High School Sonny Musical

Chapter 1

"Guys, guys" Sonny Munroe said as she ran into her and Twani's dressing room as if it was only other day which it was expect for the fact that something even more amazing was happening.

"Guess what I just heard, we and Mackenzie Falls are putting on a musical" Sonny said whilst her other castmates, Twani Hart, Nico Harris, Grady Mitchell and Zora Lancaster sat not really carring about this news until Sonny said the next bit.

"Guys we're doing High School Musical, I asked Marshal and he said that that was what we are doing. Oh my gosh imagine if I got the lead part, I'd be soring, flying cause there's not a star in heaven that I couldn't reach" Sonny said as she knew all the words to all the songs off by heart.

"Yeah like that'll happen, you playing Gabriella don't get me wrong honey but you're not right for her" Twani said trying to be nice but it never seemed to work.

"Hey Sonny don't listen to her, we all try our best, but I really hope I get the part of Chad or Zeke. Those two are amaing characters but we just need to wait and see. When are the auditions.?"

"Tomorrow Nico" Sonny said and the next second everyone was rushing about practising.

Okay Sonny thought, that was fast even for everyone but she started to practise herself.

The next day, everyone had audtioned and now the cast list was being put up.

Once it was up, Sonny looked down it twice before reading it a third time.


Troy Bolton... Chad Dylan Cooper
Gabriella Montez... Sonny Munroe
Sharpay Evans... Twani Hart
Ryan Evans... Grady Mitchell
Chad Danforth... Nico Harris
Taylor MacKessie... Penople
Kesli Neilson... Zora Lancaster.

On and on the list went but Sonny was looking at the two main leads. Not only had she got the part she wanted but there was a downside to it she had to act with and kiss Chad Dylan Cooper.

Not one of her faviourte things to happen but she would have to deal with it if she wanted to be a part of showbiz.