Edward's POV:

I woke up the next morning to my brothers and sisters jumping on my bed, Dad must not be home yet.

They'd never try something like this if he was home especially on a weekend morning when he tries to sleep in.

"Eddie get up!" Mia yelled as she jumped "guys, come on I'm tired" I said hoping they'd stop, they didn't.

"We're hungry!" Cruz said before they all piled on top of me "your hungy? Your hungry? Well so am I so why don't I eat you?" I grabbed Cruz, lifted his shirt some and blew raspberries on his stomach, his loud five year old laughter filled the room "what the hell is going on in here?" I looked up and saw my dad standing in the doorway to my room "why isn't my breakfast ready?" all of them were frozen "um I'll go make it right now" I said wishing he would just drop it "don't let this happen again" he stormed out of the room and I let out a shaky sigh of relief "come on guys, let's get some food" I held Mia's hand as we walked downstairs.

"I'm going to work" my dad said leaving the house, the phone rang "hello?" it was Alice "hey Edward, how about you your brothers and sister come over and go swimming with us?" I thought about it for a second "yeah sure, that sounds fun" she squealed "ok, Emmett and Jasper will come pick you guys up in an hour" we both hung up and I went to get my brothers and sisters ready.

Right as I put my bathing suet on the doorbell rang "Eddie, there here!" Romeo yelled, I laughed and went downstairs after I put a shirt on "hey guys" I said picking my brother up "hey Eddie" Emmett said teasing me "Eddie only likes it when we call him that" I kissed Romeo's head and set him down "you guys ready?" Jasper asked "uh yeah I just have to get the others".

I followed Emmett and Jasper who were in the Jeep while I was in my black Volvo, I had been saving up for a car sense I was ten and I recently got it about a month ago, my bike seat was getting a little uncomfortable.

When I parked my car in the driveway Alice ran outside and hugged me "Edward!" she squealed as she squeezed me "can't breathe Alice!" she laughed and let me go "hey Edward" Rosalie said and hugged me "hey Rose".

We all went to the backyard, I put Cruz and Mia's swimmies on their arms "throw me!" Cruz said jumping at my feet, I laughed before picking him and throwing him into the pool.

After about an hour we ordered pizza, then Aro came home.

"Hello, children, I see we have guests" he was eying me and my siblings "Dad these are the Mason kids" Alice said cheerfully "I thought I told you we couldn't have guests today" she looked away from him and I could tell she was scared, I knew she wasn't gonna be her normal pixie self for much longer tonight.

For the rest of the night I couldn't stop thinking about Alice, how much he would hurt her, how he would hurt her.

My dad didn't come home that night, I knew he was probably drunk and passed out somewhere, I wasn't reall worried about him.

I made dinner for us and some for him just in case he came home I didn't wanna get smacked.

"Eddie can we watch a movie?" Brooklyn asked after dinner "not tonight guys, we will tomorrow I promise but tonight I gotta go get some sleep and so do you".

I tucked them all in at abut 10:00.

"I'll see you guys in the morning, I love you" they all blew me kisses causing me to laugh.

I wondered how I would ever survive without my brothers and sisters being here with me, I'd never be able to live like that.

They mean everything to me, they always have and they always will no matter what happens.

I know this one is really short but I'm having some writers block at the moment.