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"You need a night off."

"Night off? Peter that's all you tell me to do lately."

"No I mean a real night off. Go to a bar, have a drink, make a friend."

"Are you telling me to go on a date?"

"No, I'm telling you to get out more."

Neal sighed, "Okay fine, I'll get out tonight. Happy?" Peter nodded and Neil left his office.

"I'll have a glass of Merlot, fill it please, don't do that half filled crap."

"Bad day?" Neal asked, looking up from his martini, taking in the green eyed girl in the wine-colored dress.

She cocked her head, "Yes, and no. My friends stood me up, but I really didn't want to see them anyway so..."

"Well, it looks like we can be loners together. I'm Neal."

"Jamie," she said, extending her hand.

Neal noticed the paint under her nails, the slight stain of graphite. "Are you an artist?"

Jamie's eyes widened, "Oh god, is there paint on my dress?"

Neil laughed, "No, no, though there is some on your hands."

"Oh, okay. That doesn't matter, even if I get it all off, it'll just be replaced tomorrow."


"Recreationally, I would love to make it my profession, but most abstract artists normally don't make it big until they die, if they even do then. I'm a freelance illustrator."

"Is it a possibility that I've seen your work?"

"I doubt it unless you read Woman's Day."

"Maybe I'll have to now," Neil said, laying on the charm.

"Okay, Mr..." "Caffrey"

"Oh? I see," Jamie leaned in closer, "didn't you steal a Pollack?"

"Suspected, not proven, Ms..."

"Road." Neal suppressed a smile.

"Don't laugh," she said, swatting him on the arm.

Neal looked back with mock pain, and Jamie raised her eyebrows. "Don't you dare look at me like a wounded puppy, may I remind you that you were making fun of me."

Neal opened his mouth in retort but stopped when he overheard a different conversation, "Dude, the movie was totally cool." "Duh, at the end when the plane exploded, and you didn't know who was dead, for like, two minutes was crazy." Images flashed through Neal's head, the plane exploding, Kate's scream cut short, Peter holding him back... He ran his shaking hands through his hair.

"Neal? Are you okay?"

"Yeah, yeah..." Neal murmured as he fished out enough money for both of their drinks, "I have to go..."

As he left Jamie watched him leave in shock, and then she quickly got up to follow him.

"Neal? Neal!" Jamie found him leaning against the wall in an alley behind the bar, his breathing uneven and his hands shaking.

"Hey, hey," she said, putting her hands on his shoulders, "what's wrong?"


"Neal, you're practically hyperventilating and you're hands are shaking like crazy. Tell me. What's wrong."

"I just...the conversation..."

"Neal? I don't follow..."

"The g-girl I w-was in love with d-died in a plane explosion a y-year ago. I watched it happen."

"Oh Neal...the conversation those guys behind us were having..." Jamie pulled him into a tight hug, "I'm so sorry. Do you, do you want me to leave, or walk you home, or..."

"Can we just talk some more?"

She chuckled, "Sure, and I know just the place."

Ten minutes later they were in a twenty-four hour Starbucks drinking hot chocolate while Jamie told Neal her life story. When she was finished she leaned back, satisfied.

"Wow, that is one of the most unexciting life stories I've ever heard," Neal commented, feeling better.

"Oh come on, I wouldn't call it boring just lucky. My life could've sucked, but it didn't."


Jamie checked her phone, "Wow, its close to midnight, I guess I better head home."

Neal nodded, "Can I walk you home?"

"Sure," Jamie said, smiling.

As they walked they asked each other the basic questions, favorite pet, favorite band, etc.

"Okay," Neal said, "My turn. Favorite color?"

"Purple, yours?"


"Okay," Jamie said, thinking, "birthday?"

"May 27, 1980."

"September 17, 1982."

Neal stopped for a second, looking at the street sign and realizing he was a few feet away from over stepping his two mile radius. He checked his watch, trying to come up with an excuse, "Oh, I'm really sorry but I have to head home, I just remembered I have to feed my dog."

"Oh," Jamie said, desperately trying to mask her disappointment, "okay." Jamie pulled Neal into a hug, "Tonight was fun." She smiled and walked away. When Jamie got to the corner she turned and waved. What are your secrets Neal Caffrey, she thought as she turned the corner.

Later that night...

When Neal got home he looked at the business card he had swiped from Jamie's pocket, replacing it with one of his. He felt like he was ready for a fresh start and thought that it might be able to be with Jamie. Whatever happens, he thought, I hope I get to see her again.

That night, Neal didn't have any nightmares.

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