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This is the story of our demise. Or of how we came to be…depending on how you look at it.

I met her when I was nineteen and fell in love. She was seventeen and loved me back. I was nothing. My life meant nothing, but she loved me enough to run away with me.

We ran for seven days back in 1957. It started harmless enough. I stole a pack of cigarettes. Then it escalated and got out of control.

A lot of people think badly of me and my girl, but I assure you, their assumptions about us are wrong…mostly. We were not the "evil and heartless lovesick teens" the newspapers claimed us to be.

Rather than evil, we were impulsive. And rather than heartless, we were scared. That is why I've decided to write this, so you'll understand what they do not.

Aside from everything that occurred, my girl and I loved each other and still do. That is what I hope you see in our story, if you can get past our atrocious actions that destroyed five lives.

Ultimately, we destroyed our own lives as well. But we created new ones. My name was once Edward, and my girl was known as Bella.

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