Reba looked to the little four year old red headed girl with tears in her eyes as she helped her with her little backpack. One lonely tear managed to escape. The little girl turned around and smiled but then frowned when she saw the tears. "Mama sad?"

Reba smiled through her tears and hugged her daughter. "Oh no honey, well, yes a little, mommy's a little sad because her baby is a big girl."

The adorable little girl perked up. "I can stay home with you."

Reba laughed and wiped away her tears. "As much as that would make me happy, you have to go to pre-school. Your daddy should be ready any minute now." Reba turned to the stairs. "Brock, you ready?"

Brock came right down the stairs just then. He smiled when he saw his princess. "Yup, were ready to go, right buddy?" he asked the four year old little boy next to him.

He got excited. "Yup, let's go!" He started towards the front door but Reba stopped him.

"Don't I get a hug first?"

The boy sighed. "Ah mom."

"Don't ah mom me, come here and give me a hug."

He young boy looked at his mother and pointed at her. "No crying?"

Reba smiled and nodded. "No crying." He ran over and Reba picked him up and hugged him with all her might. That was really all it took, Reba lost it. "I don't want them to go."

Brock laughed and had to pry their son away from her. "Come on Mom…" he said teasingly. "We have to go." Reba gave one last kiss to both of them and then kissed her husband on the lips. "They will only be gone a few hours." Reba nodded and Brock smiled pulling her aside away from the ears of the kids. "I could come home for lunch, it will be the first time in four years we will have the house to ourselves."

That made Reba perked up and she kissed him again, this time a little more passionate. "Ewww." That was all they heard from two little voices.

Reba laughed. "Hurry back." She said whispering in his ear. One last kiss on the cheek and he left.

Reba sighed as she shut the door. She didn't know what to do with her day now. She had taken the day off just in case the kids needed her for their first day of school but Lorelei and Andrew seemed to do just fine without her. She sat on her couch and for the first time in a while she didn't hear anything, just complete silence. It hadn't been this quiet in a while. As she relaxed on the couch, her mind soon wondered to all the memories and she smiled. She laughed when her and Brock found out they were having twins instead of just one kid, Brock had fainted, and she never let him forget it either.

She always would kid with Brock saying she was looking forward to this day but now she wanted her babies back home. Her whole family was growing up and going away. Kyra was doing great with her band and was about to graduate college, Jake started his senior year of high school and had left earlier in the morning, Cheyenne and Van moved out a few years ago when they found out they were having another baby and now they were on their third child. She even missed Barbara Jean, she didn't come around much anymore because she had gotten married last year to her long time boyfriend Brian and they were expecting their first child, Barbara Jean had her own family to take care of now too.

Reba was very lonely as she sat there thinking about the past years but it also made her smile. They had been through so much but they had gotten through everything. Reba was very happy she had her family back and as she sat up she smirked and thought about how even more happy she would be when lunch time came around.

The End