I do not own Vampire Knight, Matsuri Hino does. I only made up a few characters and the story line.

Ittalics = Thoughts

Chapter One

Shiki Leiko

Level B (Aristocrat)


Father: Rido Kuran - Level A

Mother: (Ex-actress) Unknown - Level B

Brother: Senri Shiki - Level B

Cousin: Kaname Kuran - Level A

Uncle: Haruka Kuran (Deceased) - Level A

Aunt: Juri Kuran (Deceased) - Level A




Night Class Student/Model


Blood Whip




Pale complexion, thick, wavy, messy dark-reddish maroon-colored hair that falls to her waist, greatly resembles her Father; she has one ice blue eye and one crimson eye, and gets sunburn easily.

Hmm so this shall be the child to enter the night class. Kaien Cross thought to himself, he looked at the picture of the girl as he read through her profile. This will prove to be interesting.

Leiko sat in the carriage bored. She wore the Night Class uniform, her hair was tied up in a side pony tail, with strands of hair left loose to layer her hair perfectly.

She sighed bored and pulled out her hot pink cell phone, she sent a text message to her brother Shiki.

Leiko: Senriiiiiiiiiiii, it's bright out, I'm bored, talk to me!

Senri: Leiko…it is not even sunset yet. WHY are you coming so early?

Leiko: Okaa-Sama thought it would be a good idea, she think's it will give me more time to settle in.

Senri:Leiko, tired! Stop texting me! Go to sleep for the rest of the ride.

Leiko:Senri you are older! You are supposed to take care of me!

Senri: Yeah I'm older by like TWO minutes. Let it go! Go to sleep.

Leiko: I can't sleep. Sleeping in a carriage is just NOT comfortable.

Senri: Oh well, I'm going to sleep now. I'll see you when you get here.

Leiko pouted and crossed her arms, extremely bored. "Nobu, when will we arrive?" Her voice was blank and showed no of her feelings; she was like a living doll in that way.

"We will arrive just shortly after night fall Leiko-Sama." Nobu said, as he continued to drive forward.

Hmmm, I wonder what kind of place Cross Academy will be like. The smirk on her face was just like her Father's.