B's pov

The reception was amazing; Alice did an amazing job with everything.

We did everything that was done in a normal reception, cut the cake, and took turns feeding each other the piece of cake; I sat in a chair as Edward slowly and very carefully took my garter off with his teeth, and tossed it over his shoulder to the crowd of guys. It landed right into Jacob's hands.

I stared at him shocked, and outrage that he was still here, and glared at his smug smile as he spanned my garter around his finger.

My face warmed in anger, but I turned to Edward with a small smile.

He was watching me closely.

"What is it love?" Edward asked pulling me close to his side.

"Jacob." I growled with a glare over to him.

Edward's eyes narrowed and he began pulling me to the dance floor for our first dance as husband and wife.

"Well I'm not going to let that mutt ruin any of this." Edward said smiling at me, his eyes smothering with love.

I smiled back, he was right, there's no way Jacob was going to ruin this night for us, I wouldn't let him.

"Mind if I cut in?" A smug voice asked from behind me.

Edward looked up, and glared with a low growl.

"Actually yes I do mind Jacob, this is our first dance, leave before I through you out." Edward warned.

I turned a little too threw Jacob a glare.

"Go away Jacob, or I'll smack you with a newspaper." I smirked.

Jacob gave me a frown.

"Not funny Bella." He muttered.

"Just leave before I make a bigger fool out of you than before." I said looking back to Edward with a smile.

Edward watched me with sly grin.

"Bella would you just give me a chance, just one minute." He pleaded.

"Nope." I said nicely.

Edward chuckled, and planted a kissed on my forehead.

Jacob growled, and tried to get in between us, but I quickly put my foot out, and Jacob flew to the ground.

Edward and I laughed as Jacob sat on the floor staring up at us in shock.

"Bella did you just trip me." Jacob asked still shocked.

"No Jacob, it wasn't me." I said sarcastically.

Jacob pouted as he stood up, and walked away from us.

That will teach that mutt, don't mess with the bride.

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