This is just a little silly/sweet/random oneshot I wrote in an attempt to cure my Writer's Block. I've been having trouble writing the past couple of chapter for my other fic, 'Intervention', so I decided to take a little break from it and write this. It's really short, and it's probably pointless, but I'd appriciate it if you read it anyway. Writing this really helped "unblock" me, and after I upload this, I'll probably start writing ch. six of 'Intervention'. Yay! :)

So yeah, read this kooky little oneshot, and leave a little review- tell me if it was stupid, pointless, cute, or all of the above...

Of Bunnies and Men

"I had a bunny named Arthur."

The point man looked down at Ariadne, eyebrows raised. They were lying on the bed together, staring at the ceiling. The team had just finished another extraction, and they'd gone to her apartment to relax after a tiring day at work. "You had a bunny named Arthur?"

"Mmhmm…" Ariadne giggled, snuggling closer to him and wrapping her arms around his stomach. "And he was absolutely adorable. He had snow-white fur that was so soft, and I loved to run my hands through it."

Arthur frowned slightly, reaching up to touch his own hair. It was still slicked back, not a single strand out of place. He began to feel self-conscious; Ariadne said she liked to run her hands through hair- should he cut back on the gel?

"And his eyes were a bright blue," the architect continued, oblivious to his sudden discomfort. "They were gorgeous. It was like staring into an ocean."

Arthur had plain, boring brown eyes, a trait he'd gotten from his father. Was Ariadne more partial to blue eyes? They only person he knew who had that particular eye color was…Cobb. Dammit.

"And he had a beautiful smile. His grin stretched across his face, and his teeth were a sparkling white."

The point man didn't smile much. He was the intense one, the determined one, the serious one of the team. Ariadne seemed to enjoy grinning. Maybe he should smile more often?

The young woman sighed. "He was so cute…"

Arthur couldn't help himself. He had to ask. "…Was he cuter than me?" His jealousy was evident in his voice, and he mentally cursed himself. Stupid, stupid, stupid…

"Oh, Arthur…" Ariadne couldn't help but chuckle. She couldn't believe how envious he sounded. "Of course not!" She leaned up to place a quick kiss on his lips. "You are, by far, the cutest Arthur I've ever met."

"Are you sure?"

Ariadne rolled her eyes and smirked. "Yes, Arthur. I'm sure." She hugged him close, laying her head on his chest. "Honestly. There's no reason for you to be jealous of a stuffed toy rabbit."

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