Chapter 1

Brock was driving happily towards his home from a long day of work. It's been almost a year since Reba and Brock have remarried. They were completely happy. Brock couldn't ask for anything more. He had a wonderful wife, four beautiful children, and a great career. Nothing could go wrong. He still couldn't believe Reba and him have married again. He was sure she would never let him back into her life again but she had. She had forgiven him. He was thankful for Cheyenne that she locked them both in that attic.

He was more thankful to Barbara Jean because he heard from Cheyenne it was her idea. He thought she would have a problem with him and Reba getting remarried but she was quite happy. She actually moved on. She has been dating some dentist named Brian for a little more than a year now. Brock, Reba and the kids of course have met him. He's very nice guy. He has one little girl named Joy and she is adorable. Henry adores him as well. Brock was a little worried about that. He was afraid that Henry would forget all about him but of course Reba and Barbara Jean assured him that Henry would never forget about him. Brock was his dad and he loved him.

Yup, everything was going great in Brock's life….for the moment. Brock smiled as he pulled up in his driveway. He couldn't wait to get inside and see Reba. He had come home early to surprise her with roses and a lovely Italian dinner he planned on cooking.

He opened the door to the living room all smiles. "Hello Re…." He stopped dead in his tracks, the roses dropped from his hand onto the floor, and his smile faded at the sight before him. There was his wife on the couch making out with non other than Jack Morgan, her old boyfriend.

Reba immediately stood and turned towards Brock with a look of guilt on her face. "Brock…you're early. I wasn't expecting you home so early."

Brock stood there with his eyes widened. "Apparently." He said looking to Dr. Morgan who was just standing there with a stupid smile on his face. Brock would love to wipe that smile off of his face. In fact, he just might. "What's going on Reba?"

Reba turned to Jack and bit her lip. "Tell him." He said motioning to Brock.

She turned back to Brock and stood there firmly ready to explain. "I'm leaving you Brock. I have decided I just don't want you anymore. Us, getting married again was a big mistake and I realize I still have feelings for Jack."

"But Reba…"

She held up her hand for him to stop. "Don't say anything. I have made up my mind and that's that. You're just not the one I want anymore Brock. Sorry."

With that said, Reba picked up a packed suitcase from behind the couch and her and Jack walked out of the front door and out of Brock's life without another word.

Brock just stood there. His wife. Reba The woman he loved with all his heart had just walked out on him. His knees gave way and tears formed in his eyes and poured down his cheeks. How could this happen? He thought things were going great. What had gone so wrong? All you could see if you looked into that living room was a broken man crying his eyes out on the floor.

End of Chapter