Buddy slowly popped his head around the corner, and, realizing no one was there, jumped for joy, hitting his head on the ceiling and bringing down some garlands of snowflakes he'd created earlier.

Buddy rubbed his head and started clapping with glee, doing knee highs. He could hardly wait to start making his surprise!

Where was he going to find the wood? He could go out and get some, but the scary people with the whistles got mad at him when he tried to chop down a tree earlier. They'd told him that it was "illegal." Against the "law". What was a law anyways, he'd asked. The man with the whistle just told him to go home after shaking his head and laughing.

Buddy looked through the whole house looking for wood, cautious as to not disturb the Hobbs as they slept. He finally saw where his wood should come from.

"The wood that black box with all the pretty pictures resting on it!" He said to himself as he got to work with his saw.

The pretty box came crashing to the floor.

"Oh no! I broke the pretty box!" He thought. He quickly grabbed some garlands and set them over the pretty box. It always made him feel better if someone broke something of his and then made it pretty to make up for it.

A couple of hours later, Buddy was finished with his masterpiece. He sat up in glee. But it wasn't decorated! How would he decorate it?

He had an epiphany. String and buttons from Susan's room, of course!

Creeping in, he opened a box that had "Replacement Buttons for Clothes" What did THAT mean? From what he gathered, he'd have to replace them. Oh well. He'd get one of those jobs that Walter had! He'd run a survey company. That way he could answer the phone all day with, "Buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?" That is what a survey company does, right?

He found a big tube of glue that said "Superglue" On the side. Superglue? Buddy thought. Well, if it's super it must work! He "Super glued" the buttons to the chair as well as the string. Finished with his creation, he started clapping again, ready to go to sleep.

Suddenly, he couldn't get his hands apart. Buddy panicked, trying everything painful to get them apart. After trying to melt, then freeze the glue off, then trying to cut it off (even though he couldn't hold a pair of scissors) Buddy finally gave up. Buddy went to sleep with his hands nestled under his cheeks and hoped that the "Superglue" would give super powers.

Author's note: So I tried to be funny, but I don't think it was that funny, really. :P But review please! :D