In Daniel's hand was a small elephant on a loop of string. Elephants are sacred...or were sacred to his home planet, and this was an obvious sign of forgiveness (unless it blew up in my face, in which case he'd have one hell of an angry Time Lord to be running from. Oh look! I'm suddenly on the top of the List again).

"You helped me," he said, taking a step towards me, almost as if he were approaching a pile of radioactive waste (which has caused a couple of my regenerations before). "Any alien who helps me make my way to the Prayer is all right in my book.

I had nothing to say. Anything I could say would sound dumb at the moment. I decided to let facial expression do the talking until I came up with something.

"I'm honored," I finally came up with.

"I can say the same for myself, Doctor." He smiled up at me. Suddenly he looked like a young child. Something he never really had the chance to be. "Savior of the Universe, some call you."

"No, no," I said, "not necessary."

Something in the back of my mind said, Destroyer of Worlds!

I shuddered.

Daniel raised an eyebrow.

"Sorry," I explained. "Names...give me the shivers, you know."

He nodded, remembering our previous conversation. "I understand. Anyone who says my name usually is a girl or an insanely powerful alien of some sort." He half-grinned. I mirrored his expression as best as I could. I put my hands on his shoulders and looked into his eyes.

"Thanks," I said, "Daniel X."


It was something about the way he said that. After expressing my unease with powerful beings (and girls, as well) he stares into my eyes and says my name like it just means everything. His eyes sparkled with years, but with youth as well. He was ancient, this I knew. He was also the chipper guy who had just given me a lecture and exorcised a friend of his. I couldn't believe the power that was held there. I could almost...

...just almost...


...hear a beat.

I could just barely hear a heart beat.

Tatatatap. Tatatatap.

Two hearts beating in Time itself. I couldn't help but smile. This man was something else. But what that something else was, I had no idea.

"It was given to me by a man who was a destroyer of worlds, himself. He...he blamed me for another's actions and...named me for them."

No, there was something other than that that really and truly disturbed this Doctor man.

As I was about to find the courage to ask him what was really bothering him, Amy broke the silence.

"Oy! You two! Let's go!"

The Doctor got a great, big, adventurous grin on his face, reaching all the way up to those sparkling eyes and now arched eyebrows.

"Coming, Amy!"

The Doctor ran out of the train car. As he did so, I pulled the List out. It took form of a little, pocket-sized book. The blank was still at the top. Something was wrong. I had just let 1 go...and I was fine with it. I wanted him to never get caught because of the wonders he has done for the universe. Plus, I want his days as the last of his kind to be as fond as mine...more so, even.

I exited the train car and sprinted to Rory, Amy, and the Doctor.

I planned on having a bit of a fun time, myself.

Well, fun and games doesn't last for long, you know? Right after we climbed out of the tunnel, the people who were in the train car would not stop staring at us for one second. It was unnerving...I was used to being started at, but not by some group of random humans.

The Doctor, on the other hand, seemed to completely ignore it, straightening his tweed jacket as we walked past the small crowd. I made eye contact with Amy and gestured towards the Timelord. She glanced at him, then gave me a sort of "he gets used to it" look, before looking back at him. Suddenly, halfway up the stairway, leading out of the subway station, the Doctor stopped dead. The three of us, following him, nearly bumped into him as he did so.

"Doctor," Rory asked, "What's wrong?"

There was silence from the man for a moment, then he said, tentatively, "Ood...there's, can't be Sigma...then who?"

I recognized one word: Ood. The man-squid things from a planet covered in ice, snow, and rock. I had never encountered one of them before, but I had heard of them.

Another thing I'd heard about the Ood is that they had a I couldn't quite remember at the moment, but I sure did later.

"You're not making any sense to us back here," Amy replied to the Doctor's distant comment.

"Ah, right. You and Rory probably don't. I encountered them a while ago...but last time I saw this one..."

"Last time you saw this one...?" Rory prompted, a few seconds of hesitation later.

"Last time I saw this particular Ood, he told me..."

"What, Doctor? Could you quit it with the mystery for once?" Amy said, obviously and suddenly annoyed.

"...He told me that my 'song was ending'."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked.

The doctor turned his head to the side, glancing back at me. His face was perfectly silhouetted in the light coming from outside. His breath fogged up as he began to talk again. Normally I would have laughed and commented about the cold weather, but what he said stopped me stone cold.

"Thing is, last time I saw this particular Ood, he basically told me I was about to die."


I swear, the look on Daniel's face was priceless, but appropriate for the mood of that particular moment. I remembered Sigma, the Ood, very well. The last time I saw him, indeed, he told me I was going to die. Of course, that meant a regeneration into what was the current me, but brought back memories I didn't want to think about.

I started to say something when a woman came barreling down the subway stairs, pushing past me suddenly. I squinted in her direction.

"Sorry! Pardon!" she called back at us. She was very tall with black hair that was stuck up in a rubber band. Her skin was a rich chocolate sort of color and, I have to admit, it surprised me to see her as much as my next statement surely surprised her.

"No problem, Jones."

She barreled down the rest of the stairs.

"And in three..." I muttered, ""

She appeared back at the bottom of the stairs just as I finished counting.

"Lovely day, isn't it?" I called back to her. "Bit cold, but I've been to worse."

"I'm sorry," she called back, "but do I know you?"

I jogged back down the stairs to get a better look at her.

"Ah, yes you do...well, not like this, you don't know me, but you do. Really." She stared at me funny.

"Really? 'Cause I think I'd recall someone like you. I'm good with that sort of thing." Her eyes narrowed and her hand stuck in her pocket, probably grabbing some small sort of gun used by Torchwood officials.

"Eh, oh it's been a while." I thought for a second then looked back at her. "The TARDIS is parked at the meter, care to walk with us?" I held out my elbow for her. She looked shocked with her big brown eyes and arched eyebrows.

"Doctor?" she asked.

"Indeed, Martha Jones. Miss me?"