him there was a touch of pink coloring his face. He felt funny on the inside, like his innards were hopelessly tangled strings knotted on some loom. He knew he should be thinking of the lavender Shard hiding in his pocket, or at least about the great destiny his Master had hinted at – but his mind wasn't focusing on anything except the pink curve of Kira's mouth, and the notion that the sky had less depth than her pale gray eyes. And, of course, the thought that he wasn't alone anymore. He would never be alone again.

"That way," she repeated, those beautiful eyes of hers on his face.

He nodded wordlessly and headed down the path she had indicated.

It really wasn't much. Just a whisper of her skin against his; nothing that anyone would notice, or remember. Nothing at all.

Yet still he felt like something within him had been forever changed.