E/O Challenge, Challenge Word: Dude. Set in Season 5. Summary: It's not easy for an Angel to understand the mysterious ways of Dean Winchester.

Happy Birthday, Katydid43! Stay the way you are – and I hope this will make you smile, even if I forgot the dimples. Hugs to Shannz and BarbaraGER – as always the extra challenge meant extra fun! This week it should be easy for eager readers to find our secret challenge word…

"The tempter himself must've talked me into this wicked deed…"

"Aw, stop whining Dude, Luce ain't nothing to do with it," Dean nudged the crumpled trench coat beside him with his shoulder.
"I just taught you how to survive in the real world."

"Yeah, cause hustling pool is part of the daily fight for survival", Sam huffed, trying to restrain the boozed-up angel from falling off his barstool.

"Sure. How do you think I've managed to grow a fluffy puppy-dog into this pain-in-the-ass Sasquatch?"

"If you look at it like that", Sam grinned, and three glasses clinked like little bells.