Mind's Eye

Rated: T

Summary: The D.C area is crawling with demons. Word slips of the Winchesters' presence and one by one, the demons will attack. They'll need their friends at NCIS now, more than they realize... SECOND installment in Castiel's Army SERIES. (Sequel to 'Vengeance')

Disclaimer: I don't own, nor do I profit (other than feelings of glee) from use of NCIS or Supernatural characters.

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It was late when Dean was thrust awake from a sleep he hadn't realized he'd fallen into. He was at the kitchen table still; face planted beside the open laptop, illuminated from the glow on the screen. The sound of the front door opening caused him to bolt upright, slowly closing the computer as he cautiously stood; knife ready at his side.

Dean walked with silent footsteps toward the living room, not taking his eyes off of his sleeping brother until shadows were cast somewhere beside him. "Just us," Gibbs hushed voice rang out loud enough for him to hear, and he took a relieved breath and tucked the knife away as he saw the two agents come through the kitchen doorway.

"Sorry. Old habits die hard," Dean smirked. He pulled a chair out for Tony, who seemed to be heading for it, and sat back down in the one he'd previously occupied. "You feelin' okay now?" he asked him, glancing briefly at Gibbs who was grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge.

"Yeah, I'm good," Tony replied sleepily.

Dean met the agent's eyes again, "Look, I'm sorry 'bout what happened. I shoulda made sure the rope was more secure..."

"Nah, I should've picked a better place to stick the mic," Tony smirked. "Not your fault." Gibbs set the water in front of Tony, along with a bottle of ibuprofen. "Your brother looks...painfully uncomfortable on Gibbs' couch," he commented before swallowing down a couple of the pills.

Dean smirked, "We've slept in more confining places, trust me. Sasquatch is pretty much accepting of the fact that there's not many accommodating places for him to spread out."

"Where are you gonna crash?" Tony asked Dean as Gibbs took a seat at the table with a beer. "And don't say the table, 'cause the imprint it's made already," Tony motioned to Dean's cheek, "Isn't workin' for ya," he smirked.

Dean blindly felt for the mark-in-question on his cheek. "Well, I didn't intend on passing out here. Just kinda happened. I'm not exactly sure what rooms are open for taking."

"There's a guest room down here," Gibbs told him. "One upstairs too, but you can take the one down here since your brother's already passed out."

"Thanks," Dean nodded, then looked down at the table-top as his thoughts wandered to what Castiel had informed him of earlier.

"I'm gonna head up to bed," Gibbs said as he stood from the table, draining the last of his beer. "Try and get some sleep, DiNozzo," he patted him on the shoulder before heading out.

"Night, boss," Tony said before Gibbs left the room. He turned to look at Dean again, sensing something was on his mind. "So...you guys leavin' tomorrow?"

Dean looked back up at him; eyes jotting around a bit before settling on Tony's. "Actually, it looks like we'll be stayin' a bit longer. A friend let us know tonight that there's a bunch of baddies we need to stick around and take care of."

Tony swallowed. "Yeah...about that," he started. "When that thing was in me...I saw some stuff..."

Dean narrowed his eyes, "What kinda stuff?"

"I'm not completely sure about all of it. But, I saw the people he possessed. The guy he was in before me; the attendant before him; the three men he possessed...and I...saw him kill the women."

"That sucks out loud, man. I'm sorry."

"Yeah well...what can ya do, right?" he forced a smile. "Thing is," his smile faded. "I didn't see McGee in any of that. And when ya think about it, the demon didn't know Ziva and me. He would've known us from seeing us at the house..."

Dean straightened, "Whatever possessed McGee was a different demon."

"Seems to be the case," Tony swallowed again, then decidedly took a long drink of his water. Dean seemed to be distracted by his thoughts again and the room was fairly silent for a couple of minutes. "So uh..." Tony began and Dean looked at him. "I was thinkin' about maybe getting a tattoo..."

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