Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Rachel Vincent owns everything about the soul screamers series.

It had been a month since my boyfriend Nash had gotten addicted to Demon's Breath. A toxic substance that could kill humans and even end up driving them mentally insane sometimes. But Nash wasn't human. He was a Bean Sidhe like me. Now you're probably wondering what the hell does that mean. Well let's just say that it's another word for banshee. Yeah, I thought it was crazy the first time I heard about it too. Yet, sadly that's not the craziest thing that's happened to me. In the last 24 hours I'd had less than four hours of sleep, gone to the Netherworld to save my Father and my boyfriend Nash, almost gotten trapped there by a Greed Demon named Avari, almost gotten trapped there because of said demon and basically ruined my Cousin Sophie's dress. I was going to have hell to pay for that one. Anyway, that was the least of my problems right now but, unfortunately it was the one that my cousin decided to focus on right now.

"What the hell Kaylee!"

"I'm going to kill you!"

I was standing in my Uncle Brendan's living room waiting for Nash's mom Harmony to finish looking over my Dad to make sure was nothing wrong with him from being held prisoner in the Netherworld. Sophie had just found the dress that I'd "borrowed" as a costume so that I would be able to sneak into the Netherworld.

"Do you know how much this dress cost!"

I was too tired to put up with Sophie's bitchiness right now so I just looked at her and didn't say anything. That proved to be a bad idea.

"Kaylee are you even listening to me! It's going to take you years to pay this back! Even if you work double shifts at your stupid dinky little job!"

"Sophie that's enough!" said my Uncle Brendan.

"You know that dress didn't cost that much. You got it on sale for half price."

"Dad!" Sophie screeched.

I tried to suppress my grin as a look of horror came across Sophie's face at being caught owning something that was half price.

"Sophie that's enough!" my uncle yelled.

Uncle Brendan never yelled at Sophie. This proved to be a first.

"But dad she ruined my dress! I was supposed to wear that to the dance tonight!" Sophie said trying to gain back some of her father's credibility.

"Sophie upstairs now. We'll talk about this later."

Sophie's mouth opened and closed like a fish gasping for air. She gave me one last dirty look and trudged upstairs to her room and slammed the door to her room.

I didn't understand how Sophie could worry about something as simple as a dress when there was a more pressing situation going on but, that was probably due to the fact that she had no knowledge about Bean Sidhe's or the Netherworld since her dad decided to keep her in the dark about this.

I looked at the clock and it was nearly two thirty in the morning, Harmony had been with my dad for almost an hour now. I didn't know what that meant but, hopefully something good. As if she'd heard my thoughts Harmony came down the stairs from where my dad was in my Uncles bed room with a smile on her face. I exhaled in relief from the look on her face.

"How is he?" I asked.

"He'll be okay but, he needs plenty of sleep. Whatever Avari did it took a lot of energy from your father,"

"Thank you," I breathed.

"Anytime Kaylee," She said with a smile. "Well I should be off. I have some matters of my own to take care of now..." her voice trailed off.

I knew what she was talking about. Her son and my boyfriend Nash was addicted to Demon's Breath. I'd just told Nash that I couldn't be with him while he was addicted to Demon's Breath before I'd come to my uncles house to check on my dad. Now he was waiting at home to tell his mom the truth about his weird behaviour over the last month. I'd barely been able to keep myself together while I was there. I had no idea how Harmony was going to be able to deal with it. She'd already lost her husband and her other son Tod.

"Thanks again," I said.

She gave me another smile and silently made her way to the front door.

I turned around and started to walk up the stairs so that I could get some much needed sleep, since it was obvious that I would not be returning home tonight since my dad was still here. "Kaylee..." my uncle Brendan said just as my right foot touched the bottom step.

I slowly turned around and braced myself for the earful I was going to get from my uncle for going to the Netherworld without permission and not telling anyone where I was while I was there.

"Kaylee, I just wanted to say thank you,"

"Thank you?"

"Yes, without you your dad and Nash would still be stuck in the Netherworld, and who knows how long it would've taken the rest of us to do something about it. Even though I don't like the fact that you left without telling anyone where you were I still wanted to say thanks for rescuing them."

"Um...your welcome I guess..." I said.

On impulse I went and gave Uncle Brendan a hug.

"Goodnight Uncle Brendan,"

"Goodnight Kaylee,"

I turned around and continued upstairs as I had before my Uncle had interrupted me.

I made my way to my old bedroom and closed the door lightly behind me. That's when I heard someone whisper in my ear, I could feel their hot breath on the back of my neck.

"I was wondering when you were going to get here Kaylee,"