As many have heard, FFn has decided to (after ten years of not giving a shit) begin enforcing their anti-erotica rules. As a result, about half of the prompts in this fic have been relocated. All may be found now here:

http (colon-slash-slash) archiveofourown (period) org (slash) users (slash) audreyii_fic

And, as always, everything is available on here:

http (colon-slash-slash) audreyii_fic (period) livejournal (period) com

Sorry about the inconvenience; I don't like it any more than you do, believe me.

As a side note, for any who may be interested: the lovely Mera Naam Joker and myself created an original fiction short story. Mostly because we were tired of writing virgin!sex.

Facilitators for Kindle:
amzn (period) to (slash) PGSlnL

(Allow me to assure you that this story would not, under any circumstances, be permitted on FFn under their erotica guidelines.)