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-The Doctor-

The whirring noise of the TARDIS woke me up. I found myself lying on the glass floor nearby the heart of the TARDIS. Standing up, I checked the gears and controls to make sure that everything was all right. Of course, when you wake up after being unconscious for who knows how long inside of a Time machine...well, it's the least you can do. Thankfully, everything was fine.

I remembered taking off from the Titanic (what a disaster that could have been) and the TARDIS going haywire. I was flung back from the controls and managed to hit my head before falling over, of course (wonderful luck that was).

Hauling myself up to the screen to both get a glance at where I was and to keep myself upright. It turned out that I was, in fact, on Earth...but where, I didn't know. I made my way to the door and stuck my head out of it.

Truth be told, there wasn't much to learn from simply sticking your head out of the TARDIS's doors, so I strolled out of my big blue box, made my way over to a newspaper stand. The date read "October 30th 2010".

I set the paper back down on the stand and walked around a bit. Halloween decorations were put up all ready. The sun was setting...one sun...probably Earth then. That's the downside to crash-landing and randomizing, you never quite know where you are (even if you know when you are). There was a small restaurant where something was causing a commotion. My curiosity got the best of me (as usual) and I took a peek inside.

Inside the small restaurant, a teenage boy ran right by the door, soon followed by a loud roar of sorts. To say the least, it sounded cross between an angry scream and someone gargling. Alien sounding, of course, that is, if it was Earth. I stepped in the door and looked to see none other than a Hath. A Hath looked like a fish-person with a jar of green liquid in its mouth. This one was much less kind and understanding than the last ones that I'd seen. This one had bloodshot eyes and was firing a gun-like-weapon at the boy who was trying to do something but couldn't find permanent cover. The Hath looked at me and narrowed its eyes. When it took that one-second's pause, I pulled out my sonic screwdriver and the weapon promptly sparked, making the Hath drop it in surprise.

The boy jumped up and fired a weapon at the thing (the kid hadn't had a weapon a moment before, but I wasn't in any place to question him). He fired and the Hath was down. Before he could say anything, I ran over to it. I bent down and checked to make sure it was dead. Whatever it was that the boy had used was immediately effective because the Hath seemed to have died on the spot. After closing its eyes, I stood up to face the boy.

He was gone.

I breathed deep and made sure to dispose of the body properly before heading back to the TARDIS. I leaned against the railing inside the doors and thought for a moment before heading towards the controls and pull-down screen. My hands braced against the side of the controls, I nodded my head down and closed my eyes. It made no sense. Who was that kid? He surely wasn't...well, technically he could have been human. I've learned to never underestimate the human race. My head was spinning so badly that I figured that I'd just have to spend the night in the TARDIS. I made my way over to the large seat and had just sat down when I felt myself fall asleep.


That night was...insane, I'll admit. The man in the suit, trench coat, and with sort of messed-up hair was alien, no doubt. I could smell it on him. Okay, yeah, that does sound weird, but it's true! I made my way into the little house I'd created right outside the neighborhood by town square. I had no idea where I was, but there was an irritating moment when I realized that the aliens would follow me even more closely around Halloween. Aliens like the Hath, for instance. That fish-dude was number 75 on the List and it was...well, just too easy to get him.

The man, however, I didn't recognize. I normally would just assume that he was an alien hunter or something, but he was so alien...and seemed just wrong. Sort of like a top-10 alien outlaw. There was only one possibility that I could come up with: there was a name that occasionally popped up at the top of the list. Even higher than the Prayer. It had no name, it was simply a blank space. That had only happened a few times and I thought nothing of it, but lately when there was an unknown alien life-form around, I got a bit paranoid about that blank space popping up again.

I shook my head and told myself to calm down. I was being paranoid and stupid.

"Honey?" my mother called from the kitchen.

"Yeah, Mom?"

"Time to go to bed, sweetie."

I reached over and turned out the lamp by my bed after saying, "Goodnight."

Sleep would be difficult, but, by 3:00am, (aka when I fell asleep) I decided to thank that alien man next time I met him. For buying me just enough time to save my own life.

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