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Luigi's Mansion: The Continuation

Chapter Five: Paranoia


"Toadsworth found this piece of an expensive cloak, Luigi."

"And it obviously belongs to that person that came to the castle today!" Daisy added as her face fell. "Peach says that she remembers Bowser wearing a cloak like that one time; to sneak into Peach's castle un-noticed and then kidnap her..."

Luigi thought for a minute and sighed as he remembered that time. It really stunned him when he found that none of the toads guarding the castle noticed an abnormally huge dinosaur/koopa/turtle/thing wearing a cloak that was still able to give him away, sneak into the castle and kidnap Peach. When Toadsworth had alerted Mario about that, he could barely understand it either. And even AFTER Mario had defeated Bowser again, calling for Luigi for backup in the process so that he could free Peach while he fought him, the plumber still couldn't believe it.

"So...this must mean that..." Toadsworth trailed off and glanced at the floor.

"Bowser might have something to do with this; again." Luigi mentioned as Peach handed him the cloak to examine. "Doesn't he always?"

"I say, I thought we got rid of him a while ago..." Toadsworth spoke up.

Peach looked over at Toadsworth before rolling her blue eyes and frowning.

"He's really hard to get rid of! And he's such a pest; he probably is behind the sudden re-built mansion and wants to get rid of you and Mario for good!"

Although Peach hated to think that Bowser was still around, she had no doubt that he was behind the mansion scheme. It seemed very likely he was behind it; Luigi had beat King Boo after all, and there was no other enemies that were that much of a threat.

Groaning and rubbing over her face, Daisy realized that there were really no other enemies of theirs that could pull something like this off so easily.

"If Bowser really is behind this, Mario's in danger..." Luigi mentioned; his tone getting lower and lower in worry. "Besides, he could have gotten m-much more powerful over all this time; and Mario was too stubborn to carry along some items that would be able to help him if he needed to fight him..."

"But Luigi, YOU are in danger as well..." Peach pointed out as her face fell. "If you went back to that mansion, there is no telling what could happen to you. This all might be a really complicated trap; so you can actually be captured this time!"

Daisy stared at her friend and furrowed her eyebrows together before firmly grabbing Peach by her shoulders and comforting her by saying that Luigi could handle it; and that even if he did captured by Bowser, or whatever enemy was behind the whole thing, he could save himself. Peach smiled after that but she wasn't completely sure.

"We all shouldn't be jumping to conclusions!" Toadsworth mentioned. The plumber and the two princesses looked over at him. "We don't know who or what is behind this, but Master Mario and Master Luigi can handle it like always!"

The three blinked at his outburst. After exchanging quick looks they sighed and mumbled amongst themselves, this caused Toadsworth to roll his eyes and pretty much facepalm.


With Mario...

Mario blinked as he felt the boo's ghostly hand touch his shoulder. The thing was, he didn't know that the boo was there. He turned around; but the trouble-making ghost just faded away to where it was invisible.

"...Maybe it was just the wind." Mario said to himself as he turned around and noticed nothing was there. The rain continued to drench the area included himself and he sighed. "I need to keep going..."

Mario noticed the rain just kept getting more and more thicker; he picked p his walking pace and tried to stay underneath the tall trees that loomed over. And unknown to him, and boo was picking up it's pace as well.

And it continued to follow while giggling in it's ghostly voice.


Back At Peach's Castle...

Daisy glanced out the window at the rain and sighed. Meanwhile, Peach was sitting on the edge of her abnormally-comfortable bed, Luigi was absentmindedly leaning against the closed the door and staring at the piece of the cloak, and Toadsworth was munching on one of the cookies that Daisy was previously eating as he tried to survive the silence.

About ten minutes had passed since Luigi arrived; once they all started making theories about what could happen to Mario and how Bowser could fit into the predicament,the mood got a little depressing. Nobody really knew what to say or do.

"Maybe we should tag along with Mario." Daisy spoke up as she looked over at Peach and Luigi. "He could use some backup; I don't really think he could be alright by himself if Bowser has something to do with this, and he's become powerful enough to rebuild a mansion and probably set all those annoying ghosts free."

"Yes...but is a little stubborn, Daisy." Peach mentioned before frowning and tapping her fingers against the bed lightly. "If he knew we were following him, he would just tell us to go back home. But...I am actually a little worried about him."

"Why...he will be in danger. Especially if those darn boos are there; there's an old rumor that they can actually take an innocent person's soul and possess you..." Toadsworth absentmindedly said after wiping his mouth with a nearby napkin.

The moment was dead silent after Toadsworth said that. He became a little creeped out by the silence and looked up to see Luigi, Peach, and Daisy staring at him with widened eyes.

"...What? What did I say?" Toadsworth frantically asked as he gave them a puzzled look.

Daisy quickly walked over to Toadsworth and roughly grabbed his shoulders and shook him in a very non-princessy fashion.

"You just said that boos can steal a person's SOUL and possess them, Toadsworth!" Daisy shouted. "How do you know that?"

"Daisy!" Luigi called out as he witnessed the scene and became freaked out as Toadsworth turned paler and paler in horror.

Daisy stopped freaking out, looked over at Luigi, and sighed before collecting herself and letting go of the aged toad. Toadsworth took a deep breath and then stumbled back against the wall as he tried to collect himself as well. The thunder rumbled outside and the rain seemed to be getting thicker and thicker.

Finally having collected himself, Toadsworth stroked his mustache while trying to recall about how he learned the "rumor" about those tricky ghosts. Realization hit him and he gasped very briefly.

