Chapter 10

"NOOOOO, you're not the real Troy Bolton, I am" The figure said before swinging onto the stage via one of the curtains and the audience gasped at the person's outbrust.

"Oh really?" James said and Sonny opened her eyes to see who it was that had shouted and she gasped herself.

For standing infront of her was the one and only person that she thought that she wouldn't see for ages, the guy who had disapeared even after telling her that he loved her.

It was Chad Dylan Cooper.

"Yes James, I was bound to play this role and after my talk with Sonny I realized what was important in life, friendship and bravery and love" Chad said before he pushed James away making him land on his back off to the side of the stage and the audience cheered.

"Well Sonn... I mean Gabriella it looks like We're All In This Together doesn't it?" Chad said and Sonny nodded before the music for the song came on and they began to dance and sing then they done an extra bit to get the audience hyped as this was the end of the show.

"Sonny, you were amazing" Tawni said to her later on after the production and Sonny stifled a gasp, had Tawni just said that about her, the person who was never nice to anyone par herself.

"Oh thanks Tawn" Sonny said back not hugging her this time as she knew how Tawni felt about hugs.

"Sonny" Chad's voice came from one side of the stage and Sonny turned on her heel to face him with a half-smile.

"Hey Chad, what do you want?"

"I'm so sorry for what I did and when I was on the way to get on the plane, I knew where I wanted to be and that's right here with you" Chad said and Sonny could tell that he wasn't acting as he had a straight look on his face.

"Well the lion fell in love with the lamb" Sonny said quoting from Twilight and Chad laughed.

"What a stupid lamb" He replaided back before Sonny spoke again.

"What a sick, masochistic lion."

"So what do you dream about then?" Chad said catching Sonny off guard but she knew what she was going to say.

"I dream of being with you forever Chad Dylan Cooper" She said back before kissing Chad and hugging him knowing that this really was the start of something new.

The End.


Soz guys but it had to come to an end, tell me what you thought and I'll be udpating something else to do with SWAC soon.

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