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B's pov

Jacob Black, you jerk!

Edward was gone at the moment hunting, he would be back in a few hours, so I had three long days away from him, and I missed him so much.

It was like he takes my heart with him when he leaves, but with my thoughts one what had just happened four days ago kept my mind busy.

Jacob had force me to kiss him, and I wasn't happy about it one little bit.

Edward was the only man that had ever touched my like that, and now what was I, now that another man had forced me into this.

I hate you Jacob Black, and that kiss made me finally see what kind of man you really are.

You're selfish; you only care about yourself, not once thinking about what you're doing to Edward or me.

But of course like always this is my entire fault.

If I wouldn't have gotten so close to you, and used you to make myself feel better then you wouldn't have had feelings for me like this.

You hurt me, by the mean things you say about Edward, and even though your natural enemies you never hear Edward saying such thinks about you, because he knows it would hurt me, but obviously you don't care how much it hurts me as long as you stop me from picking Edward over you.

You continue to try and make me believe that Edward was no good for me, and would just hurt me, but what are you doing, trying to guilt me into doing things, force me to do things you know I don't want to do, and hurt me every single day with your words.

Edward has never hurt me as much as you have, maybe when he left, but he did that for me, and you hurt me for you, so you could get me to love you.

Well Jacob I guess that kiss was the biggest mistake of your life, because I have made up my mind and there is no question to anything I'm going to do.

I waited for Edward silently sitting on my bed, and just thinking of a way to tell Edward about my decision.

So when a gentle touch sent warmth down my spine I jumped in surprise.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." My Edward said pulling me close to his side as he sat down beside me.

I was quiet, as I nervously tried to think more.

Edward sensed that something was wrong right away.

"What is it Bella, what's wrong?" He asked looking over me with his gorgeous golden eyes.

"I have to tell you something, a decision I made…about Jacob." I said lowly.

Edward tensed, and pain clouded his eyes, along with worry, and regret.

His pain was a stab to my own heart, and I quickly had to reassure him.

"I love you Edward, and I always will." I said quickly.

But that only seemed to make him worse, and I realized that it sounded like a good bye.

"That kiss that Jacob forced me into got me thinking, and now I know exactly how I feel, and who I want to be with," I continued watching as Edward seemed to grow more and sadder, and pained. "You, I want to be with you and only you And I no longer want to see Jacob ever again." I said looking at him with hope in my eyes.

Edward again froze, but this time in shock, and intense relief.

"A-are you sure?" He asked with a slight frown.

"I still haven't forgiven him yet, and I truly believe I never will Edward, I think the longer I hung around his the more it's going to hurt him, you, and me." I said seriously.

Edward took in my words, and hugged my tightly to me in extreme happiness.

"Bella you scared me, I thought that I was going to lose you right here to that mutt." Edward admitting kissed me gently.

I sighed, and leaned into him.

"Never, I don't even want to be Jacob's friend anymore." I said and that was the truth.

Edward smiled at that, but was hesitant.

"What caused you to decide this my love?" Edward asked curiously.

"Well after you left for your hunt I thought Jacob called asking me to forgive him, and I hung up on him, because of how smug he sounded the whole time, and it really hurt me that Jacob could respect me enough for me to decide what I wanted myself, not just making me. With that thought I remembered how much it hurt me that my best friend couldn't just be happy for me, if he really was my best friend then he would, and would want what makes me happy instead of say things that will upset me." I explained to Edward.

He listened to me and nodded in agreement.

"I had been hoping that you would see this soon, I'm just glad that I won't have to worry about you going to see the dog anymore right?" Edward asked hopeful.

"Right, but I do have question for you and please tell me the honest truth." I said now looking serious at Edward.

Edward nodded quickly.

"Why didn't you force me to choose between you or Jacob, or tell me that a real friend wouldn't be acting this way?" I asked.

Edward sighed, and played with my hair.

"I wanted you to decide on what you wanted to do and what you believed, and I prayed that you would see that Jacob was acting in an unfriendly way to hurt you. I didn't want to tell you because I knew this would hurt you." Edward said sadly.

Edward was the exact opposite of Jacob.

Jacob, who cared about himself, his pack, the glory of winning over a vampire, and didn't care at all about my feelings.

And Edward, who truly cared for me, and would do anything not to hurt me even if it meant putting himself through so much pain, he was the man I loved not Jacob.

I began to cry at the thought of all the pain I had been putting Edward through.

Edward was anxious now, and had me in his lap, and rocked me gently.

"Bella sweet heart, its ok, I love you, don't try, please tell me what I can do." Edward said panicked.

"Please forgive me, I put you through so much, and I hurt you." I sobbed into his chest.

Edward hugged me tighter to him.

"There is nothing for me to forgive you for, you did nothing wrong my love, please don't cry, I'll always love you no matter what you do." Edward said to me softly, sending warmth to my heart, and when I was calm enough to pull away from his shirt.

"I pick you Edward, and I'm sorry that it took me so long to figure out what was happening." I said taking his face in my hands.

Edward beamed at me, and kissed me with more passion then he has ever dared let out, and when his tongue rubbed against my lip I was so shocked I froze.

But I quickly opened, and almost moaned in pleasure as Edward's tongue dance in my mouth.

He was really breaking down his boundaries now, but I had something to say to him that was very important.

"Edward…" I moaned against his lips.

He reluctantly pulled away only letting slow kisses down my neck until my heart was racing and my face was red.

"Yes my sweet angel?" He asked amused as he finally stopped his torturous kisses.

"Yes." I said with a nod.

He was now confused, and he laughed.

"Yes back Bella?" He asked.

"That answer to your question, I say yes." I said with a smile.

Edward thought about that, and his eyes widened and the most joyous smile I have ever saw appeared on his face.

"Are you really agreeing to what I think your agreeing to?" Edward asked quickly, so fast I had a hard time understanding it.

"I don't know, I'm not the mind-reader here." I laughed.

Edward pouted.

"Bella you killing me here!" Edward said anxiously, and extremely hopeful.

I sighed in amusement.

"Yes Edward, I want to marry you." I said brightly.

Edward's lips crushed to mine, and his tongue was back in my mouth with fiery kisses of passion.

And he spun us around and we laughed in happiness, and excitement.

For Edward doing all he has done for me, making me happy, and caring for me so much, I decided that this was the least I could do for the man I loved, to give him one of the things that he wanted most.

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