"Well, I remember going into the castle's old library several years ago to clean it; but I say, I was surprised when I saw a HUGE amount of very old books with much useful information. I randomly pulled out a book that talked about various creatures like boos; and I found that."

A puzzled look crossed over Peach's face. She thought for a minute and then made a gesture that pretty much screamed 'I don't get it'.

"How come I've never heard of the library?" Peach asked as she looked over at the toad. She then frowned and realized that she knew of every room in her castle accept that one. "Where is it anyway?"

"Yeah, WHERE is it?" Daisy added while smirking. "It sounds like a pretty useful room!"

"The library used to be a torture chamber a long time ago before you were born, Princess. But when you turned seven, the room was cleared out and made into a huge library; many books from various kingdoms full of exciting history and information were stored in there. And if my memory serves right, I may still know where it is located in the castle." Toadsworth explained while sagely rubbing his chin. "And yes Princess Daisy, it is very much of use; at least, it was until young Princess Peach turned eleven...that's when the convenient door to the room was destroyed in a massive and nasty earthquake!"

The entire time Toadsworth was explaining about the library, Luigi couldn't help but be interested by that. And he started thinking that it would be a good idea to check it out; after all, nobody really knew all that much about boos. And Mario was probably at the mansion at that moment; the place crawling with boos and much more! As he walked over to the toad, he decided that he would ask him if they could find some of those books and learn about the boos.

"Toadsworth, are you sure you still know how to get to the room?" Luigi asked. Both princesses blinked when they tried to understand where he was going with that.

"I...I believe so." Toadsworth replied a little bit unsure. He then looked back at the green-clad plumber curiously. "Why do you ask?"


With Mario...

The rain still poured and the thunder got louder and louder. Still, Mario continued to go to the mansion. He had made it quiet far since he picked up his pace, but couldn't shake the feeling that someone or something was following him.

The same little boo licked it's lips with it's long tongue and then laughed in it's ghostly voice before continuing to follow Mario. Eventually, Mario turned around; and, on cue, the boo turned pretty much invisible...but it's outline still glowing faintly. Actually being able to notice the outline, Mario jumped back in surprise.

"Aha! You have been following me!"

The boo giggled in it's ghostly voice; before giving up and becoming visible again. Mario knew that this boo's only goal was to slow him down, but he had no time to deal with him! He was standing there in the middle of forest drenched!

"I guess the only way to get rid of you would be to fight you..." Mario mentioned as he placed his flashlight down on a rock under a tree.

The boo just floated around; twirling and almost taunting Mario to come fight him. Since the plumber had no choice, he charged in for a punch, but jumped back as all he had touched was thin air.

Sighing and looking around, Mario had expected that boo to sneak up behind him again like the little pest it was and get him. But the ghost seemed to have disappeared. And that really shocked him; because he had never had a boo just up and disappear after being discovered like that.

"Where...where did that boo go?" Mario muttered; looking around everywhere for the ghost. "I never have seen them just disappear like that! That was strange...and I have a bad feeling about this."

Noticing that the boo wasn't coming back, Mario just decided to grab his flashlight and continue towards the mansion. After about five minutes of walking, Mario noticed two different paths come up into view.

The one on the left had a lot of tall grass and bushes; and even a lot of stones over the dirt. The right path however, was just dirt with no grass. But there was a stump on the side; and an old tree covering it. Mario got a little closer and closely examined both paths. He tried hard to remember which path he had taken to get to the mansion a few months ago.

"...Which path DID I take? I don't remember that tree being there on the right path. And...wasn't there moss growing on the side?" Mario thought. He then blinked and facepalmed before sighing. "I can't believe I FORGOT! What am I going to do now?"

As Mario thought about which path he would take, the exact same boo giggled in it's ghostly voice as it peaked up from behind the old fallen tree. The truth was, the right path led nowhere. It was really an illusion, and once someone went down the path they would be trapped in it with no way out unless something like a boo could take that person's soul and possess them. The boo waited in anticipation; hoping that Mario would take that path so he could easily take his soul and possess him.

"Wait! Now I remember that it was the one on the..." The boo leaned a little closer in suspense as it's eyes widened. "...The left!"

The boo stared in shock when it heard that and it's pale ghostly face started to flush with anger as he watched Mario turn on the flashlight and try and carefully walk through the bushes and tall grass up to his knees.

"I'm almost there...I just have to make it to the very end of this path!"

The boo glared as Mario got farther and farther away. It wanted to just punch something in anger but realized that it would be impossible: since his stubby little ghost hand would go through. But he didn't give up. He just followed after him again.


Back At Princess Peach's Castle...

"Because it might give us the information about boos and ghosts we need." Luigi replied; now smiling slightly...very slightly actually. "Then, we can go after Mario and help him."

"You know...that's a really great idea!" Daisy spoke up as she walked over while smirking; Luigi blushed a little after that but looked away. "Toadsworth, take us to that library!"

Toasworth seemed to agree with Luigi's plan. They would need all the information they could get about ghosts and boos if they were to go help Mario. So he nodded and agreed to help them find the library.

Shortly after, the four left Peach's bedroom. However, Daisy had grabbed the cloak piece before she left and casually slipped it inside her crown and put it back on her head. After all, she knew that they might need it later for some reason. After Daisy had caught up with everyone, her, Peach, and Luigi followed behind Toadsworth through the castle to get to this library he was referring to...


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